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Anita Oyakhilome, the frustrated wife of Nigeria’s most flamboyant preacher, Chris Oyakhilome has obviously passed through 15 years of adulterous endurance and what she needs is our prayers and protective respect and defense of her choices to forget all the anti-rhapsody of heartbreak she endured all these years.

Fifteen (15) years of being abandoned by a preacher husband is not an easy way of life for a preacher’s wife. Fifteen (15) years of hearing that some mini skirted daughters of Jezebel have taken over your possession is not a joke. Fifteen years of a husband not staying with the wife for up to a week on a stretch, while spending time with some double breasted figure eight(ed) daughters of eve is not an easy thing to swallow. 15 years of being used as a showcase to make church members believe in Rhapsodies of Blissful Union, while dying in silence, is not a palatable experience for any woman.
Fifteen years of being called Mama, Mummy, and other glorified names of Senior Pastor’s wife while some domestic harems sneer at the same Mummy behind is not a sweet experience. For goodness sake, this woman never probably had a good kiss in fifteen years and yet she is being accused of carnality for crying out loud. She was continually being led into temptation of seeking for sexual satisfaction from outside for fifteen years and she managed to escape the traps of sin.
Fifteen years when their two lovely daughters would wake up and ask their mother why Dad had not cared to visit, and she would have to release a lie to stave off the frequent probing questions. Above all, fifteen years when Anita had to fake that all is well with their marriage, while she is actually dying emotionally. Every person she complained to among the pastoral cadre sided with the man, and she was left alone to bear her cross.
I warned some pastor friends with Christ Embassy early 2013 that they had better settle this marriage rift between Oga and his wife before it destroys the church. The same pastors have called me to express regret that a national embarrassment has ensued.
This woman has been called Jezebel by some pastors and members of the church. Some claimed she was disrespectful while others claimed she was always bitter of recent. They have tried to castigate her before members of the church who came in private to ask for the way out. She was described as unreasonable and insubordinate.
Her husband, according to news reports has even followed to cast her in bad light. According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, “Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated anger. My wife is always angry and bitter,” Going further he told his members to “Be careful of the friends you keep. My wife keeps friends who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in people, instead of keeping friends that will help her vision, especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.”
Please, which preacher woman who has been abandoned for fifteen years will not be bitter and angry? Was Anita expected to clap and dance while some hot legs are parading around the White House?
 This pastor’s wife was also disclaimed by her husband who told his congregants in reaction to the divorce saga that Anita is not necessarily a Woman of God. According to Pastor Oyakhilome “Don’t act like those people. If you are married to a man of God, it doesn’t make you automatically mature. You can make mistakes; you can do something that is wrong. But some people expect the wife of a minister to definitely be at the level of that minister and so they may be looked upon and the expectation may be like that, but it’s a positional thing”. He clarified his theory by saying that “If a man of God is married, it doesn’t automatically mean that the wife of a man of God is therefore a woman of God. That’s not the way it is in the Bible.” Pastor Chris also added that “That’s why you don’t really find the wives of men of God mentioned in the Bible. How many of them? Who was Peter’s wife, did you ever know her name? You never find that out. Who was John’s wife? Did you ever read the name? What about all the other Apostles? How many of their names are written in the Bible. You never find their names.”
Anita Oyakhilome actually proved that she has fear of God in the manner she worded her divorce plea. She opted to use the word “inappropriate relationship with female staff members” instead of out rightly accusing her husband of adultery. According to the statement, “the wife has discussed with the husband his appropriate relationship with some of his female staff members. She has explained that this has given her cause for concern. The husband has minimised her worries and taken no step to alleviate her grievances.”
Anita Oyakhilome could have said that her husband abandoned her and ran into the arms of sister A or B, or gospel singer C or D and left her roasting and murmuring in the house. Anita could have said that her husband is a hypocrite who says a thing and means another, but she veiled her grievances of years of abandonment by saying in the divorce file that “The wife feels that she has been used to portray and enhance the husband’s image as a family man when the reality is that there is no existing relationship between them. She feels that she has been present for official functions simply for his convenience. On occasions she has been copied into his travel itinerary which has been given to him by his staff on a need to know basis”. “The wife has tried to discuss her concerns with the husband. He claims that she is carnal and he is insensitive to her feelings and her needs.”
Thus Anita had acted with much restraint in order to preserve the integrity of Christ Embassy and the work of evangelism, and all she got for her discretion was hate messages from many sections of church members who wanted her to sacrifice her marriage to keep them in a rhapsody of deceit. 
This woman, according to the testimony of many British residents whom I spoke to and claimed they  attend their church, is one person who is always willing to give gifts to the needy. She is ever ready to counsel people and does not breed class. She is a patient listener who laboriously introduced many things in the church for which the glory goes to her husband. Londoners believe that she is not that demon they want to portray her as. Those who know her closely have attested to an affectionate good naturedness and stickler for details. She was said to have lived a life of cautious display of affluence and rather preferred to build people and give to the less privileged, a course that did not go down well with some of their pastors in the UK. She also frowned at promiscuity among ministers of the gospel and some randy pastors in UK did not like what they called her 'judgmental interference'
Whatsoever thing some misguided church members want to think, Anita had lived a lie for many years. Anita was said to have became born again at believers Loveworld campus fellowship at Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, while Chris was the pastor. She had probably paid her dues as a Christian and knows what it is to deceive the congregation. She cannot deceive herself and the church anymore thus she opted for divorce. Divorce, according to scripture is unbiblical, but between deceiving a congregation that already knows the truth but pretends otherwise and staying in unfulfilled marriage, which is better. It is a matter between her and her conscience.
Last year, a Nigerian personality blogger by name Ese Walter was lured by her Senior Pastor in Abuja into a cozy hotel bed space in London and after two weeks of adultery, the man cleaned up, returned to Nigeria and told his congregation to shout some Hallelujah. The sin partner was arrested by the Holy Spirit and she sought a meeting with the COZA Chief to resolve the burden of guilt. She was continually shunned and described as agent of satan even by other senior pastors in the church until she turned the internet into the confessional. Ese Walter freed her conscience and probably escaped eternal damnation but the entire Christendom took the brunt of the exposure.
Pope Benedict made several attempts to stop the incidences of homosexual pedophiles among priest and leaders in the Vatican. His attempts were rebuffed by a cabal of officials who resisted probe and pious change. In exasperation, the Pontiff abandoned the Papacy and triggered the change that is being forced down on the resisting cabal. Pope Benedict freed his conscience and left with clean records before his God.
Anita has chosen to free herself from a life of deceit and lies. The truth had set her free. However, I still counsel her that if the misbehaving preacher husband demonstrates a verifiable change of heart, she should consider him back and so that somebody can shout some more Hallelujah. Fifteen years of adulterous endurance in the midst of charismatic rhapsody is not easy and Anita Oyakhilome sure needs all the defense and understanding she can get- Let somebody shout  a better Hallelujah !
Obinna Akukwe

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Americans stand more chances of dying from Flu, Avian or Enterovirus and even lightning than from Ebola. The fear is few might die from the public anxiety of Ebola than from the disease as Duncan’s U.S family proved healthy after 21 days quarantine. The risks are to close families and healthcare workers. Ebola has developed Avian virus flying wings in U.S.A political campaign far more than in Nigeria where parties united to conquer Ebola outbreak but fight for credit after.

An American citizen infected with Ebola virus flew from Liberian into Lagos airport where he was immediately noticed and taken straight to a private hospital. It was too late, resulting in the death of about eight of the twenty eventually infected. Most of who were doctors, nurses and aides. Nigerian became more vigilant but never closed its borders. Yet American politicians are pointing to few African countries closing borders to people of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The hysteria got louder after the second Ebola infection of another nurse as a result of Eric Tom Duncan death in United States Hospital. Africans must prepare for politicians to ban travelers to U.S from West Africa or Africa. To calm nerves, the good doctor Tom Freiden, Director of Center for Disease Control warned that we should learn from the fear of AIDS. Many in Public Health   remember and understand exactly his concern as irrational behaviors prevented treatment.  

President Obama decided to send troops to Africa to open 17 health centers, he was ridiculed in mid Sept for not sending troops to Iraq instead. Before Duncan came to U.S; Congresswoman Diana DeGette, called for a hearing before recess, she was ignored. As soon as hysteria replaced Ebola science, they jumped on it wondering aloud why Obama never acted earlier. See DeGette

If United States banned travelers from Africa, they cannot ban Americans traveling back and forth. Even if they ban Americans from coming back home from Africa, they cannot ban those in Africa that travel to other parts of the world before going home. If they locked up the borders, Americans will still travel out on business to other continents. The only option left is for other continents to isolate Africa. Even then, more deadly Flu or bird virus travels without passports.

Their hysteria has created myths equal to African superstitions about the Ebola disease. Cut and anxiety are championed by the same Party that cut NIH, CDC budget, deny the poor Obamacare.    Our fear has to be measured so that we do not divert limited resources where there is no fact to substantiate the source of Ebola, to the detriment of other diseases for another alarm later.  

Fear is not necessarily bad in itself because it alerts us to danger but we must be rational not to appeal to it and ignore our intellect. Extra precaution at the airports where most Africans get in would not have caught Duncan, it is only reassuring to prevent hysteria for political purpose.  

Opportunistic politicians have ways of solving problem by banning them with a heavy slam the same way they criminalize little offences by three strikes. Banned AIDS patients, alcohol, close programs provided by government until they need government services. In United States, they shut down Government and asked poor Park Officer to be ashamed for closing Memorial Park.

We must heed Dr. Frieden advice. Indeed, the good doctor reinstated that the way to stop Ebola from coming to America is to stop it in Africa the same way Nigerians have stopped it in Lagos. In order not to resurrect the fear of AIDS and indifferent statements that stigmatized those that were infected then, other specialist had to come out and interpreted what the good doctor was “trying” to say. Many had said so including this writer:  See his articles

It will be difficult if not impossible in this political climate in United States for African Ebola patients to seek treatment in the Country. All the medical scientists that have spoken out about the futility of banning flights from Africa have been labelled as Obama Administration stooges. Regardless of the facts that are presented by both international organizations and other world respected opinions including that of Dr. Piot of London School of Hygiene that discovered Ebola.

Germany has taken three Africans. One, a 56-year- Abdel Fadeel Mohammed Basheer Sudanese laboratory technician at the United Nations Mission in Liberia died at a hospital in Leipzig. The second patient is an Ugandan doctor that worked in West Africa for an Italian aid organization, still receives treatment at a hospital in Frankfurt. The third is a Senegalese man, worked for the World Health Organization, was treated in Hamburg and released. He has since returned home.

Healthcare workers on daily contact with Ebola patients are more at risk as demonstrated by two nurses on self-monitoring, diagnosed with Ebola virus in Texas, than the public. Even when the chances of a Dallas sheriff deputy who went to serve a quarantine notice in the apartment Eric Thomas stayed after he had been admitted in the hospital, of getting infected with Ebola infection was almost zero, caution had to be taken after he complained of stomach pain.

Nursing Association has come out to say the protective gear did not cover all parts of their body. No matter how we tried, human and yes, even medical experts might inadvertently get infected. In other words, these nurses could have been infected by anyone coming with a virus into United States through Europe, Asia or Australia. A ban against Africans coming from Africa could not have prevented it, including during the process of removing their protective gear.

Again, Duncan U.S family around him suggests it is hard to get Ebola: vindicating scientific facts.  Infectious diseases have been taunted as a biological warfare. But chances are it will explode in terrorists faces first before it reaches the intended destination. Ebola use at USA borders is a new political hysteria. Politicians look for every opportunity to capitalize on fear into votes and blame government for the same problems they created by cutting funding. 

Mr. President, right there in Abuja, and all over the nooks and corners of Nigeria, in the mornings especially, you see young men just sitting on the ground of Nigerian streets, seated under short trees, at the base of the trees, their legs stretched out in front of them ; or, at other times, laying on the bare ground with saws, axes or shovel by their sides, some barely managing to keep their eyes open, waiting to be picked for any kind—any kind-- of laborer’s work.

A closer and careful look at their helpless faces will show that they are, in reality, sincerely looking for honest work, and not waiting to be called to what former Chief of Defence Staff General Theophilus Danjuma called a Civil War, nor what Professor Wole Soyinka called a “revolt”.

Let us be clear. President Jonathan has never waged war against the North, but according to Danjuma, by way of a psychological quip or Freudian slip, he tells the Southerners to make no mistake; this is an ongoing five-year war, with enemies between the South and the North, period!

These young men with a show of fluctuating emotions behind their smiles of anger and frustration, on any given day, can be seen listening to their little radios with ethnic-sounding languages drumming into their ears, Northern-related worries, ranging from religious, governance, economic, power and politics, deprivation, health concerns and many others. Yes, they have heard complaints relating to Northerners’ concerns that it was their turn to rule. But this is not the immediate concern of these helpless young men. All they need and are asking for is the opportunity to work in order to meet their most basic needs for survival.

But these critical needs are not forthcoming, day after day, week after week, and month after month; so they inherently come to the point where they feed into the Northerner elites’ political concerns, and are forced to embrace messages of violence.  With nothing to look forward to from the larger society, we make them into something they are not, extremist fighters.

If truth be told, the larger part of the North is statically an economic graveyard, with the rural areas full of pictures of miserable lives.  In the north-eastern states in particular, the entire region is known for its deep economic wounds of insufficiency and poverty. The only thing that seems available is the Jonathan War, and many of these young men, on the basis of historical affinity, become open to recruitment into the Boko Haram flock.

Without their direct knowing, these young men, who have always been closer to the door of death, could now care less if their hands bring destruction and their plundering acts further aggravate poverty and pain in the North, as long as they themselves are no longer visibly idle and saddened by their former empty lives. They are now willing to die and take hundreds, if not thousands, with them, having been forced to come to grips with their long-standing  reality of living in abject poverty.

If truth be told, Boko Haram intrinsically has never been about the creation of an Islamic state for the whole nation, as they know such theory in itself is sheer fantasy. In the same light, it is not about a negative view of Euro-American education, as the Northerners  have always had a bi-learning approach to education in terms of English and Islamic education. Indeed, many have always had an open and a special heart for the great Islamic teachings as it relates to peace and humanness.

 Nigeria remains a geographically complex place and the Nigerian security forces find themselves fighting a diffuse war with the Boko Haram who, in a crude manner, find themselves advantageously depending on poor electricity, poor and narrowed roads with hidden big holes, poorly maintained road paths, mosquito-infested environs, and snaked-filled forests to strengthen its stand against the modernized styles of the Nigerian security forces.

With the common knowledge that Nigerian security forces may never be backed by superior American war devices, the Boko Haram crowd and its sympathizers believe Nigeria is almost finished! But God forbid.

Mr. President, the irony here is that in 2010, the US designated the Boko Haram as a terrorist organization, amid concern that it had developed links with other militant groups, such as al-Qaeda. So why they are unwilling to deploy American troops or sell Nigeria weapons remains an open question.  Could it be that there are bad insiders or secret sympathizers  within the Nigerian security forces that are acting as  watchful eyes for the  Boko Haram, against the nation’s security agencies – the military, police and secret police known for their human rights incapacitations, deep corruption and ambiguous approach to the rule of law?

This civil war may continue for a very long time under the cloak of complicity at the uppermost levels of the Nigerian state and ruling elite who possibly take corrupt pleasure in allowing these killings for political reasons, especially in the run-up to the 2015 elections.

As the yet-to-be-recruited young Muslim Northerners continue to bear the consequences of living in the northeast environment, where 70 percent of people live on less than a dollar a day, and malnutrition and infrastructure difficulties remain the most severe, the President, who is a southern Christian, must now swiftly find a way to make the long standing injustice against the North reduce drastically. All these youngsters do not wish to maintain their current deadly and vicious extremist beliefs, thoughts and feeling but, instead, desire something personally beneficial to their lives. In general, they want to see a more equitable distribution of wealth and meaningful economic opportunity, just like in the South, where they have an opportunity to  earn a fair livelihood.

As long as the North remains a region marked with a hopeless and helpless exploding youth population, the Jonathan War provoked by Northerners’ bitterness, fury, and wrath could   exacerbate further and further with no quick end in sight. Let us hope this will not be the case.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Arabs want US boots to fight their fight. Vice-President Biden, despite his apology was right on. He understood there was no sure bet in sectarian civil war. He ridiculed the claims that Obama could have acted sooner by supplying arms to unreliable rebels in Syria that included ISIS. Those stinger missiles sought could have been used against American planes today.

If Saudi Arabia and other neighboring countries that were funding and arming the Sunni ISIL rebels in Syria did not realize fanatics are coming back to hunt their interest, who in America knows more? These are militias called moderates yesterday that have turned terrorists today. The best Arabs United States could arm were Iraqis that got trained, with the best American made arms; only to turn it over to ISIL since they were Sunni that Shiite Maliki marginalized.

Obama finds himself in the position of being criticized left, right and center. If Obama feels like everyone has turned against him. There is this consolation for Obama. Take heart, anti-War demonstrators are not out, yet. Even Americans that do not want boots on the ground, gives him little credit for his achievements. Criticism by Jimmy Carter hurts more because he thinks Obama waited too long to attack ISIS but agreed Americans boots should not put on the ground.  

The only time people go to war is when we cannot resolve our differences. Conservatives create wars outside and breed more enemies in prisons than in school by oppression of minorities and some majority for Liberals to ameliorate. We resort to force short of exhausting our civilized manners and refused to appease or give a way out of any conflict. Conservatives everywhere are willing to humiliate and exaggerate their prowess on complex problem with simple answers.

Conservatives in the Middle East are no different to Conservatives in America. They both think they can achieve their goals by force. No matter how many times they have been proven wrong, they use force as easy solution to every problem if they cannot get their ways. Liberals clean up their mess after simple solution failed. Conservatives belief in religion is so strong, it’s the cause of mass destruction. They still think of Crusade or Jihad, Catholics or Protestants, Sunni or Shiite.

Shooting from the hip better than Obama’s deliberative and professorial skills on critical issues an albatross? He got chemicals out of Syria without firing shots, critics focused on imaginary red line both sides breached. He got Iraq Prime Minister Maliki to step down for alienating Sunni, a partner during the Surge. If you don’t turn off the gas the fire won’t stop. The same Turkey that wants Assad gone before their soldiers will protect their own border, now allows a base for US.   

The koko of the matter as we say in my neck of the hood, is the historical division within Muslim sects. It is the Sunni versus the Shiite sect fighting for political power today. The old differences started with succession of Prophet Mohammed. Sunni wanted any competent leader but Shiite also wanted a competent direct line of the Prophet, son in law. Majority of Iraq as Shiite were ruled by minority Sunni, Hussein. But the majority of Syria is Sunni rule by Shiite affiliated Assad.

Since majority of Iran are Shiite and the majority in Saudi Arabia are Sunni, they varied support for those affiliated to their sects. The majority of world Muslims are Sunni, their affiliations spill out to other Muslims around the region and around the world. Complicating matters more, the Kurds a minority in Turkey are affiliated with their Kurds brothers in Syria. As Sunni ISIS fight   Kurds in Syria, the Kurds in Turkey want to help. But Turkey sees Kurds and Assad as enemies.

Critics claimed if American troops were there, they could have made a difference. Apart from keeping American troops there in perpetuity, the maximum amount of American troops that could have stayed were not enough to prevent the ISIS take over with the support of Iraqi Sunni. Maliki revenged at Sunni backfired. Yet they continue to blame Obama for not using American blood everywhere when their interest is to defend and enjoy their country first.

Each time Britain declines U.S.A invitation to go to war after learning its lesson from Iraq War, America understands. Each time U.K Mr. Cameron echoed President Obama message on how to deal with ISIL, Americans critics praised him but deride their President.  Any country or empire that does not pick and chose its fights and spread itself too thin will spend all its resources on wars. No matter how powerful a lion within hyenas, it will be bitten everywhere until it dies.   

Leone Panetta, a former confidant and CIA Director of Obama came out to sell a book against a seating President. CIA officers too have a way of kicking back when they think they have been thrown under the bus by the President, but a Director book is huge. Central Intelligence Agency has lost its most important role in this former Director. This is worse. Another former Director J. Hoover that leaked secrets has turned in his grave when Panetta came out with a tell-all book.  

There is a reason most presidents surround themselves with friends and distance themselves from their foes. It takes a courageous man at the top to surround himself with ambitious men and rivals. It has advantages and disadvantages. What is surprising here is that most people have described Obama as too eager to compromise and too quick to let opponents know his stand on issue. It must have been difficult for those critiquing him today to find him resolute.

He was elected precisely because he was against the War. They make Obama look as highly stubborn on this position and principled on historical facts, even after listening to everybody. If he had taken their advice, Americans would be in Libya that spilled to Northern Nigeria as Boko Haram, into Yemen, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Sen. McCain has never seen a war he did not want to fight and he would have gone to Nigeria. See Krugman: Obama a More Consequential President.


Mr. President, like State universities, let’s empower State government to run and even establish Penal and Correctional Institutions within their jurisdictions in order to overhaul the Nigerian Prisons System, which has failed woefully in some of its core mandates of reformation, rehabilitation and re-integration of ex-convicts back to the society.

The authorities of Nigerian Prisons Service past and present have laid greater emphasis on safe custody of inmates, which in many instances is not even in line with the United Nations Standard Minimum Rule in the treatment of offenders (UNSMR) and other international best practices.

The Nigerian government has on, many occasions, set up a Prison Reforms Committee through presidential commissions in an attempt to improve standards and conditions of the prisons throughout the nation. Nigeria, because of its federal system of imprisonment, finds its system of monitoring prison costs, conditions and the treatment of prisoners an almost unmanageable task.

At the time of writing this, the Nigerian Prisons Service is awaiting a substantive new Controller General, given the recent retirement of Mr.  Zakari O. Ibrahim.

The Nigerian Prisons Service is by law under the supervision and control of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Civil Defense, Fire, Immigration and Prisons Services Board (CDFIPB), and, as such, no State government has the independent power to run, maintain or supervise the over 238 prisons across the nation.  No state equally has the power to establish any form of correctional institution, as penal-related matters are still in the exclusive list of the Laws of the Federation. But the irony is that while the federal government possesses and controls prisons, detainees and convicts come mainly from state courts.

Across the nation, arrested, detained or convicted persons pour into various prisons by the order of State-based magistrate courts, high courts, sharia courts, and others which include federally run courts.

Given the significant influence of States in terms of intake into our prisons, why not allow for decentralization of prisons and allow each State to run them in terms of administrative management and financial operation, just like State-owned universities? Like the State universities, prisons could still get federal account and logistic support.

Since these prisons are directly under the nose of State governments, like State universities, each State should develop objective standards in line with federal penal standards to measure and assess the internal workings and conditions of each prison as they relate to staffing, crowding issues, food rations, sanitation, recreational access, disease control, interstate relations, as well as in the areas of courts’ case dispositions, and rehabilitation and training of inmates especially.

With prisons and borstals or juvenile delinquent institutions located directly under the breadth of the Governors and State governments, inmates, committed kids, and adult convicts are more likely to benefit directly from local governments in each State, as these municipalities can come together to help define and develop policies as they relate to preventive and remedial options, like poverty reduction programs, agricultural centers, vocational schemes, and other rehabilitative projects.

With States being in charge of prisons’ cost of operation, expenses could be reduced more adequately by way of using trained inmates in various vocations and positioning them across various localities, thereby helping to yield more income for local governments in different States.

State management of prisons will better allow for orderly, efficient and effective administration of prisons, in terms of coordination and productivity in line with federal guidelines, and the processing of detainees and inmates.

For those States that are fully in compliance, they will get federal accreditation proficiency in the security and care of detainees and inmates, and for the adequate maintenance of physical facilities and delivery of a quality penal system.

The State prisons could form partnerships with future designated federal prisons for the purpose of a balanced line of interrelations and co-coordination of developments among all prisons in Nigeria.

The recent disclosure that inmates of Nigerian prisons are fed on contractor-supplied food of N200 only per day (inclusive of VAT) is another clear indication why each State should handle issues like feeding costs, as they could make direct subsidies in the area of food and other related areas.

Along these lines, State hospitals and other health care centers will be of direct aid to medical and mental health services in prisons by forming partnerships which will ensure more than adequate services for inmates, who will have special units created for them in State medical centers for the safety and security of the general populations.

In the same vein, this working collaboration will help supplement the inadequate number of mental health professionals like psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychiatric nurses within Nigerian prison system now.

In addition to the need for State run prisons, it is time the nation understands that we need to consider creating a jail system within the penal system. Jails will serve as holding places for people awaiting trial, persons sentenced for a short duration, typically less than a year; this will leave prisons to remain as places of long-term confinement for those convicted of serious crimes.

The Nigerian population is on the increase and its relationship with prisons and their populations cannot be stressed enough. Therefore, all the observations raised here cannot equally be stressed enough, especially in regard to our emerging presidential system of democracy, where the balance of Federal and States’ powers, in terms of prison management, becomes all too important.

By so doing, delivery of correctional services in Nigeria will be properly keyed into the transformational agenda of the current administration at the federal level.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




This question is as much difficult as it is easy to answer. From the onset, I will offer my candid answer to be no in the strongest term and yes in the affirmative tone. Then, I will take the rest of my available time to elucidate my double stand with enough points. And as a strong believer in fate and man’s disposition in shaping his or her fate, the way is clearing for Jonathan to govern Nigeria till 2019 and probably beyond. Why not, he has achieved the primary assignment for which he was elected in his first term. So, he needs at least another four years to accomplish the secondary assignment for which he will be elected as the longest serving democratically elected president of Nigeria. The making of this history must not be truncated. Is there any Nigerian who can stop this moving train? At least for now, as many of my colleagues in my village and in Abuja, I have not seen. 

TAN and CAN, TANCAN or rather CANTAN have concluded the mission for the continuity for stability. The Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) have gone round Nigeria showcasing the goodness in President Jonathan and singing the praises of the incumbent leadership and governance. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has stretched its tentacles in galvanizing supports for the re-electioneering processes of Dr. Jonathan. Though a religious body, it has seen it worthy to participate in sensitizing the citizenry on good governance and guided mandate preservation. There are as many as over 1000 socio-political and religious groups canvassing supports for the continuity of Dr. Jonathan.    
TAN was conceived and registered by those who admire the transformation agenda of Mr. President. Between August and October 2014, TAN has rallied support in the six geo-political zones of Nigeria and worked assiduously to inculcate the second term of Mr. President in the minds of Nigerian. As for CAN, campaigns have gone too high round the churches.
With the forces of TANCAN or CANTAN, the road is clear for Dr. Jonathan. TANCAN have proved beyond doubt that there is no vacancy in the Aso Rock. How do we expect Mr. President to serve in that capacity for six years which is one and half terms? By implications, he should serve for another two years to complete his two terms which should end in 2017. And then the remaining two years from 2017 to 2019 can be added unto him for seeking the pleasure of the Lord and for the transformational agenda to be consolidated. The unity of the country has been maximally maintained despite internal and external speculations and attempts for the disintegration of Nigeria. Infrastructures are being put in place across the nation, however unlike before. Nigerian women and youth have had a better political participation in leadership and governance, though I am yet to benefit. All are good signs of the better to come.  
Northern politicians have been absolutely spoilt. Are there still politicians worthy to be called core politicians in the North? Maybe the answer is yes or outright no. They have stupendously become complacent with the world they have found themselves – the world of lavish and relaxation, nay the world of sloth and inexplicable fixation. They have been carefully surrendered by stereotypes, the likes of Boko Haram, Kwankwasiyyah, Lamidoism, Nyakoic-Fintirism, Suntaism and above all the philosophy of Buharism. They are staggeringly smug with the dripping milk from the sacred cows somewhat aimlessly grassing around Abuja streets, or the brutish hunt for the second citizen of Nigeria come 2015. How interesting that Sambo agreed to become a vice president! How interesting Atiku agreed to become a vice president! And how interesting that Mua’zu or Babangida or Lamido or Tukur or another Northerner will agree to be a vice president!
Dr. Anthony Kila, on 11th March, 2013, like many other public commentators reacted to a bombshell by Senator Ita Enang that 83 percent of oil blocs in the country were owned by northerners. He said, “We should, however, hasten to note that the main problem and the ultimate responsibility of such lopsided distribution are not of our northern brothers, but that of those that ruled the country....To compound matters, the country and the people they rule have little or nothing to show for it. Children are starving and their parents are obese.” Furthering his argument, Kila maintained, “Regardless of their performance in office or their method of gaining entry into office, once in power, every dullard, every lackey in Nigeria is guaranteed a place in history textbooks. They are given one of the highest salaries in the world and offered lifelong deference and opportunities in the country, but no, that is not enough. They want economic in addition to political power....We shall be deceiving and destroying ourselves if we limit this to a North vs. South matter. What have they done for the North in whose name they loot? Everywhere in the country people are feeling the same pains. It is a matter of leadership and accountability, not geography or ethnicity.
One is bound to therefore repeat that Dr. Ebele Jonathan has no one to contest with in the 2015 elections because those who would have, are busy calculating how much they are going to make from him or from the whole selective or manipulative electioneering processes. They have been ruined with raw cash, physical properties or oil block in the Niger Delta. After all, what is four years! Let Mr. President continue and may be, if the constitution is not amended, he will hand over to a Northerner in the likes of Senate President David Mark or Professor Jerry Gana, so that a Yoruba would be the vice, not an Igbo. After all, the zoning formula in today’s political arrangement is North-South or South-North. After all, we are trying to overcome the damage resultant from our insistence on ticketing on religious basis. 
In all these, the Igbo nation is out of it. The Igbo seem to have no voice in Nigerian politics. What a recurring devastating decimal from the civil war! When former President Olusegun Obasanjo was fixed as Nigerian president in 1999, he took Atiku Abubakar as his vice amidst very weak opposition from the Igbo race. Atiku Abubakar was already an elected Governor of Adamawa. Both Obasanjo and Atiku struggled over leadership at Aso Rock with witticism deceiving the masses of political fracases which eventually were only on the pages of newspapers. Former President Yar’Adua was brought into Aso Rock with no or very weak opposition from the Igbo nation. He was paired with Dr. Goodluck Jonathan who was never opposed by the Igbo. Rather, the strongest opposition to Jonathan’s Vice Presidential position was his own Niger Delta people. The Igbo merely said yes when others said, and waited for others to say no before they joined queue.
In 2011, President Jonathan was elected and he took Alhaji Namadi Sambo as his vice. Sambo was already an executive governor of the powerful and strategic Kaduna state. The Igbo watched these histories made in Nigeria. Between 1999 and 2015, the Igbo have emphatically maintained that they do not want to play the second fiddle as vice president. All they want is the presidential slot, to be given to them on the platter of gold. By implication, all Nigerians should just gather, pick on Igbo man and then without election or selection declare him the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria. This could be a wrong Biblical quotation, like in One Week One Trouble that those who wait for their Lord shall wait forever.                 
On a weaker note, I say yes that President Jonathan will have someone to contend with in the 2015 elections. And I may be mistaken to say that the person would be from the Southwest, or that the political strength of the contender will be from the Yoruba nation. Godfatherism has become indelible in the politics.  Though many non-Yoruba would believe that the Yoruba are difficult to deal and unpredictable in their dealings, they have been proving to be the only race in Nigeria whose voice in Nigerian politics can never be ignored. In the summary, the Hausa used to dominate the Nigeria political scene, the Igbo have never, but the Yoruba have been consistent. But this time, will they be the determining force in the 2015 presidential polls?
Events have shown that the Yoruba have always played safe in the Nigerian politics. Examine the civil war that wasted the fortunes of the Igbo and devastated the then most prosperous and influential tribe of Nigeria, the Yoruba who were partly the engineers were quite untouched. From then, the latent acrimony between the Igbo and the Hausa began. The Igbo merely identified the Hausa who then predominated the political leadership of Nigeria as their common enemy. Another instance is the Niger Delta crisis when the oil-rich people were dealt a great deal by the Nigerian government led by a Yoruba. With Boko Haram menace scattering the people and economy of the North, especially the Northeastern states, the Yoruba are safe.
Who would dare the Yoruba land with Boko Haram or militancy or uncontrollable kidnapping menace? Can we not see how swiftly and smartly the Ebola palaver was killed and buried forever in a jiffy? If it were in Igboland, or Hausaland or Niger Delta!    
Muhammad Ajah is an author, publisher and socio-political analyst. He can be reached via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A few months ago when the news broke that the then FCT Compol’s attempt to intimidate the rule of law by clamping down on peaceful assemblies and protest was over-ruled by the police high command, I was so elated that on my Facebook wall I posted inter-alia:

  “I was beginning to imagine what message Abuja Police Commissioner, Joseph Mbu was sending to both Nigerians and the international community when I got the relieving news that the Nigeria Police High Command has over-rule the erratic Commissioner. Compol Mbu, as many will remember “cut his political teeth” as a partisan Police Boss in Rivers State when he challenged the incumbent Governor of the State as to who between both of them was the man in charge. To many onlookers, this was most unprofessional and he ought to have been disciplined by the Inspector-General. But the Police High Command knew better as he was moved to the Abuja Command as the Commissioner of Police”

  “His recent attempt to ridicule the image of the Police and the federal government with his unilateral ban on peaceful demonstrations in the FCT, once again recalls to mind that the man has a tendency to operate outside the rules of the game. Such tendencies which are governed by urge to appease one’s personal clientele needs, rather than the institution one represents tend to cast aspersion on the image of the institutions. It was a wholesale resort to the bravura and unprofessionalism of his days in Rivers State”

   “This is where, we must appreciate the wisdom and “stick-to-rule-of-professionalism displayed by the Inspector-General of Police, Muhammed Abubakar, the Police High Command and the professional manner the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba handled the matter in the media. I, for one, remains very proud of this detour in old standards; a situation where futile attempts to rationalise such unprofessional conducts was the rule in the past. It shows that a new lease of life, ethics and professionalism is taking root in the force. I say bravo, well-done to our Nigeria Police!”

This short congratulatory message titled “Bravo Nigeria Police, Well-done” was made public on my Facebook wall and tagged to the Police High Command through the former Police Public Relations Officer, the enigmatic and love-able Frank Mba. However, recent statements credited to the now elevated Mr Mbu as par his tenure in Rivers State coupled with his solo “intimidate-the-media campaign” which led to the arrest of one of our colleagues, Amaechi Anakwe of DAAR Communications Media Group, has opened up a space, once more, to appraise the man and the institution he represents. In doing this, three parameters will be used, viz; (a) what is a constituted authority, (b) the role of the police force viz-avis a constituted authority and (c) the role of the Police High Command in discipline and appraisal of its men.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines authority as “persons in command” Following from this, a constituted authority in a democracy is a group or collection of persons elected to command the art of governance by administering the dictates of government. In political science, constituted authorities are the Executive, the Legislature and the Judicature. These three are a desideratum in any civil authority, and giving teeth to the constitutionalism of its imperativeness, a constituted authority or government has at its behest the coercive instrumentalities of an armed force to defend its territorial integrity and a police force to deal with internal insurrection or nihilism. The sacredness of a constituted authority or government is so highly prized that even Armed Forces with all their sophisticated weapons are by law made subservient to the civil order!

Its tenure is guaranteed by the constitution that vests the power of removal on the electorates with whom resides the sovereign will to retain or terminate a government. Certain constituted authorities may also derive their legitimacy to exert obedience through the notion of delegated responsibility by which case such institutions act as subsidiaries of the delegating superior authority or government. Even as with a government, the police force must be answerable to such institutions. The importance of this provisional requirement for any discipline police force and the inviolability of the power of civil authority must have given popularity to the saying that “the worst civilian government is better than the best military regime”; military regime in this wise defined as any usurper force other than a constitutionally and legitimately recognized power to do this!

The role of the Police Force in Nigeria derives from the Third Schedule of the 1999 Constitution as Amended. The main function of the police is to ensure obedience to constituted authorities and to protect against any form of internal breakdown of law and order. In other words, the police force is that body that coerces or exerts obedience and respect of the populace to all constituted authorities in a state. An important provision of the Nigerian constitution worth mention here is the seemingly quasi-federal provision that places the police in the Excusive List. This has been misinterpreted by over-zealous police officers to mean that they are federal agents in the state. Such officers have now and again treated State Chief Executives as enemies of the Central Government, especially if they belong to different political parties. Sadly, however, that cannot be the import of the writers of the constitution as we observe that we cannot read that section without considering the spirit of the law that vested the Chief Executive or Governor as the Chief Security Officer of the state and his pre-eminence and precedence of place over security matters in the state. The State Commissioner of Police and Heads of other security agencies usually act as members of this Security Council presided by the governor.

Deriving therefore from the spirit of the constitution, it can be argued that acts of disobedience as perpetuated by the ex-Compol during his tenure in Rivers State be likened to an attempted coup against a legally constituted authority, the government of Rotimi Ameachi! If it is unimaginable that a Military Commander disobey the directives of an appointed Federal Minister of Defence, let alone the President, it is no less a grievous aberration that a police officer at the State Command dare to raise his voice against an elected Governor of a federating state.

This is where Joseph Mbu’s a recent press statement where he labels himself as the Lion that tamed a Leopard, Governor Amaechi, relays a suspicion that he was on a special assignment which he obediently accomplished and for which he was rewarded with an elevation to the enviable rank of Assistant Inspector-General of Police. Seeing that this was the general opinion which is why the media has lately made headlines of the development, one is wont to imagine a curious beatification of the impunities of a serving police officer by the Police Service Commission and a clear message to the rank and file that the police are only friends to the political party in power at the Federal level. This is a dangerous conundrum as we approach general elections in 2015. More agitating is that ours is a gradual evolution towards democratic credentials of world best standards. It must not be discontinued or truncated by over-zealous operatives who place loyalty to political office holders higher than loyalty to the State.

It will be recalled that a similar situation played out during the Shehu Shagari administration where the then Inspector-General of Police presided over a police force with an image that became publicly acknowledged as the “kill and go squad”. That force did not only brutalised members of the public who were not sympathetic to the ruling party but grew in audacity to challenging state governors, incidentally too, there was an instance in Rivers State. This trend provoked what is today, the enduring calls for the establishment state police force as in true federalism. There is no doubt that somehow, someday, the ignoble role of the then police force in the fall of the First and Second Republics will be documented for better appraisal.

In all these however, Nigerians can still count on the Police Service Commission to ensure that controversial police officers with a tendency to disobey constituted authorities are weeded out of the force as soon as they manifest such tendencies. The Police Command under the immediate past Inspector-General demonstrated that commitment to professionalism, when Joseph Mbu’s attempt to play to the gallery by stopping the “Bring Back Our Girls Campaign”, as well as muzzle freedom of association within the FCT was nullified in its wake. Yet, it’s better late than never!

Available evidence and track record of professionalism indicates that the Acting Inspector-General, Mr Suleiman Abba, has the equanimity of purpose, zeal and love of the nation to reorganize, build upon and leave behind him a better and more discipline force than he met to reinforce our democratic structures as we enter into another general election year in just two months away. Having reach the peak of his professional career, the new IGP owes himself and posterity the right of first refusal to be remembered in the annals of the villainous. The Nigerian Police of our dream must be a force of the people, for the people and loved by the people. Herein lies an effective Police force. IGP Suleiman Abba also owes Nigeria and Nigerians this duty!

Mallam Oyakhamoh Carl Abu’Bakar

Lagos Bureau Chief.



He is said to be the sixth richest President in Africa, allegedly with an estimated wealth of 100 million US dollars approximately N16.4bn. Even if I think he may even be far richer, yet there are those who had tried in the past to portray President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as a clueless person. I must confess that I used to be in that club but I now know that we were mistaken. The Otueke-born politician is nothing near a clueless person. He may not be your example of an exposed leader. He may not be gifted with charisma of a leader of his stature. He may have less convincing oratory skills, coupled with pronunciation deficiencies. He may actually be running a clueless government but he is not a clueless person. I have discovered that whatever he wants to do, he manages to do them. Whatever remains undone therefore is not his priority. Behind that humane face with a hanging smile is a calm, crafty but calculated; unrelenting, resolute and sometimes ruthless individual. Those who know him better that I can confirm that he is a good listener. He will always listen to you even when he has long made up his mind on the subject!

Can you recall that when he finished making use of Bamanga Tukur as the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party and it was time to drop him? Despite the initial denials and the last minute desperation on the side of Tukur to save himself, the President went ahead with his plans. Do you remember when the President made up his mind about the former Governor of Adamawa State Murtala Nyako. He was said to have allegedly mobilised all the resources necessary and ensured that he was impeached. Many people tried to intervene but he did not budge until the governor was removed. Did you notice how relenting he was on Nasarawa State matter before fate saved that governor?

Have you forgotten what transpired at the Nigerian Governors’ Forum? It was reported that the President’s squad had a definite instruction to vote against Governor Rotimi Amaechi. For Dr. Ebele Jonathan, it was a payback time and he is not a man who will fail to collect a pound of flesh whenever he gets the opportunity. When the coup to topple Amaechi failed, the President and his men could not concede defeat. They went ahead to form a parallel faction to whittle down the power of the forum. Their action attracted wide condemnation from Nigerians far and wide but the President turned a blind eye to all that. How will you call that kind of person clueless?

The lingering crisis in Rivers State is the one Nigerians are very familiar with. From the crisis in the state House of Assembly to the failed impeachment; from the crisis in Obio Akpor Local Government to the crisis in the state judiciary; from the confiscation of the aircraft to the nuisance of the Commissioner of Police – all those happened in a country and there was no single statement from the President of the country. Some observers even insist that only one man could have covertly or overtly sanctioned those illegal actions. All fingers allegedly point to Dr. Jonathan.

Those who are close to President Jonathan know him as a very vindictive person. In fact there is a story about one gentleman who used to give Dr. Jonathan tough time during their secondary school days who later became a permanent secretary. It was alleged that when the President became a governor of Bayelsa State, he quickly posted the man out of Yenagoa to a rural risky riverine community where he needed to go to work by boat. It was said to be in retaliation to the beatings he received from that man during their school days. Those who are familiar with politics in the Niger Delta region insist that Dr. Jonathan prepared a script of dealing with most Niger Delta governors including Amaechi for supporting his ascension to President reluctantly. He kept it under his chest and waited for an opportunity. Only Chief Timpre Sylva fell into that trap. You remember that he went to court to seek the shift of the date of his election. Remember that Governor Amaechi was a party to that litigation initially before his lawyers advised him to withdraw. Somehow they counselled that it would be best to contest election at the same time with President Jonathan, that way he will be too distracted to interfere. So Amaechi withdrew from the case but Sylva continued and now had to contest his election on a later date. That was his most fatal error as that gave the President an opportunity to frustrate him out of the contest. However some people still believe that it was greed that misled the former Bayelsa governor because he was looking at the additional monies that would have been allocated to his state. Essentially while looking at a few months extension, he lost four years. The script for his removal was allegedly written in the Presidency and it was reported that President Jonathan got the then party acting national chairman, Dr. Kawu Baraje, to swear that he will not buckle regardless of pressure.

One final thing. Have you tried to find out why someone like the former Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission, Mr. Timi Alaibe, is not featuring prominently in this administration regardless of his demonstrated political sagacity? You may have forgotten that Timi used to be one of the strongest politicians in Bayelsa State at some point. He was the man that gave President Jonathan tough time as a governorship aspirant and almost displaced him. It took the intervention of former President Olusegun Obasanjo who re-appointed Alaibe back to the NDDC. Even at that, they shared all the political positions on a 60:40 basis. Those are all in the past now. The former governor has now risen to the peak of his political career by becoming the most powerful person in the country. However by his action you will know that he has not forgotten that political torture nor has he forgiven.

I can give you many more examples about actions that could easily give insight into the political character and personality of our President. That is why I will be cautious to join the bandwagon of those branding such a man as clueless. He might not care much about Nigerians and our welfare. He might not give a damn about anti-corruption campaign. He might not connect passionately with the fact that those young girls of Chibok are still in captivity. Certainly he has many clues but he may not be interested in deploying the clues to make Nigeria a better country.

Culled from The Punch

Around the world there were celebrations over the capture and deaths of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and Moammar Gaddafi.  Their images, as well as their bodies, particularly those of Hussein and Gaddafi were seen by the naked eyes of their people and by people all over the world.

Mr. President, since the Nigerian security forces are openly claiming that they have killed the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau at least three times, let them show Nigerians and the world at least his bloodied face, dead body, post-execution footage, pictures of dead Shekau, even bruises and blood spots on him, anything as long as it is authentically verified by someone, as in the case of Osama who was positively identified by one of his wives after U.S. forces killed him.  Even with the Boko Haram leader Shekau appearing in a new video after his many deaths taunting the world that "Here I am, alive," the Nigerian security forces and their spokespersons asset that Shekau has been killed in a gun battle.  Even after he apparently resurfaced boasting of his invincibility and liveliness, they continue to insist with no concrete proof, ‘we say e don die o’ or to simply state, he is long dead, period!

Mr. President, if Shekau is no longer a direct or personal threat to the people, an announcement from you directly is due to authenticate the Nigerian security forces claims of his death, as other head of States have done in their lands.  In spite of the reality that there is no vivid witness, no dead body, no photos, no audio and no anything, the Nigerian security forces appear to continue to believe in self-denial.

Mr. President, take the case of a latest Boko Haram video showing reportedly captured Nigerian Air Force jet pilot, Chimda Hedima, beheaded by the insurgents Wing Commander Chimda just this September.  He has been mourned around the country but the military recently dismissed the authenticity of the video due to their mentality of denial.  If Wing Commander Hedima and his plane are still in existence, let the military show him to us with the airplane, or tell us who was flying the plane when it crashed and give the full identities of the pilot and the supposedly crashed plane, as it is done in other democratic nations.

Mr. President, this form of denial by the military and other security forces appear to be taking a troubled psychological path marked with simple untruths.  This corrupted form of denial reminds the world of Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, the Iraqi information minister widely known for his outrageous daily press briefings in the lead-up to the war and during the war.  He was responsible for the daily press briefings in Baghdad; he was colorful in his appearances and propagandist style, and some of his pronouncements included claims that American soldiers were engaged in suicide "by the hundreds" outside the city and denied that there were any American tanks in Baghdad when in fact they were just several hundred meters away from the press conference where he was talking with the battle sounds of the nearing American troops being heard in the background of the broadcast.  He even went as far to state the Americans "are going to surrender or be burned in their tanks.  They will surrender; it is they who will surrender."  This resulted in the nickname "Comical Ali."  Mr. President, given the considerable state of denial by your security spokespersons it is time for us to guess that the ‘Comical Ali Syndrome’ might have eating deeply into the psyche of these speakers. 

By way of objective observation, the deteriorating security situation in the nation remains clear and deserves a reality check by anyone not lying to himself or herself within the Nigerian government.  The military and other security forces through their respective spokespersons are only soiling their own reputations and the safety of all Nigerians given their obsession with denial and vanity.  If they are so honest with their success claims, let the naked eyes see our forces standing tall and in full display, occupying all the reportedly seized areas in the northeast by Boko Haram, and let them bring full blown rescue to the kidnapped hundreds of Chibok girls that they once described as freed, at least most of them, but it was all propaganda with no truth.

The current trial of some Nigerian military personnel that allegedly deserted their posts requires caution.  They are reportedly accused of assault, cowardice, and refusing to fight in the nation’s northeastern Islamic uprising amidst the complaints by soldiers that they are outgunned by Boko Haram rebels, that their salaries are not paid in full, and that they are abandoned on the battlefield without enough ammo or food.

As part of these trials there should be initial psychological assessments carried out on each accused person by competent military psychologists to help assess the condition of acute and chronic anger among some of these soldiers as in the cases where complaints of insufficient food, ammunition, and salary allowances, complicated by soldiers watching the arrival of the corpses of other soldiers killed in ambush.  As in the case of Chibok, in Borno State on a night of May, 2014 with anger built up in the thoughts of some soldiers, a visiting commander was fired at, as a possible consequence of a twisted angry mind.  Therefore, it is only moral and just that the state of any accused soldier be assessed in order to ascertain the soldier’s sound mind.  Mr. President, we should wonder how the scale of denials by the military in terms of their  truth about engaging the insurgents aligns with the deep frustration from the direct fighters now being accused of insubordination.

By all accounts the Nigerian security forces appears to be struggling or even doing their best as all these painful circumstances are occurring in the midst of extreme poverty, devastating corruption, and frightening health issues and general insecurity.  As a President who is trying to defeat the raging pains in the country what you need around you at this time are national security spokespersons willing and ready to tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Just when we were coming to terms with the precipitous foray to the political scene of some entertainers like Gongo Aso crooner, Abolore Akande popularly known as 9ice, gospel singer, Kenny Saint Best and actor, Desmond Elliot, all of whom have in recent time declared their political ambition and aligned themselves with political parties, Tony Tetuila (reals names, Anthony Olarenwaju) has quickly joined the burgeoning list of Nigerian artistes vying for elective positions in next year’s general election. Even if the joke sounds too expensive and only himself believes it, popular stand-up comedian, Julius Agwu, thinks he can become the next governor of Rivers state. The list of intending artiste-politicians keeps growing as the bandwagon syndrome catches up with more of them. Before the end of the year, more artistes will throw their hat in the ring.

Before now, some entertainers have already delved into the murky waters of Nigeria’s politics. Tony Muonagor (aka Tony One Week), in 2011, rode on the back of his popularity to win a seat at Anambra state House of Assembly, making history as the first Nigerian entertainer to win an elective position. Should 9ice fulfill his claim, he will follow in the footsteps of Rotimi Makinde, who was elected into the House of Representatives in 2011 to represent Ife Federal Constituency. And like every other Nigerian politician, Makinde is interested in seeking re-election. Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Senior Special Adviser on movies/entertainment industry to former governor of Anambra, Peter Obi, retained the post after Governor Willie Obiano came into office.  Udokwu seem not to be content with a political appointment, he is now gunning for the Anambra state House of Assembly to represent Idemili north constituency. Sir Victor Uwaifo, famed highlife musician, was Commissioner of Tourism and Culture twice in Edo state. Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha,  appointed Nkiru Sylvanus as Special Assistant on Lagos Affairs. Kanayo O. Kanayo was recently announced as the Chairman of the National Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Studies, a new body that oversees the Nigerian Toursim industry. Several Nollywood actresses like Onyeka Onwenu, Hilda Dokubo, Actors like; Dickson Iroegbu, Sam Dede and Richard Mofe Damijo, have all bagged various political appointments between 2011 and now.

This latest fad among entertainers has sharply divided Nigerians especially on social media with many claiming they have joined politics for pecuniary reasons. These artistes have argued that elsewhere entertainers have made a success of their political foray citing notable instances like Arnold Schwarzenegger, two term Governor of California and Ronald Reagan, former President of the United States, as examples of actors who ventured into politics. However, they failed to add that both men joined politics at the pick of their careers in a democracy where the President of the world’s most powerful country earns less than a Senator of the federal republic of Nigeria! The debate for a drastic reduction in salaries and allowances of Nigerian politicians to serve as a disincentive to pretenders masquerading as aspiring political leaders, has once again, gained traction.

Unlike the American actors highlighted above, most Nigerians think these entertainers could be drifting to politics in a bid to arrest their nose-diving careers, a last ditch attempt to bounce back to relevance. Or could it be that the wealth acquired from the entertainment industry is less fulfilling than what political offices have to offer? Is their ambition borne out of a genuine intention to serve the people or an attraction to the stupendous wealth and power political office holders wield? Unlike the Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti whose songs and lifestyle resonated the streets, this new crop of entertainers seldom compose music with such lyrical content or act movies that speaks truth to power and trumpet the change they seek to effect through the ballot. How many of them have been arrested for demanding accountability and transparency from the present government through their roles in the entertainment industry? What gives them the impression that they can effect change in ways 'regular' politicians can’t? In what way have they given back to the society that made them stars? What makes us think they will act differently as politicians? How have they demonstrated that they can bring the much needed changed by redefining leadership when a good number of them have not previously garnered or exhibited any sterling leadership qualities at any level, not even from the entertainment industry they're hibernating from. These are people whose businesses and daily lives are even managed by Managers! A few could not even manage their marital lives; they’re still single after going through divorce(s). How can the welfare and lives of millions of Nigerians be entrusted to persons with credibility issues of scandals ranging from relationship to behavioural? Nigeria is in dire straits and in need of astute, shrewd and intellectual leadership. Technocrats, not entertainers thought of by many, as people not to be taken seriously, especially in matters political. Moreover, what is their political ideology? Can it move the country forward? I doubt if their ‘brand of politics’ is sellable because there are a lot of question marks over their competence. Without necessarily venturing into politics, they can make more impact and inspire change from within the entertainment industry they already find themselves, with the their music, like late Fela, and right from the movie scripts to the roles they act.

Political fans and entertainment fans are different. Their popularity in music arena should not be misinterpreted as acceptance by the general public. Showbiz and politics are two worlds apart. The hope of riding on the crest of that popularity to occupy elective political office might be fantasy, after all. They should not attempt to exaggerate their fame.

The present crop of politicians have failed us but entertainers, without a clear ideology of what political leadership entails, moving in droves in their direction is the last thing we want. Their political participation is not about themselves but about the rest of us because it determines the welfare of many Nigerians.

At a time we're trying to arrest the tragedy of leadership failure and breaking the vicious circle of leadership bankruptcy, we cannot allow the system to throw up more of such ‘leaders’ who obviously lack a clear vision of what political leadership is all about. We’ve had enough drama in the political scene already; the least we want is for Nollywood to add to it. The country needs true leaders who have prepared themselves adequately to take up leadership positions.

Cynics doubt if these artistes can clinch their party's ticket. Can they survive the intrigues and stormy internal politics of power and raw cash? Will these political parties shove aside loyal party members and chieftains for ebbing celebrities? Are they seemingly hoping to be game changers by ‘settlement’ with political appointments?

It is too early to say categorically, how far they can go, as it remains to be seen if they will get their party’s nod considering the ever-slippery and tricky game of Nigerian politics where political juggernauts and gladiators are sometimes beaten to their game.

You can follow the writer on twitter, @tilevbare, for more direct engagement.

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