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Hardly will anyone argue the fact that in our contemporary Nigeria, the public institutions and their occupiers are riddled with greed and corruption. For far too long, especially under the Jonathan government, the general perception nationally and internationally is that judicial corruption is all too deep, high and widespread.  

The Nigerian judiciary is perceived as a corruption-producing institution and carries out its corrupt practices in a highly methodical and silent manner. It appears to be a pathologically and unashamedly judicial system where persons personally offer themselves to be nominated and appointed by any and every corrupt means possible and, once on the bench, some of these magistrates, judges and justices continue with their bribery mind set resulting in litigants having a long view of the courts as benches from where partial judgments are rendered day in and day out. From the lowest to the highest court, beginning with the customary courts, magistrates' courts, high courts, Courts of Appeal  to the Supreme Court, along with its supervisory establishment, the National Judicial Council which is made up of judges who have risen up in the court system,   corrupt practices are perceived to remain deep and alive in the system. 
Judges as used in this discourse include magistrates, judges and justices, as they all judge cases and are supposed to be public servants, hired by the public to administrate our laws. But all too often some of the judges make decisions that are contrary to the law and find a way to be against the weight of evidence with dirty money/gifts as the motivation for judicial partiality. 
Corrupt judges are persons who are most likely to manipulate or treat others either harshly or with callous indifference, and in the process, become pervasively patterned to deceitfully disregard the rule of law while paying homage to the rule of impunity. 
Crooked judges with time become addicted to materialism, necessitating increasing avenues to sell judgments with the help of antisocial lawyers, in particular. 
Corrupt judges in a pervasive and ongoing manner swim in secrecy, inequity, and in corrosive environments. They pray that the nation continues to flow within a highly dysfunctional political system; as such an environment is required to feed their power. These corrupt judges appear to be vulnerable to intense reactions of fear and favor when engaged in their work. In general, judges are very powerful persons and each has a choice if he or she wants to be fair, competent and impartial or not. 
For some years now, we have had policies, reforms and training to help reduce judicial corruption and other malpractices. While there are some judges that have benefitted from these offers, there are some whose personalities are so dysfunctional, harmful, derelict, and even dangerous that they continue with their crooked ways. 
One of the insiders of our judicial system, maybe in an angry or honest way having been forced to retire, Justice Ayo Salami, a former President of the Court of Appeal, in his public comments, talked about the rotten officers in the judicial system. Justice Salami called these sorts of judicial officers “corrupt elements.” He noted that the Nigerian judiciary is filled with dishonorable persons not suited to be judges who get into the system and make it to the highest level of judicial authority. 
Justice Salami revealed how high-ranking, currently serving and/or retired judicial officers act as “arrangees” or couriers of kickback, leading to the "purchase of justice" in various cases. He told the world about some judges living lives of opulence in Nigeria, owning multiple vintage cars, in addition to having several houses with exotic furniture. 
A former Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Dahiru Musdapher, equally noted at different times how “all kinds of people" now find themselves on the bench as judges with many of them lacking any sense of decency and justice. 
To reduce the number of potentially bad and actively crooked judges, psychological examinations of judicial offers becomes a necessary step in moving forward. This is not about the use of psychiatrists who focus primarily on the biological aspects of mental illness and psychiatric medications; instead it is about using psychological science with the help of doctoral levels and certified psychologists to assess the fundamental personality, emotional, and cognitive traits of persons like potential and active judges.  
Through psychological selection procedures, potential candidates for magistrates, judges and justices can be screened for psychological conditions or characteristics which may compromise their ability to function effectively. Through the psychological evaluation process, we can detect and screen out those with obvious antisocial tendencies and who are threats to public fairness because of their access to power in the courts. Through the psychological evaluation process, we can screen out those with crooked tendencies, or those whose grasp of reality is markedly materialistic and who suffer from professional emptiness.  
Through the psychological testing process, we can detect those with good problem-solving skills, of average and above intelligence, and those who can act appropriately in very tempting situations, as well as detect those who are impulsive, sexually loose, drink heavily, or have problems managing their financial lives. 
Through the psychological evaluation process, we can reveal those with indicators of dishonesty, moral omissions, and a sense of hostility, aggressiveness, dominance, or abusiveness. In this historic period of rebuilding Nigeria, let’s use the psychological process in the form of a new broom to clean up and improve on our chronic judicial challenges. 
I want to start this special letter which is open on one part and secret on the other part by explaining the inherent oxymoron. The voting pattern in Nigeria today is open secret. That is why I am writing to our President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, and the now crowned largest political party in Africa, the All Progressives Party (APC), with this open secret method. During the just concluded general elections that have, for the first time in the last few decades in Nigeria, represented the minds and voices of the majority of Nigerians, most Nigerians changed the voting pattern to open-open balloting. This was occasioned by the confidence the Nigerian populace had developed in the electoral process – a process that that had signaled the weakening of electoral frauds and manipulations. 
The electorate overcame the fear of the consequences of openly casting their votes and even announcing their choice candidates before other members of the electorate. It was shocking to hear that during the 28th March presidential polls many Nigerians collected or were forced to collect money from agents of some political parties, around the pooling units as against the electoral procedures, voted for their Presidential choice and openly tore the money after voting in the presence of the bribe givers. What a new trend in our democracy!
The open part of my letter, thus, is that I want to most sincerely congratulate General Muhammadu Buhari four times for his victory in the last four presidential elections. Three times were his victories in the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections which he, as a patriot and patient servant of God and humanity and for the sake of Nigeria and the citizenry, allowed the riggers to have their ways. He did not contest the 1999 elections so it is not in focus. We can recall that the Supreme Court gave a minority judgment after the 2007 presidential polls were massively rigged in favour of the ruling party. 
The fourth congratulation is for the 2015 elections which saw rigging reduced to the barest minimum and his emergence as clear evidence that his presidency and leadership of the nation had been long awaited. So I say congratulations to GMB for the victory of Nigerians at the polls and for the political platform APC whose brooms have, according to military tactical maneuvers, reorganized themselves from merger of some most focused political parties in Nigeria, to sweep corruption and corrupt leaders off the nation’s governance. I congratulate the Vice-President elect, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the chairman of the party, John Oyegun, the director general of GMB campaign organization, Rt. Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, the untiring but most brilliant party spokesman of our time, Alhaji Lai Muhammad and all other APC stalwarts who have put in their best in ensuring that the peoples’ needed President, GMB, was triumphant in the March 28 polls. My special congrats go to the intelligent, ebullient and bulldozing force of the party, Asiwoji Bola Ahmad Tinubu who I present the award of the best Nigerian mathematician – Professor Chike Obi – for the 2015 general elections. If Rtd. General Ibrahim Gbadamasi Babangida was the Maradona of the Military era, Bola Tinubu is the Pele of Nigerian politics of today. I also hail former President Olusegun Obasanjo who will never compromise anything for the unity of Nigeria.     
I wish also congratulate my fellow Nigerians for ensuring that their will manifested this time. It was not a do or die affair as it used to be before but a vote and live to ensure that your vote counts. I commend the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) under the “jegatic” leadership of Professor Attahiru Jega for the innovations in the electoral system including the introduction of the Personal Voter’s Card (PVC) and card readers machines (CRM) which have tracked down electoral malpractices to a very large extent. How great and humble Jega has proved the Nigerian professors despite the eyesore displayed by one or two Professors during the collation of the presidential polls results at the International Conference Center in Abuja. Nigeria needs the “jegalization” of most of the government systems. 
The educational system should be “jegalized” by appointing those uncommon professors who were returning officers at the 2015 Presidential elections (exception of one or two) to man the educational sector as Ministers or commissioners in the educational sector. The oil and gas as well as the solid mineral sectors should be “jegalized” by the use of patriotic Nigerian engineers and implementation of the local content programme. The power sector demands ‘jegalization” to the fullest. I suggest that the incoming government should constitute a Federal Government Advisory Council (FEGAC) or Federal Government Think-Tank Council (FEGTANK) led by Professor Attahiru Jega. The FEGTANK should be responsible for mapping out programmes for government to implement. The Council should tackle the rots in all the sectors one by one and propose to government the practical ways to solve them.     
I want to commend the outgoing President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for creating the environment which saw the demise of the one-time overbearing party in Africa, the Peoples Democratic Party which many Nigerians believed was actually a peoples deceiving party due to the rots recently exposed and its inability to deliver Nigeria. President Jonathan made it possible for states like Bauchi, Kano and a very lot more to detest PDP and welcome APC. However, he made it more possible for the party to fail by engaging the services of failed politicians who spoke carelessly before and throughout the electioneering stages. Needless mentioning names but the President-Elect and APC can learn big lessons from these episodes.
The governorship and state assembly elections on 11th April, 2015 have exposed the uncommon love Nigerians have shown for General Muhammadu Buhari and the APC. During the 28th March President polls, Nigerians defiled rain and heat of the sun, intimidation in some quarters, shortcomings from INEC in terms of late arrival of electoral materials, bamboozling by agents of parties and frustration as tactics to disenfranchise them. They stood very long in queues, voted wisely in turns and waited patiently even in the nights until their votes were counted and announced. But there were reported cases of low turnout of voters across the nation for the state/assembly elections, meaning that Nigerians were more keen in the victory of GMB and in uprooting the PDP at the national level.  
The secret parts of my letter are these; it is the assertion of one of the prominent sons of Nigeria Sir Ahmadu Bello that conscience is a wound that only the truth can heal. Therefore the consciences of Nigerians had been under harm for many years and the truth/reality of 2015 general elections has come to heal them. How herculean this task of healing the wounds of Nigerians can be! I can define Nigerians as people who love good but are most impatient to actualize the good they love and yearn for. They have very fantastic laws but are either not upright or rigid in enforcing the laws of their land especially as the laws relate to the political class. So I will number my secret points for our President-Elect.
First, GMB is tested and trusted, no doubt. He is the antithesis of graft/economic indiscipline, nepotism, tribalism, religious bigot, social disorder, name them. But he is not going to be the only person to govern Nigeria during his first tenure of four years. His rigidity in the fight against corruption must not be compromised. It is good news to Nigerians that while the former government throughout its years could not identify what corruption was, not to talk of fighting it, GMB has already drawn a battle line for it and has promised to conquer it or at least reduce it to the barest minimum. And since it has been the bane of Nigeria’s development, the expectations that Nigeria will witness tremendous physical transformation, not paper transformational agenda, are high. The sayings that those living in glass house should not throw stones and that those who seek equity must come with clean hands have played Nigerian fortune a great deal. It has been proved that our leaders lived in glass houses, in the world of fantasy and had soiled their hands in the murky soil of vintage Nigerian politics. That is why corruption had been seen or made by them a monster that could not be practically killed. GMB, we know you as a member of a different category of the Nigerian political class. We know you as a man of his words. There is no need checking the pages of your leadership in the past. 
Second, GMB has displayed his ability to work with non-Muslims, be they Christians or free thinkers. But I feel obliged to warn against compromising religious ethics for mere worldly chase. Those bad things that are prohibited by the Bible and the Qur’an should remain prohibited and those good things enjoined by the Holy Books of God should be upheld, propagated and encouraged. Gay marriage, war against Muslims and Christians must not be allowed in any form and by any group within or from outside the shores of Nigeria. Muslims and Christians should live freely and associate freely wherever in Nigeria. The fight against terrorism must not be the fight against Islam and Muslims. This was a very dangerous weapon the PDP mis-thought to use against you during the campaigns. But full-time patriotic Christians in APC, Vice President-Elect Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Governor Rochas Okorocha, Governor Chibuike Amaechi, amongst others including GMB himself, proved the PDP very wrong.
Third, GMB’s stringency on indiscipline. The war against indiscipline (WAI) is still very relevant to our society of today. Road accidents are still rampant because people over speed, drink, smoke receive/make calls while driving, disobey traffic rule even inside the cities. Police, road safety, VIO and even the army are collecting money from road users as bribes. Contracts are inflated and the jobs are not done. Roads like Abuja-Lokoja, East-West Road of the Niger Delta to mention few have been under construction since the era of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.  People litter the streets with waste. Prostitution, child trafficking and abuse, violence against women, sexual harassment and indecency are in the increase. Girls/women move in the streets naked. Life is horrific for true patriots who strive to earn lawful livelihoods.           
Fourth, GMB’s inflexibility on war against nepotism, tribalism religious bigotry. This is an area GMB has shown keen interest in overcoming. Nigeria is made up of over 350 ethnic groups who have great men and women that can contribute meaningfully to progress of the country. Nigeria has ethnic minorities who have felt underdeveloped or marginalized. Nigeria has religious minorities who have felt underdeveloped or marginalized. They should be carried along in the GMB’s government. God should not be undermined or questioned for creaking them in Nigeria. 
Fifth and final, GMB’s predilection for all-inclusive-government. That is to say that GMB should also appoint minority ethnic groups, minority religious group and minority political in his government. Examples of very clear minorities are:
a)     All other ethnic groups other than Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo
b)     Minority Muslims of South East and South South
c)      Minority Christians of Northern Nigeria
d)     Political parties other than APC, PDP, Accord, Labour, among others
There are enough positions where these minorities can be fixed to feeling the sense of belonging to Nigeria. Such positions are Ministers, chairmen/director general/commissioners and secretaries in Federal Government agencies and parastatals, Senior Special Advisers (SSAs) to Mr. President and the Vice President, ambassadors, amongst others. GMB has done it before. He needs the services of Nigerian patriots, not Nigerian full-time politicians to push Nigeria forward. He should for once use the youths to transform this country. Let GMB not recycle those politicians who have been on the corridor of power since Nigeria’s independence and who would continue to prescribe same deadly pills for Nigeria’s ailments. He should be mindful of the politicians jumping into APC recently. These are full-time politicians who have nothing to offer Nigeria. As a good captain, a good pilot and a good leader, Nigerians expect so much from GMB’s leadership.    
Muhammad Ajah, is a journalist and writer and an advocate democracy and the rule of law based Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 08055247005


Lots of stomach infrastructure prophets in Nigeria predicted the victory of Jonathan at the just concluded presidential polls in Nigeria, describing Buhari’s supporters as heathens raging against the Lords Anointed. I am yet to see any of them that predicted a Buhari victory. Mcheeew!

These misguided spokespersons of God gave us lectures of how Jonathan is the David that will defeat Goliath of the Philistines (Buhari). In all the meetings of clerics I attended around Abuja, Enugu, Lagos, Port Harcourt  and environs, I hear the same tale of how God told some pastors  that a Buhari presidency will Islamize Nigeria and how God intends his people to pray out this heathen who wants to return them ( not myself) back to Egypt. We were also told that God will give Jonathan a second term victory because he has not finished his assignment. 

I never discerned all these things prophetically and I know that these statements are not from the Spirit of God. In one of the meeting of a closed group of ministers in Abuja, I blurted out angrily at one of the prophetic tale bearer asking “does God intend to keep a most corrupt president, are you aware that the economy is in so much bad shape that there may be no money to pay salaries by the end of this year if leakages in the system is not drastically cut.  Are you aware that many State Governments having huge debt profile, endangering the economic status of their states? Which parameter is your God using to declare Jonathan a savior despite grinding poverty in the land.….”

The most ridiculous of all I heard was that Buhari, Tinubu and the APC represents the heathens that have ganged up against God. These stories were fed to the congregation of many, and they wasted precious times of prayer on something I knew would be a waste. Some organized special prayer session, special night vigils, special crusades, after collecting their own share of the corrupt national cake in thousands, millions and billions of naira, and gathered people to pray in churches, open spaces and fields all in an effort to deliver Nigeria from the hand of heathens. In one of the cities where such money for hand prayers was made, I told some Archbishops and Bishops to ensure that they collected their own share of the Jonathanian largesse before enlisting their congregants for the prayers. The Bishops heeded my call and lied in wait for the principal prayer warrior, who on sensing trouble, skipped the planned pre-crusade ministers’ briefings and left immediately after his crusade.

Of course, God and Jesus Christ disappointed them all. I believe that Tinubu, Amechi, Oshiomhole , Fashola and their group, though having their own shortcomings,  cannot in the prevailing context, be branded as  heathens because the are supporting  Buhari. It is spiritually discernible that the real heathen is the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan.

This man who had no shoes, allowed so much corruption within his five year tenure that from my own estimate, a total of $142 billion dollars oil revenue were stolen in five years. I have buttressed it in earlier write-up ‘Looters of $142 billion dollars oil revenue not working for Jesus Christ’. A heathen is that president so heartless to allow such theft by close friends and cronies while the over 60 million Nigerians live below$1 dollars daily. Former CBN Governor Prof Chukwuma  Soludo put his own estimated off budget theft at N30 trillion naira ($150billin dollars), this stolen or missing sum can construct two hundred and forty eight numbers  of (248) Second Niger Bridge at the cost of $500 million dollars each , and a prayer warrior is still looking for a heathen.

A heathen is that President who cannot expose the Boko Haram sponsors who are part of his ruling party, his cabinet ministers and his service chiefs and deliberately deceives Nigerians that opposition flagbearer is supporting Boko Haram.  A heathen is that man ignored the earlier warnings of ex Heads of States Muhammadu Buhari and Olusegun  Obasanjo in 2011, immediately after the United Nations Abuja bombings, that he should pursue and prosecute the sponsors of Boko Haram before they become too uncontrollable, until over 10,000 lives have been lost.

A heathen is that president who abandoned Northern Christians to Boko Haram onslaught until six weeks to the rescheduled presidential polls. A heathen is that president who left Christian communities with over 100 years Jesus heritage like Chibok, Gwoza, Askira,Uba,Damboa and numerous others to be the first to fall into the hands of the Jihadists. I enumerated them in the piece released mid last year titled ‘Boko Haram Republic of Gwoza: Jonathan abandons Northern Christians’

Heathen is that President who allowed Chibok Girls to be captured from a predominantly Christian town, and many of them raped to death while dancing Azonto in Kano. It is a shame that a Muslim activist  by name Peregrimah Brimah was asking a Christian President for logistics to mobilize army of volunteers to help rescue Chibok girls that are predominantly Christians.

Heathen is that President under whose tenure I lost many missionary colleagues to the hands of the insurgents while great feasting is going on in Aso Rock.

Heathen is that president who said that 16 are greater than 19 in the Nigerian Governors Forum controversial elections, and set the stage for Governors Amechi, Kwakwanso, Oshiomhole and co to give the opposition the boost they deserved. Had these governors remained in the PDP, a Buhari victory would not have been possible.

Jesus Christ disappointed all these prophets because they allowed their sentiments and emotions to becloud the voice of the Holy Spirit. Many of them clamored friendship with a sitting President more than hearing the Voice of God and siding with the people. I was also tempted like them with advances from certain quarters to toe the line of Balaam, and I rebuffed it, not because I am a money bag, but because the Holy Spirit rejected their gifts.

Heathen is also that prophet who allowed personal friendship with Jonathan to obscure the voice of God and conscience which states that Nigeria is dying slowly due to corruption, impunity and insecurity.

Heathen is that prophet who in private cannot diplomatically tell the incumbent that Nigerians are complaining about his style of governance, because saying such may lead to loss of billions or hundreds of millions of tithes, offerings, seed and prayer money.

I was shocked when a Bishop told me in the first week of March, after my briefing, that they never told them that Chibok Girls were Christians. They never told them that Christian territories are being overrun by Boko Haram. They never told them that even Muslims are co-operating to ensure that occupied Christian towns in Borno were liberated. They told us that Buhari invented Boko Haram and that Osibanjo will resign for Tinubu after the elections .  They deliberately briefed us on what the wanted us to hear, and that is the spirit of Balak.

A church goer who patronizes witches and wizads, Guru Maharaji, Olumba Olumba, Ogboni, Amorc. Free Mason and such secret organizations whose operations are anti-Christ is also a heathen, whether the person sows seed of billions of naira to a pastor or not. 
Jesus Christ have enjoined  his followers in Matthew 5 vs 16 to ‘let their lives so shine among men, that they may see your good works, and glorify the name of your father in heaven’. Did their incumbent President meet that Criterion?

The good news is that the heathen President has repented after his defeat. He is now shunning all the corrupt people he infested himself with for five years, including his Oil Minister, Diezani Madueke. He has barred those who misled him on a hate campaign, from coming near him now. He has decided to be his usual self, cooperating with the next regime.  Having read the security reports from the DMI, NIA, DSS and some more objective analysis from the CIA that any attempt to manipulate the election definitely lead to unimaginable violence whose outcome may not be predicted, and the threat by the world powers to drag him to ICC if Nigeria ends in violence and break-up, he decided to concede defeat.  Though his repentance came after Buhari’s victory, he can now be classified as having transmuted from heathen to Christian, stilling the raging of the heathens.
Obinna Akukwe via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /obinnaakukwe...@ObinnaAkukwe

Written by Obinna Akukwe @ObinnaAkukwe

Sweet Asylum is probably waiting for Nigeria’s Oil minister, Sweet! Diezani Madueke
if the Buhari regime takes off by May 29th, except a concession is bargained for her
by President Goodluck Jonathan. There are reports that this woman is seeking asylum
overseas, and she has denied the reports. All I know is that Diezani has been
seeking a means of escape since January 2015, when it dawned on her and her co
looters that a Buhari presidency may be a reality. Her principal in the person of
Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan has abandoned her to her fate, having successfully negotiated
his way out of possible prosecution after his tenure expires in May, 29th 2015.

Had Sweet Diezani listened to the prophetic warning given her in that piece, she
would not have been crawling all over the world seeking a place to escape from the
coming Buhari Judgment. Two prophetically inspired write-ups begging her to save
herself from coming doom, released on two successive Democracy Days of 2013 and
2014, gracefully ignored, and had landed her on a waiting judgment list. Those who
ignore my prophetically warnings, cloned in writings, delivered through partner news
medium, always end in doom, and this woman has joined the list, except if the mercy
of God intervenes, and His mercy never ends. What can she do now? This will come in
the next piece.

Below was the second warning to this all powerful woman.

Read Here

Sweet Dieziani! Sweet Goodluck! Sweet Crude! Part 2

During the democracy day of 2013, I released a piece titled “Sweet Diezani’ and on
this Democracy day 2014 am releasing part 2 of the piece titled ‘Sweet Dieziani,
Sweet Goodluck and Sweet Crude ‘ calling on this woman to do something unique to
fight poverty in Nigeria. I had earlier advised Dieziani Madueke to gather some more
powerful women within Aso Villa to kick start the process of saving Nigeria from
poverty. She continued to ignore the advice until the House of Representatives
started pursuing her over allegations of illegal charter of private jet for
assignments totaling N10 billion dollars. The scandal of the missing $20 billion
dollars is another dent on her image and I also have reliable information that all
her hidden transactions in the oil industry including allocation of oil blocks is
being complied by some aggrieved persons and they are waiting for the current House
probe on the jet scandal to die down before they bring out more
 weightier allegations and the leadership of the House of Reps is aware of the hatch.

I advised late Gen Azazi in like format to accept an impending sack and go home but
he continued to gallivant around until they sent him to hades in a helicopter crash.
Is it too late for her to listen to the noble advice ?It is not yet late for her to
listen to advice given earlier which is represented below and move from acquisitive
to redemptive, saving Nigeria from poverty before something worse happens to her

Dieziani Allison Madueke is Nigeria’s oil minister under the presidency of Goodluck
Jonathan. This woman has become the second most controversial woman in the history
of Nigeria, second to Mrs Turai Yar’adua, wife of the late president Umaru Yar’adua.
Turai Yaradua took over the apparatus of governance while her husband was
hospitalized in Saudi and through the use of a cabal, wrestled the acting capacity
of the Goodluck Jonathan until human rights activists, Save Nigeria Group (SNG) and
others helped returned the constitutional mandate back to him.
Dieziani Madueke, a former Director in Shell British Petroleum Corporation was
appointed a minister under the presidency of late Yar’adua. She was among the two
lists from then Vice President Jonathan whom Yaradua brought in as ministers.
Therefore, the relationship between the duos preceded his presidency.

During her tenure as Minister of Transportation and was moved later to Ministry of
Mines and there was no evidence that she left the ministry better than she met it.
When Jonathan ascended the throne of Nigeria where food bill is N1 billion naira
annually, she was transferred to the ever lucrative Petroleum Ministry. Yet there is
no evidence that she has turned around the rot in the industry. Therefore, it is
proper to assume that she has not performed creditably in the discharge of official

Despite the above, this woman who had maintained her attractive figure and
superlative dress sense is known to have the ears of Nigeria’s President Goodluck
Jonathan. A lot of close watchers in Aso Villa knows that Dieziani has lots of
favors with Jonathan and anybody in her good books will attract the favorable
disposition of ‘Joe Boy’. All the efforts by concerned Nigerians to effect her
resignation had met with brick wall because ‘Joe Boy’ has soft spot for her. While
the activists, professionals and bureaucrats are calling her incompetent and
corrupt, ‘Joe Boy’ sees her as ‘Sweet Dieziani’.

How sweet is Dieziani. That story is for another day, however, even the First Lady
has been forced to realize that respect and tolerance for Sweet Dieziani is the
beginning of Wisdom. Thus her initial venomous attitude towards the oil minister has
died by force. Therefore, it could be conveniently said that this woman controls the
sweet crude of Nigeria because a sweeter Goodluck is behind her. All these things
are quite irritating to me because governance is to be run with utmost selflessness
and patriotism devoid of sentiments but since we are still mortals, sentiments
sometimes come in.

However, it seems that this controversial woman gave her children some sort of home
training and soberness in the midst of opulence. I remarked that during the fuel
subsidy riots, pictures of her son Ugonna with some friends, half naked women and
bundles of thousands of dollars, in reveling display at a private jet and a stretch
limo, was circulated on the internet.
This picture further infuriated the protesters and raised national angst.

Shortly afterwards, this pleasure loving son apologized to the Nigerian people,
saying that the pictures was not meant to destroy the already battered psyche. This
action from this man caught my fancy. According to the Ugonna ‘‘I sincerely
apologise to my family and the Nigerian public for any hurt, anger or embarrassment
that might have been caused by these pictures, which were taken completely out of
context. I will endeavor to ensure that all my actions in future will be sensitive
to the plight of Nigerians’’.

This is the first time that a son or daughter of the embezzlers of Nigerian common
wealth apologized to a traumatized public. Children of looters of Nigerian funds
will naturally scorn at those criticizing their profligacy describing them as ‘Homo
Sapiens whose impoverished ancestors kept in their sorry state’ Sweet Dieziani
should expand this sober act of her son or step son, towards her relationship with
the president and display sensitivity to the plight of Nigerians.
It is time for Sweet Dieziani to convince the president that the process earlier
started by late President Umaru Yaradua which led to the revocation of some
illegally acquired oil blocks be resumed so that a few people do not control
Nigeria, with excess funds to sponsor Boko Haram and terrorist activities.

Can Sweet Dieziani convince the President that importation of petroleum products
from outside is not beneficial to Nigerian economy, despite the fact that some
powerful persons in government are benefiting from it.

Can Sweet Dieziani convince the President to support institutionalized transparency
in the oil industry so that all these billions of dollars lost to oil theft annually
can be blocked? 

Can Sweet Dieziani convince the President that a situation whereby all our oil
savings is shared between the three tiers of government without reserve is another
brand of voodoo revenue allocation, capable of putting the nation in trouble if
there is sustained fall in oil price?

Can Sweet Dieziani convince the president to dedicate more funds to poverty
alleviation and job creation and reduce amount spent on frivolities, fighting
opposition governors, and related matters, and leave a lasting legacy for the
Jonathan presidency.

It is obvious that a lot of sycophants, boot lickers and liars whose selfish
interests are suffocating have held the president hostage and the man needs fresh
air himself. It is discernible that the way Jonathan’s friends and inner cabinet are
handling opposing opinions and actions, there might be no Nigeria by the time he
finishes his tenure in 2015 or 2019, whichever one providence allows.
Therefore, Sweet Dieziani could bridge the gap and let the President know that he
must behave as father to all Nigerians, shun partisanship and take firm action when
national cohesion is threatened.

I believe that Sweet Dieziani can do all these if she rises beyond mundane
attachments, rids herself of praise singers, shuns corrupt entrapment and uses the
same spirit she used to caution her step son who was partying while the nation was

In the Ministry of Petroleum resources, the fear of Dieziani is the beginning of
wisdom. All the oil hawkers who hitherto turned the ministry into an annex of Arewa
House have all scampered back to their villages effectively ending the tenure of few
northern cabals in the place. Can she use the same influence to reduce corruption in
the Petroleum Industry and save the future of hopeless Nigerians who depend on oil
revenue for survival?

Queen Esther in the Bible used her influence to stop the first planned genocide on
Jews in the history of the world. Everyone must give account of how he used his or
her position to God ,Dieziani inclusive. Nigerians are facing economic genocide due
to the fact that government has abandoned the art of providing for its citizenry and
wasted billions of dollars on politics.

The EFCC, ICPC, National Assembly and all organs assigned the constitutional duties
of checkmating profligacy and corruption in the system, are themselves partners in
the corrupt chess pool. Therefore, the hopeless Nigerians have nobody to enforce
their rights to dignified existence through equitable allocation of resources.

Based on the foregoing I have no option than to hope that this most powerful woman
in Nigeria at the moment can heed the clarion call, use her position and favor with
President Jonathan, whichever way it came about, to advance Nigeria in the right
direction and stop further economic genocide on unfortunate citizenry. It is not her
duty to influence all these but I believe that Sweet Diezani can mobilize other
women in that place including Okonjo Iwuala, Stella-Oduah, Joy Emordi to quietly
pressurize for a radical change from Sweet Goodluck towards the realization of the
promised transformational agenda.

Obinna Akukwe…
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nigerians have not stopped celebrating since March 2015 which marked the point when the Jonathan Administration, where trust was very hard to establish, where the leadership  behaved as if Nigeria was their personal kitchen, and where the use of political power through the military and police expanded like we have never seen before in our democratic history, ended.

We are very hopeful that in the coming months and years, open acts of political corruption, underground forms of government business, extended use of political gang members, dirty little secrets, open bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, and corrupt use of the judiciary will be fully minimized or completely eviscerated. 

The heaviest fundamental threat to our national security and way of life was public corruption, at least in the last thirty six months, not excluding issues of insurgency which are a direct side effect of corruption-induced poverty.

Since 2010 especially, the quality of our courts, legislature,  treasury, police, prisons, military, and other national security-related supports has been so bad with each of them singularly situated to feed into the politics of corruption in favor of Jonathan’s underground economy or government while the people looked on helplessly.

Now the days of these political deities who saw themselves as worthy of worship by the rest of us are gone forever.

Here is what we believe about President Elect, Muhammadu Buhari, God willing, Allah willing. He will help bring back national integrity to the country. Certainly, he is not an angel, and in spite of his hard ways in the yesterdays, the people see him as, all in all, a  good man who will be able to rebuild trust, respect and productive governance guided not in half-truths, but in full truths. We see him as a man who will open his ears to learning  and open himself to critics from decent advisers.

Buhari, being a man of good faith and learning, will not be open to damaging acts of compromise and the people see him as being able to bring in discipline, efficiency, high work ethics and transparency into the government.

It is our hope that this generally known cool but deeply thoughtful man, with good reasons, will not be aloof to the basic security and corporate needs of the people.

It is our hope that he will do good through the government by rebuilding or refreshing institutions that will do the most good works in our society. 

We hope he will institute cost efficient government programs that will be most effective and marked with ways that will express caring and compassion toward the people.

In his time,  let public institutions evidence the clothing of moral image and do good things, just like good organizations, churches and charities do, and operate in terms of responsibility.

In his time, just like the people want the government to care for them, let the people also care for the government by exhibiting step by step good conduct and proper etiquette when interacting with those in government--collective acts that will drastically reduce widespread suffering, despair, greed, and abandonment and allow the nation to move up and not down as seen in recent years.

President Barack Obama, as a son of Africa and the leader of the free world, in your last visits to Africa, you promised the people of the continent a new model of democratic partnership. Sir, now is the time! 

Twice you avoided Nigeria, but do not do this now, as the people are waiting to see you side by side with Buhari in the coming months, sharing your ideas of trade, investment, healthcare, education, electricity, infrastructure, job creation, transportation, technology, security, economic growth, and  institution-building.

President Barack Obama, with your mixed background of Muslim and Christian heritage, you will be in the right place during your visit, as we all know you clearly understand our people with all of their challenges and struggles, especially under an estranged government in the last few years.

Given your  ongoing great successes in America and around the world, in terms of building a healthy and fair system of democracy, Nigeria calls out to their son to visit us in the nearest future, and lay a foundational opening on which to begin to build a new relationship with America, and the rest of the world. Sir, we look forward to seeing you soon as Buhari seeks to move Nigeria to what I call  "A Peaceful, Progressive, and Prosperous Nigeria (APPN)."

President Barack Obama, as with your other African visits and dancing moves, such as we saw in Tanzania, this time Nigerians will give you the best welcome dance and the whole world will see you as you shake to Davido Skelewu's music. Sir, it is one of a kind! Welcome to Nigeria in advance!


Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist, a Consultant in National Psychology, and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Let me begin with a few introductory explanations. The tittle of this piece was deliberately borrowed from the tittle of Leon Trotsky’s piece on the 1905 Revolution in Russia in which he was a major dramatis personae, getting elected as the President of the Petrogad [St Petersburg] Soviet by the workers’ delegates at the peak of that uprising which became a revolution.

Trotsky, along with the major leadership of the Russian and Global Revolutionary Socialist Movement had understood the revolutionary significance of that 1905 popular uprising of the Russian people, and had characterized it as a significant Political, but bourgeois democratic [that is capitalist ruling class] revolution. The reasons were obvious; it not only shook the Russian Monarchy and feudal system to its very foundation, it marked the ascendancy of the Russian bourgeois capitalist elite and inaugurated the foundations of democratic representative government which shared some powers with the Sovereign – the Czar/Emperor.

More fundamentally that revolution marked the collapse of the old national consensus among the ruling classes and inaugurated a new process of renegotiation of the fundamental terms of a new national governing and ruling consensus.

Similarly, in their historic nature, both the January Uprising of 2012 and the process and outcome of the 2015 general elections marked different moments – inaugural and concluding moments, of a Political, bourgeois democratic revolution in Nigeria. It is for this reason that I have borrowed Trotsky’s tittle for 1905.

Let me explain further. Many adjectives have been used to describe the 2015 general elections process and its outcome [which by the way is still a work in progress]. And all of these adjectives are probably correct, but they do signify certain fundamental processes.

These elections and its unfolding outcome is significant in many respects. It is Historic and Momentous, for a number of reasons and because of a number of factors; factors which helped to shape the outcome.

In the first instance it marks the very first time in the history of this country that an incumbent president seeking re-election would be defeated in an election; in the second instance, and following from the first, it marks the first time that a ruling party at the federal level would be defeated in a general election by an opposition party; in the third instance, and deriving from the second, it marks the first time that Nigerians through a general election will oust a non performing federal government and cause a change in the federal government to the extent that it will now be constituted and superintended by a different political party, which was hitherto the opposition party; and in the fourth instance, it also marks the first time that votes will significantly count in a general election, arising from a process that significantly whittles down the chances of electoral fraud and is largely seen and perceived to be transparent and credible, and producing an outcome that is largely accepted as largely reflecting the real will of the electorates.

Why are all these four interrelated processes of historic significance? Why do they matter? Because all the four aforementioned processes combine to radically upscale and inculcate popular self-confidence of the masses in their ability to change a government. 

The historic importance of this reinforcement of popular self-confidence to alter the character of power cannot be over emphasized. The impact of this is that citizens now know that within the ambit of the choices available to them, they send a non-performing, unresponsive government and regime packing, and replace it with another one. The implication of this is that the business of governing can no longer be conducted in the old ways; it can no longer be business as usual. 

Furthermore the emergence of an opposition party strong enough to mobilise a movement for change; occurring simultaneously with the unraveling and implosion of the ruling party which had hitherto been the institutional manifestation of the old national ruling class consensus; the success of the citizen driven electoral reform process;  and the outcome of the elections represent the breakdown of the old National Consensus among the ruling class fractions, and marks the consolidation of the process of negotiating a new national ruling class consensus.

It is this dialectical interaction between breakdown and reconstitution of national ruling class consensus that underlies the bourgeois democratic revolution character of the 2015 general elections, and that qualifies it as a political revolution.

It is this same bourgeois democratic revolution character, this breakdown and reconstitution moment that makes this an opportunity for the popular masses, an opportunity to deepen the revolutionary character of the process, an opportunity to build on the renewed popular confidence of citizens to explore the possibility of exploiting the uncertainties of the present situation to deepen the ferment and perhaps move towards the conversion of the revolution from a political revolution to a social revolution.

Now that the ruling class fractions are in a state of turmoil and frantically seeking to renegotiate a new national ruling consensus amongst themselves, our duty and our task is to raise our own popular demands, to capitalize on the renewed popular confidence to make social demands on the ruling class and its new incoming government. 

This is the time to raise the demand for the reconstitution of the state as a developmental state, and for the establishment of a welfare state. Our overriding minimum demand must be for the institution of a universal, accessible social security system; such that as the renegotiation process is taking place the demands and interests of the popular masses will be taken into consideration and form part of the new national consensus.

Given the heightened levels of expectations surrounding the emergence of this new govern in waiting, given the grave nature of the national and global economic crisis compounded in our own case by unprecedented levels of treasury looting and depletion of national wealth, it will be most likely that the incoming government may soon be faced with a monumental crisis of unmet and unrealizable expectations. The implication of these is that there are many potential uprisings lurking in the corners along the way over the next four years.

This general context and scenario then presents an opportunity for the popular mass movement to deepen the ferment, and push the boundaries of the political revolution to its elastic limit, thrusting the process towards supplanting the political revolution with a social revolution. To accomplish this we need to build a mass political platform to the left of the incoming APC government. The fact that the opposition is now in power should provide us with a context within which to build a new opposition.

To conclude, a few last lines. And this is to the APC and its incoming government. What does change really mean for the APC? What is the APC’s assessment of the Nigerian crises? What are the 4 or 5 areas of focus that its government will prioritise in addressing and resolving the Nigerian crisis? What In concrete terms will the APC government do to transform the power and energy situation over the next four years? How many MWs will it add to the power generation capacity annually over the next four years? What concrete steps will it undertake to improve the transmission capacity of the national grid, particularly given that any given time the transmission capacity of a national grid should be much more than the total generation capacity for electricity? How will it resolve this disconnect between power generation and power transmission?

How does the APC government intend to deal with youth unemployment? While addressing critical questions of inclusive and diversified economic growth and rehabilitation and building of basic infrastructure to service the economy?

What Nigerians want from the APC now is fairly fleshed out document detailing its alternative policy proposals, and outlining its Four year National Development Plan for the country. We have had enough of the vagueness of change. Now is the time to give us a picture of this change.

And for the PDP, apart from the factors listed at the beginning, why did it lose? Well at the inception of the PDP regime in 1999, poverty rate was 54% in 2001, and hovered around 68% in 2015; And this in the midst of unprecedented economic growth and high levels of earned revenue.

Or take unemployment; official unemployment rate was 8% in 2003 and had risen to 24% by 2015, with youth unemployment skyrocketing to 40% according to NBS and 80% according to CBN by 2015.

And whereas economic growth rate averaged about 8% in the early 2000s, by 2015 it was hovering between 5% and 6% per annum.

Take education, of the 57 million out of school children globally, 11 million were Nigerian children by 2013, the second highest such concentration after Pakistan.

Or health, where by 2015, according to official figures, 37% of Nigerian children under five years are malnourished.

Add to these mix unprecedented levels on insecurity, as well as high cost of living, then it becomes clear that the reasons why PDP lost and APC won had nothing to do with the so-called ethnic gang up now being postulated by those unwilling to face reality. Instead the reasons had plenty to do with the abject conditions of living of Nigerians. The reasons are rooted in class exploitation and its outcome, not in ethnic solidarity and alliances. 


Last Saturday’s Presidential and Legislative elections has come and gone and will go down in our history as one of the most unprecedented in terms of its peaceful outcome. It has been categorised as the most free and fair election since the turn of democracy in 1999. Without mincing words, the election have not only proved doubting Thomases wrong about our electoral process but showed the world that Nigeria can hold its own even amidst its numerous challenges. No doubt, our electoral process has been strengthened one step further by the altruistic actions and selfless sportsmanship taken by all actors involved and has shown that transition from one party or administration to the other, could be made possible without rancour, fear or intimidation. The question therefore, is whether our nascent democracy, just a little at 16, has come of age. 

As an ardent follower of both our historical emergence as a nation state and democratic process, I have no doubt in my mind that with the success recorded in the last election, we have sufficient reasons to be identified as an exceptional democracy, to borrow such appellation from scholars of Venezuelan history. Ours has been a democracy that survived many daunting challenges and despite the noticeable fault-lines, our “Nigerianness” can never be compromised. We have in a matter of 16 years evolved and shown to be an epitome for other African countries to emulate, most especially countries with leaders who fail to toe the path of reason in the aftermath of a national election.   

More often than not, it is imperative to take caution in trying to admit that Nigeria’s democracy has come of age. Doubts still pervades in some parts of the country about the outcome of the election even when it is clear to malcontents that it was won square and fair by the former opposition. Despite this, one must be sincere enough, without being too overtly patriotic, to state that our democracy is now more than ever strengthened. The reason for this rather brazen position cannot be far-fetched, if the recent legislative election held in Lagos state is anything to go by. 

Lagos as we know it has always been a hotbed of diverse human activities. It is a melting pot of some sort for so many people looking for a place to work, relax, or reside. For whatever reasons, Lagos has become a home for more than half of all Nigeria’s ethnic groups such that, her cosmopolitan nature today cannot be compared to any part of Nigeria and most parts of the world. There is a popular belief that there is no Nigerian anywhere who does not have at least a close member residing in Lagos, little wonder its population continues to grow in its millions against statistics made available by the federal government. For the fact that Lagos provides anyone at all with opportunities to live and enjoy the Lagos Dream, many have found it as a comfort zone and home to make money. Apart from other noticeable ethnic groupings in Nigeria, the Igbo have come to form a sizeable population resident in Lagos. As we speak, the Igbo are about the most populated non-Yoruba group domiciled in Lagos. Just like the Sabo communities of Northern extraction noticeable in parts of Lagos, the Igbo, unlike the Sabo areas, could be found everywhere. Remarkably, they constitute a higher percentage of people living in local government areas like Amuwo Odofin, Ajeromi/Ifelodun, Ojo, Surulere etc., and in communities like Satellite and FESTAC-Towns, Aguda, Alaba, Kirikiri, Ajegunle to mention a few. Their huge number, frightening in some quarters, is a welcome development and a good omen for Lagos. In fact, the dominance of the Igbo, typical as their entrepreneurial spirit entails, portends greater economic propects for Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. This is a however, a topic for another day.

It is on record that Lagos state accommodates the meek and weak, even the strong and wrong and would never allow ethnic sentiments get the better part of its developmental process. Ben Akabueze, an Igbo from Anambra as Lagos state’s Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget is a typical example of how Lagos has assumed the role of a detribalised state. Looking further, Engineer Joe Igbokwe, another Igbo from Nnewi is till date a very strong heavyweight in Lagos politics, being the Publicity Secretary of the APC in the state. These individuals among others continue to hold their own and have contributed in no small measure to the growth and development of Lagos state as a whole. 

Apart from being an economic force, the Igbo today have become a very strong political factor in Lagos state. At a time when a section of the country some time ago wrongly lampooned and viciously criticised the Lagos state government for deporting some people, the enabling environment to be politically relevant given most importantly to the Igbo today in the state should be seen as a kind gesture by the government in embracing all irrespective of where we come from. It is not every day one sees a Yoruba or Hausa appointed a Commissioner in states like Cross River or Delta or an Igbo as Chairman of a parastatal in Katsina, Taraba, Ekiti or Bayelsa. None to the best of this writer’s knowledge exist.

However, nobody would have thought it possible for a non-Yoruba residing in Lagos state to contest elections and win. It is not that some of them do not come out to vie for elective positions but chances of winning such positions have always remained very slim. It is quite surprising therefore, to discover a number of non-Yoruba living in the state vying and in turn winning legislative posts in the just concluded federal legislative election. In Amuwo Odofin local government for example, one Mr Oghene Egboh, a Delta state indigene defeated Ganiyu Olukolu a Yoruba.  Also in Ajeromi/Ifelodun, Mrs Rita an Easterner defeated Taiwo Adenekan another Yoruba while in Oshodi/Isolo federal constituency 2, Mr Tony Nwoolu defeated the incumbent, Mr Akeem Munir. A major factor has been attributed to the victory of these individuals in the election, chief of which is the dominance of Igbo residents in these constituencies who voted massively not necessarily for these candidates but because of their strong affinity for the party the candidates contested under. True as this may seem, we should however not forget that tolerance, freewill and accommodation Lagos seems to freely give to all played a significant role in the victory of these candidates at the polls. This feat ordinarily wouldn’t have been possible many states in the country

This is therefore, a huge lesson for us all as a people to learn from. Nigeria belongs to us all and so, irrespective of differences in tongue and tribe, everyone should be seen as one and the same. We must begin to see the positives of togetherness and brotherhood and understand that every Nigerian, no matter where he resides, is part of the Nigerian project. We must begin to tolerate ourselves and in tolerating the other, must allow anyone at all the freewill to participate in the political process, no matter the religion, place of residence or ethnic affiliation. Nigeria and Nigerians should take a cue from events in the 50s when Mallam Umaru Altine was elected twice as Mayor of Enugu. Mallam Altine, a Fulani was nominated by the NCNC, contested and won the election in that state. Also, the story of Mallam Umaru Yushau is noteworthy here. As the Chief of the Hausa community in Onitsha, he was elected member of the Eastern House of Chiefs and occupied that position until the 1966 coup. 

At a time when the CHANGE mantra is fast overwhelming the entire country, it is time we began to see our democracy as one that can stand the test of time. No country has ever moved forward with its people heavily divided along tribal or religious lines. Somalia and Sudan are typical examples of countries where ethnic differences has regressed its development. Despite the fact that we have not been able to properly come to terms with our differences for the common good of the country over a long period of time, it is hoped that the recently conducted election will open our eyes to the reality of greatness in diversity. Lagos state has set the stage for our democracy to thrive by giving non-Yoruba residents the free-hand to participate in the electoral process. Other states too should learn and follow suit 

The possibility that one day a southerner will hold public office in any part of the north and vice versa is a dream this writer hopes will come to pass in his life time. It is only when we see the virtues in this dream rather than the vices that we can move towards greatness as a nation. We must therefore not lose sight of that. Now, has our democracy come of age?  

Raheem Oluwafunminiyi wrote via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        



As we move forward in our growing democracy, the State Security Service (SSS) or the Department of State Services must proceed from the starting point of non-political and professional commitment in the course of performing its law enforcement duties with its police force.

In recent times the leadership and operational culture of the State Security Service, in psychological terms, has become abnormal in its functions and to some extent has lost contact with professional reality, and as it is now, stands out as more of  a threat to itself and the people.

The State Security Service in its capacity as a federal law enforcement body is currently being viewed as a partisan agency that is more heavily involved in domestic repression instead of domestic protection within our society.

In the era of the Jonathan administration, while the SSS continued to serve as that body to help protect and defend the our government against domestic threats, assist in the protection of  leadership and carry out law enforcement  services at both the federal and state levels, its enforcement of criminal laws appeared decidedly one-sided and openly partisan in its outlook.

Recently we saw how its top investigative priorities focused on All Progressive Congress (APC), one of the nation’s political parties. In recent times, the SSS’s maltreatment of APC‘s members, associates and business partners was very obvious and SSS marked them out as if they were representatives of a criminal organization.

A case in point is the State Security Service arrest and detention of some workers of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in a raid in Lagos in November, 2014. In this case, the SSS, which is constitutional ly charged to protect the civil rights of its citizens, arrested and detained these workers, unlawfully denying them their personal liberties and reportedly denying them access to any member of their families. 

These APC’s workers suffered illegal detention with no official criminal charges and were unlawfully kept for fraudulent allegations of forgery and election-related offences.

The warrant used to remand them was perverted as it came from a magistrate court in Kaduna with no jurisdiction on the case as the alleged offence occurred in Lagos.

Going forward, the SSS needs some wholesome cleaning in order to refocus the agency. What we need now is for the SSS to become fair, impartial and a neutral security body politically and electorally.

The legal personality of the SSS in terms of leadership and operations can at this time no longer be viewed as a neutral federal law enforcement agency until it receives a comprehensive behavioral, ethical and programmatic intervention.

With a new image during the post-Jonathan administration, the people could again see it as capable of ensuring the safety of all Nigerians.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist, a Consultant in National Psychology, and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Farouk Martins Aresa

Where is Ambode from? You will not know until after the election. By then it may have become irrelevant. Tinubu has already won because the debate is no more about his greed and how he conquered success. It is now about Igbo PDP and Yoruba APC in Lagos. The silver lining may be that any Nigerian, like Tinubu, no matter what part of the Country you come from may be appointed and elected over the Lagosians as a civilian Governor. It can only happen in Lagos! 

Ndi-Igbo may have to think twice before they vote against Ambose. If it turns out that Ambose, like Jonathan is more related to Igbo than Agbaje, they will have themselves to blame for voting against their own in Lagos. Politicians not astute Oba, would do anything to get votes. In Nigeria ethnicity is a sure bet and a convenience politicians resort to in order to defeat their opponents.  

The incident between Igbo leaders and Oba of Lagos is unfortunate. No matter what the motive is, Oba has no business supporting political party or threatening an ethnic group. There are ways to play neutral and not antagonize. Oba Adetona of Ijebu-Ode is a good example of how to play cordial and remain uncommitted. Politicians go and come, Oba is a lifetime appointment. Even Ooni blessed Jonathan. There is no long term benefit for Oba, only short-term advantage. 

When it looked like Fashola was going to revolt for his second term, it was the same Oba of Lagos that tried to settle the problem between Fashola and Tinubu. Lagosians were actually mad when it was reported that Tinubu said he installed him as Oba of Lagos and could uninstall him. There is no worse insult from Iragbiji than that. The Omo-onile has never been disputed.

Igbo bragado draws Yoruba reaction of fear. Rivalry among Igbo and Yoruba candidates will only work in favor of Tinubu to entrench his reign of corruption. Lagosians are more worried about domination now. So Lagosians with Yoruba see Tinubu as a savior, stuck in their throat. 

Ambose is neither from Ondo nor Lagos. If he is Yoruba, he must have Oriki. He has none unless one is quickly invented for him. If his name has a meaning in Yoruba, it must be from one of Yoruba cousins in the North, East or old Western Region. While we are trying to figure out what it is, Ambode will be already crowned like Tinubu, his mentor. By the time Tinubu became Governor, his high school in Aroloya and his real Iragbigi origin became irrelevant.

If you do not believe in ethnic sparring, you are a new comer to politics. Otherwise, it does not make sense to get distracted from Tinubu’s avarice and impunity in Lagos during election by a fight between Igbo and Yoruba candidates. The real fact is that many Nigerians are so diverse, they are like our minorities. It is difficult to say one is a pure Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Many of us are none of the above but may be willing to be used as a distraction for individual gluttony. 

All Tinubu has going for him right now is that he is Yoruba and as long as he is, Yoruba do not care about whether he controls Lagos. Remember that Lagosians are minority in their own State. Even if most of them vote for Agbaje, their votes are not enough. The bottom line is that if Yoruba have to choose between Tinubu’s candidate Ambose, and Igbo preference Agbaje; it is not difficult to figure out who their choice is. What if Ambose turns out to be Igbo or Hausa?

However, after the election and Yoruba find out that Ambose is not even from the West, there will be a loud cry. The cry will be a joke because Tinubu does not care who he anoints as the Governor of Lagos State as long as he can control him to deliver all the resources and income to his pocket. He is always looking for a faithful servant. Some of you may remember that he had denied that Ambose was his candidate at one point when it looked like Lagosians would revolt.

All that is forgotten right now since he can brag with impunity that he crowns him the way he anointed Fashola. Many of you may know that he brought Fashola from nowhere when he knew that this same Agbaje, Obanikoro and other Lagosians were too independent to abide or take his orders. So he groomed Fashola from a law firm to become civil servant as his Chief of Staff. Whenever Fashola veers off course, he calls him to order. The rest is history.

Those of you that know Ambose very well and know where he comes from will be talking later but after the fact. Just like those that know Tinubu comes from Iragbiji never said a word until he became the Governor of Lagos State. By the time his friends and those he grew up with tried to expose him, they had become political foes and most people did not take them serious anymore. Oyinlola, the past Governor of Osun spoke out but after the fact.

Now that Tinubu’s greed is no more the pressing issue for Yoruba in Lagos State but the fear of Igbo candidate. They must remember Osun State. The salaries of civil servants have not been paid but some arears were paid just before their elections. Suddenly all the great initiatives of Governor Aregbesola are no more propagated or implemented by unpaid civil servants. The state is broke, even worse off now than before the election.

Where has all the money gone? Well, Tinubu got paid! Aregbesola has no more money to implement his programs. It must be said in fairness, that Aregbesola is very conscientious and passionate about his State. But no matter how good you are, if you follow bad company as a leader, it will hurt the people you care about. Tinubu does not give one heck of a damn, as long as he gets paid. Just wait until Ambose gets in, Lagos State will even pay more to Tinubu.

But note that when Yoruba create a Frankenstein like Tinubu, you never know when he is coming back to bite you. You may have left your duty for Buhari to tame. Therefore, it does not matter anymore where Ambose comes from. He is a Nigerian. Yoruba may be disappointed that any Nigerian can rule Lagos, not only any Yoruba.  After all Lagos is a “No Man’s Land” they say. 


Written by Obinna Akukwe  

The multi-billion naira gifts that the ruling party sharedto all manners of groups
to purchase endorsement for the incumbent Nigeria’sleader Goodluck Jonathan should
be returned, if the thieves who collected themoney have any conscience at all. This
money belongs to the Nigerian people andthose who induced the outgoing president to
give bribes for votes at theexpense of the suffering masses of Nigeria should return
them before the fireof God fails on their lives. Leading the pack of those who
scammed Goodluck Jonathan andthe PDP of billions of naira is the Christian
Association of Nigeria (CAN) Thisbody allegedly collected N35 billion naira from
Jonathan’s cronies on thepretext of sharing such to pastors, priests and ministers
all over Nigeria tolabel opposition candidate Buhari an Islamist, and ask their
church members notto vote for them. Happily, some of us, with the help of some priests,
pastors,reverends, were able to silently diffuse the lies and declare those
thatcollected the money agents of Baal and servants of Balaam.  Senior gospel
ministers in Abuja and environs believe thatN35 billion naira was released from
‘the villa’ but only N10 billion naira wasdeclared. They want to know what happened
to the remaining N25 billion naira.   

While othersespecially in the South were told that it was N10 billion naira, the
oppositionparty put the figure at N6 billion. However, the money shared to pastors,
whichwas monitored from various sources, was above N10 billion naira, includingthose
reserved for ‘super men of God’. Whosoever collected the N35 billion bribesshould
return the excess change that remains. This body is led by Pastor AyoOritsejafor.  

The Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) was alleged to have alsocollected their share of the
ruling party
 bribe. They were alleged to havecollected N12 billion naira meant to ensure that in
remote villages, Jonathanwas given enough votes spread around the North to get the
mandatory 25 percent.A week after the  postponement of theFebruary 28th polls,
crisis broke out among leaders of JNI, wherethey accused their leaders of declaring
only N5billion out of the N12 billionnaira alleged bribe. JNI is led by the Sultan
of Sokoto, Abubakar Saad .Thosewho collected the money on the behalf of JNI should
return such. 

A faction of Ohanaeze Ndigbo was allegedly given N5 billonnaira which infuriated the
Igbo intelligentsia and out of disappointment thattheir leaders have sold them
again, the Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA) in the 19northern states and Ohanaeze
Ndigbo in the 19 northern states also refused toendorse Jonathan. The first tranche
of the N5 billion naira bribes was sharedat Chelsea Hotel Abuja on the night of
January 12th while the secondtranche was shared
 at Ohanaeze Secretariate on the 3rd of Februaryamidst serious fracas. The sharing
formula has been condemned by Igbo leadersand Ohanaeze Chieftains including Chief
Chekwas Okorie, Chief MbazullikeAmechi, Chief Raph Obioha, Dr Dozie Ikedife among
others This body is led byChief Gari Igariwey. They should return the balance not
shared to the Nigerianpeople. 

Afenifere, having been informed by their Ohanaezecounterparts that there is excess
money to loot, went for Jonathan’s jugularand they allegedly collected N9 billion
naira. An infuriated Governor Fasholaof Lagos, in reaction to the bribes said that
‘the South-west leaders betrayedthe Yorubas because of money, saying the money “is
blood money. Posterity willjudge them for that action,” Their money for endorsement
stance also broughtcondemnation from various Yoruba leaders. This body is led by Pa
Fasoranti.They should return the balance of the bribe back to the people. 

The two factions of Oodua
 Peoples Congress were settled withextra billions of naira which nearly caused
problems between them before PDPsettled the money sharing rancor. Reports have it
that the two factions weresettled with N3 billion naira each. They justified the
loot by unleashingmayhem on Lagosians ahead of the polls. Please return the unspent
balance back tothe Nigerian people. 
 This group is le by Dr Frederick Fasheun and Mr GaniyuAdams.  

Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign States of Biafra(MASSOB) having gotten
hint of the OPC billion naira bonanza, promised to helpthe ruling party sack Prof
Jega of INEC, and they collected their own billionsof naira. They spent a few
millions on protest and thuggery and ran to the bankwith the rest. The National
Publicity Secretary of APC, Lai Mohammed put themoney shared to these three militias
at N9 billion naira. According to LaiMohammwed “N9bn was recently paid out to the
OPC, MOSSOB and a few others toscuttle the
 polls”. This sum is too much for some  groups of thugs. Pleasereturn the unspent
back to the people. This group is led by Chief RaphUwazurike

.When Jonathan’s men saw that defeat was imminent, followingthe postponement of the
polls earlier scheduled for February 28th, theyallegedly mobilized over$ 5 billion
dollars through Nigeria’s oil minister,Diezani Madueke with the purpose of bribing
traditional and religious leadersof Northern extraction. To this effect, and from my
estimate, close to N500 billionnaira was shared in the19 northern states, especially
North East and NorthWest. ,Malams, Emirs and notable politicians in the north
 smiled to the banks. However, the mood ofchange was too hot for them to woo voters.
The propaganda that Buhari may diein office did not convince the northern masses to
give Jonathan a secondchance. This money was shared mostly in dollars and it helped
shore up the priceof the naira to dollars. The balance running
 into billions of naira should bereturned to Nigeria’s coffer because poverty is too

 While northern traditional rulers and politicians got overN500 billion naira, their
Yoruba counterparts got over N200 billion withinthree weeks of Jonathan’s financial
bonanza.  Oba’s and other politicians were assembled andgiven dollars, between $
100,000 to 500,000 dollars were given, depending onstatus. PDP Chieftains also stole
Jonathan silly“ Garba Shehu, APC Campaign spokesman, fearing that the excessmoney
can bring about victory for Jonathan said that “President Jonathan hasbeen
criss-crossing Nigeria giving an average of N50 million each to traditionalrulers,
most especially in the South West and the Northern parts of Nigeria.This week, the
President’s campaign money is being shipped to the North.Letters in English and
Hausa backed by millions in cash are being dispatched towilling rulers in the
region.“Religious leaders, trade unions,
 youths organizations,professional bodies, entertainers are not ruled out of the
money sharingjamboree of President Jonathan,” 

At least, those in the South West tried to deliver their states,justifying part of
the loot. But N200 billion naira for few persons is toomuch. Let them return the
balance unspent ho help alleviate poverty in theland. .    

Some traditional rulers from Igbo land, hearing about thebazaar in the North and
South West, cried foul and they were assembled likechicken at Owerri and settled
with another paltry sum of N5 billion naira atthe last minute. These people did not
betray Jonathan; they delivered, even thoughnobody voted for Jonathan in the South
East on account of any Traditionalruler. Though the amount is small, and might have
been spent on Emergency Ofalafestival, the remainder must be pooled together to
alleviate poverty in theland. 

Another group of thieves known as Transformation Ambassadorsof Nigeria (TAN) and
 Support Group (GSG) have already finishedspending whatever they scammed out of that
unsuspecting President who trustedpeople who have not his interest at heart. These
two groups between themselvesscammed Jonathan of over N100 billion naira. They also
went on to scam othervarious groups, numbering about five thousand, who registered
with them ofbillions of naira. A former governor of Anambrs State, Chief
ChukwuemekaEzeife, though a Jonathan apologist, openly condemned the criminal
tendenciesin TAN. They have already finished buying houses with the loot,
however,whatever is remaining, should be returned, no matter how small. Poverty is
toomuch in the land. EFCC recently arrested some members of GSG who hid hundredsof
millions of naira in their houses. 

Capturing the extent of the Jonathan bonanza, APC claimedthat over a trillion was
spent in few weeks. According to APC statement fromMallam Garba Shehu “We will like
to bring to your attention and that ofNigerians how the President Goodluck Jonathan led 
Peoples Democratic Partygovernment is wasting one trillion naira that belong to Nigerian people in hisself-serving and desperate bid for a re-election at all cost in the midst ofgrinding poverty his party and government has subjected Nigerians to in thelast 16 years”   Those who scammed Jonathan, Diezani and the Nigeriantreasury of trillions of naira between February 28th and March 26thshould please return part of the loot. CAN, JNI, Afenifere, Ohanaeze, OPC,MASSOB, Emirs, Obas, Ezes should please take note and act accordingly in theinterest of the nation. If you cannot return it to the next administration, rechannelthat loot to charity and poverty alleviation programmes in your  neighborhood as soon as possible, and reducepoverty in the land .  Those members of CAN, JNI, MASSOB, OPC, Ohanaeze andAfenifere who collected Jonathan’s multi billion naira gifts for votes, havecommitted sin of stealing, according to the Bible in Exodus 20 vs 15, theyshould return such, either directly to the next government, or throughpurposeful charities and poverty alleviation programmers in their respectivecommunities, before the anger of God, who delivered Nigeria from their hands,falls on them.  Obinna Akukwe  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...facebook.com./pages/obinnaakukwe...@ObinnaAkukwe
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