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Whoever becomes the next President of Nigeria must wipe out Boko Haram in a month and fight corruption to a standstill? Right now it is either a doable task or you lose the Election based on voters’ expectation on the 28 of March 2015. Africans have heard promises, not only at home but around the world. Just read the budget or maiden addresses by an African head of state, one would wonder why any country in the Continent is so far behind the western world. 

Many people have opined that the choice in this election is not that great. It is a matter of voting for the lesser of two evils. Not many are satisfied with the status quo but there is also the fear of change. The devil you know is better than the one you do not know. In Nigeria, we know both major Presidential candidates. Each has a record.

What some people do not want to talk about is the fear of most Igbo that have supported Jonathan and are not going to desert him when he needs them most. Igbo fear that they have more at stake in this election than Hausa, Yoruba and the other ethnic groups. Champions in each of the ethnic groups would like to be in power forever. The jinx has been broken and no ethnic group can complain today that they have never tasted power across the Niger. 

Both candidates must come out and allay the fear of voters from every region and every ethnic group regardless of where they are in Nigeria. There is no doubt that the Igbo are nervous about who may win the election. So they are not putting their eggs in one basket. Igbo have a good reason to be nervous after what they suffered during the War. It will be unwise to follow a Presidential candidate blindly nor should the Hausa or the Yoruba.

Even the Yoruba will tell you they are not solidly behind one candidateas an ethnic group. We cannot say the same about the Hausa, though the Fulani just crowned Jonathan as one of their own. As the Yoruba would wonder, the Fulani are wondering who these leaders represent. We must face the fact that ethnic division still exist amongst us. The best we can do is to recognize it, and use it for progress, not for ethnic cleansing. 

Indeed, if all the ethnic groups can unite the way our leaders do when sharing our loot, the division between us will reduce. The loots politicians share out; are for infrastructure, children’s schools, health, agriculture and ideas of creating jobs to accelerate each of these. Choosing and doling out to their favorites, thugs and cronies is the worst form of redistributing incomes. It encourages expectations, laziness and privileges that stifle economic growth by hard work.

Nigerians are known to be very industrious outside the Country and have the highest income amongst the blacks in United States even when they have to do two jobs to accomplish that. But inside Nigeria it is Igbo that display the same motivation once they leave Igbo land.America is anywhere outside Igbo land. Those Igbo from the old school somehow pass it on to the new one but the younger ones bring unnecessary attention to themselves by offending their hosts.

Why is it that Hausa and Yoruba are not as successful as Igbo in Nigeria outside their lands? The old Igbo culture does not tolerate complacency. Any Igbo man that cannot make it and provide for his family must leave home. Igbo do not tolerate or make it easy for Efulefu to climb over hard working people. Unfortunately, the world is changing just as Nigerians and other Africans are. So the Igbo of today, are not the same Igbo of yesterday.

The Yoruba have more tolerance for complacency. The rational is that fingers are not equal and those that are lacking in substance must be helped by the community. Igbo are republicans; they do not display the same amount of tolerance. On the other hand are the Hausa. They believed that God is the provider of all things: gives and takes away. Even some talikawa see begging as a display of some form of humility since situation can change from day to day.

Mind you, you cannot find all Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba squarely cast in each of these categories in this day and age. But we must understand the reason we are here and the motivation that got us where we are. Nigerians have gone from individuals that would not dare steal money from their own villages; to stealing any and everything on sight. It gets worse in each administration   because we make excuses for our leaders for treating us badly andthere is no strong deterrent.

You have to tell people what they want to hear or fall on your own sword. No, it’s the other way round: be a man of your words or fall on your own sword. Politicians have no credibility we usually say, but some are worse than others. In the face of stomach infrastructure, you better do the right thing just before election and let the people suffer the consequences later. They cannot impeach you after the election, not in Africa, not in Nigeria.   

The greatest disappointment is if nothing changes after this election, no matter who wins. We must stop setting up one another for disappointment and start working on how we can accommodate one another for better infrastructure the same way our leaders accommodate one another when sharing the money needed for the benefit and comfort of every one of us.

Africans generally feel insulted when someone that is not from our ethnic group, study or write about another ethnic group. The irony is that we quote foreigners to back up the greatness and shortcomings of the same ethnic group. Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and other minorities have been living in the same area for centuries. But deny one another and blame foreigners for lumping. 

Yoruba gripe because they think they were marginalized but marginalizing Igbo you protested for takes all backwards. Don’t blame Ndi-Igbo, just as talikawa in the North do not want to be   blamed for the same leaders that marginalized them, making them the poorest in the Country.


By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

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Nigeria Election 2015! There have always been some asinine, farcical and insincere features to the politicking and electioneering in Nigeria, even long before the real election times. Nothing has ever been normal or straightforward with politicians; if they are not involved in one corruption scandal or the other; they are involved in bloodletting, mudslinging and what not. It is entirely typical and with my universal experience, has come to realise that this particular trait of “insincere, do-or-die politics” is unique to Nigeria. Please I stand corrected and educated.

If they are only simply “asinine, farcical and insincere”; one might be mildly humorous and take it in one’s stride, but this is not so. It is murderous, and that is what makes it unacceptable and to be abhorred and detested.

Anyway, before I continue, and in order not to be seen to be hypocritical, let me say my sympathy lies with the opposition All Progressive Congress, APC, so most of what I will be saying, will of course be biased against the ruling People’s Democratic party, PDP. But what I say should be weighed and balance with truth, common sense and sincerity of purpose, because I have no other reason than to say it the way I see it - the truth as I see it, but not necessarily right, since I am a mortal, fallible like everyone else.

In my state of Oyo and in my city of Ibadan in particular, the PDP and its gubernatorial candidate and other aspirants are on a downward trend, and one of the causes of their demise is due to their outright lies, deceit and sincerity in their promises to the people. I listen to their campaign jingles and other electioneering gimmicks, and I could not but help marvel at their inanities, and how their mediocrity shows through every time. I am not even worried by their reputation for insincerity anymore; it is the quality of their deceitful claims.

The PDP jingle on radio stations (I never watch the TV stations), sponsored by an Ibadan daughter who happens to be a junior minister in President Jonathan’s mediocre cabinet, make claims of improved agriculture, an effective, efficient and easily accessible healthcare system, building and reconstruction of roads, empowering of women, improved electricity supply, enhanced, youth employment, refurbished and standard airports and improved rail transportation, etc. 

I have absolutely no problem at all these, after all, politicians must say anything to get votes and even the opposition are not immune to such lies too, except that, again, I marvel at how people are wont to believe their own lies, and wallow and exult in it.

My problem with this jingle is the dangling of the carrot of the creation of an Ibadan State, if Mr Jonathan is re-elected. This outright deceit and wrong promise is too much for me to take. With others asking for Oduduwa State in Osun State, and Ijebu State in Ogun State, and who knows how many others such small states to be carved out of the 26 existing states, it becomes pertinent to ask the disseminators of these lies how and why President Jonathan intends to prioritise the creation of an Ibadan State, assuming he can single-handedly do this or push a bill through in the National Assembly, over the others. 

We should also ask the Oyo State Coordinator of President Jonathan’s Campaign, what mileage or advantage this will be to the whole people of Oyo State, comprising the Ibadans (and Ibadans now also comprise of almost every other Yorubas, and other tribes in Nigeria), the Oyos, the Ogbomosos, the Ibarapas and the mighty Oke Ogun (the peoples of Iseyin, Shaki, Okeho, etc.) if, as a campaign slogan, she is asking for the Oyo State people to vote for Jonathan, and at the same time telling them that their state will be split up and Ibadan exorcised from the rest of them, giving the Ibadans an advantage, which they already enjoy anyway, as the most populous and most metropolitan and most developed of the people of Oyo State?

I therefore find it very deceitful and condescending to the people of both Ibadan and the encompassing Oyo State to be assailed with such obviously fraudulent political promises and guarantees to get their votes.

But then I figured it out as soon as I know who the Coordinator is. Treachery and trickery, artificiality and grandstanding are not strange to them. Her father, a prominent, yet self-centred son of Ibadan, is likely to be one of the brains behind this creation of Ibadan State. It is an attempt to create an empire for their family. If such an Ibadan State is created in Jonathan’s tenure, you can be sure that the first governor will be this man’s daughter, who is already the junior minister for the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) and is running the campaign (with billions of Naira) for the re-election of President Jonathan in Oyo State.

The coordinator of President Jonathan’s Campaign in Oyo State is a very brilliant and educated lady. I respect her for that. She was encouraged by her father to go into politics, mainly for what will come to their family as wealth and power, not to serve the people of her constituency, Ibadan. That is a proven label of the father. Her father, who is more like an remote uncle to me (he always addressed my father as “Broda Akinlade”) is a renowned international jurist and lawyer, one of the best Nigeria has ever produced, bright legal mind, a legal luminary of world renown, has always been in one way or time or the other in every government, military or civilian, of Nigeria since independence. He has always been there – twice minister for justice and attorney-general of the federation, representative on international bodies, agencies or organisations, etc. He has never been in any progressive political party in his life, but those that feed on the wealth of the country.

Unluckily for this Ibadan elite and big man, since 1960, one cannot definitely point to a single item in terms of improving and empowering Ibadan indigenes, that our Uncle and any member of his rich family has ever done for Ibadan. His mansion is impregnable and merely looking at the entrance gate will immediately deter any prospective mendicant or anybody seeking his help or connection. The man is a known miser and very self-seeking, only for himself and his immediate family. I am not saying this lightly or to deliberately malign the learned Chief, but ask any Ibadan indigene, and 9 out of 10 of them are likely to agree with me. The man and his family are not well-liked in Ibadan. So it was no surprise that when the same daughter ran for the House of Representatives in the 2011 election, she lost so severely, she lost her deposit. 

Then her father persuaded the then Governor, who later became an ex-governor, to nominate her as a minister on President Jonathan’s cabinet, as the nominee from Oyo State.  She scaled through, and she is still a minister now. And parenthetically, she is now at bitter logger-heads with the ex-governor that made her position as minister possible, making her an unapologetic ingrate.

Of course, her father is not the only Ibadan elite with similar selfish and covetous traits; rich elites that are more used to taking out of Ibadan and its people than giving back to develop the city.  The city is replete with their acquisitive ilk. That has always been the curse of Ibadan. We have so many of them, which make one wonder why the City of Ibadan is so great and famous despite the self-centredness of some of its notable indigenes. 

Ironically, Ibadan, let us face it, owes its development, prominence in the world, greatness and even its current and future political, technological, economic and aesthetic sustenance to non-indigenes. As of today, that remains the fact. Look back at the history of the city, and that is what obtained. However, it is a very lucky city, in that every non-indigene wants to be associated with it; wants to live and work and trade in it. Even the white colonial masters preferred to make it their headquarters and this transferred to post-independence prominence in every area of endeavour in Nigeria. This is not to say the Ibadan indigenes are not themselves forward-looking and hard-working or progressive. They are, but the development of Ibadan, which would have been the highest in Nigeria, had been unfortunately held in-check and back, and sometimes sabotaged or truncated, in recent decades due to the self-aggrandisement and egocentricity of these self-absorbed Ibadan elites.

So, this poisoned carrot of an Ibadan State is bound to backfire. It will not work. Yes, I don’t mind an Ibadan State, but what’s the use of having it now; a state that will keep on going to Abuja to beg for a meagre monthly allocation; and because it will not be an oil-producing state, it will be getting pittance; a state that will not be able to stand on its own industrially because of short-sighted and clueless elites; a state whose existing industries are moribund and a lack of political will is not them resuscitate them. I don’t know. 

Anyway, since it is a poisoned carrot at the end of the stick, the donkey will never catch up to eat the carrot, so we can conclude that, in the meantime, we are safe from the warped, insidious, invidious plans and chicanery of those who want to create private empires and states for themselves, where their fellow people will be their serfs and servants perpetually or allow them to perpetuate them and theirs in power continually.

Forget it for now. When we have sorted out who our true leaders and elites are, we shall do what is best for us, not what is best for them. The people of Ibadan are not that daft, uneducated and diffident and unaware anymore to be lured by false, insincere and selfish political promises.

Let the Truth be said always.


Written by Obinna Akukwe
Prof Attahiru Jega has proven to be the hero of democratic innovations through the insistence on using card reader as means of authenticating voters in the upcoming 2015 elections, in a nation where satanic madness is raging over the transparent conduct of elections. 1n 1999, Prof Eme Awa was in charge of National Electoral Commission of Nigeria, saddled with conducting a free and fair election after God delivered Nigeria from the grip of the late dictator General Sanni Abacha. In the 1999 elections, Chief Olu Falae was rigged out by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo through the help of then military dictator Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Military dictator Gen Ibrahim Babangida and multi millionaire businessmen like Former Governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu. In 2003, it was the turn of Edo born Sir Abel Goubadia to conduct election and he superintended a process whereby General Muhammadu Buhari, former military dictator and flag bearer of ANPP was rigged out with the help of Vice President Atiku Abubakar who gave President Obasanjo insight into how modern day vote robbery could be executed. In that election, Obasanjo who according to security reports came a distant third with Buhari (ANPP) and Odumegwu Ojukwu(APGA) leading, became the winner of the fraudulent election . In 2007, Professor Maurice Iwu , a friend of Atahiru Jega, was drafted from the United States by Senator Andy Uba to lead the electoral body. This professor of pharmacy promised Nigerians that he will conduct a free and fair election even if it is the last sacrifice he will make before he dies. When Obasanjo came with his do or die rigging format which must stop Atiku and Buhari at all costs, Maurice Iwu superintended over the worst election in the history of Nigeria. During Goubadia’s time, at least ballot boxes were stuffed with fake ballot papers but during Iwu’s time, ballot papers became useless and areas where elections never held produced winners and the losers are always advised to go to PDP controlled courts. In that same year, General Buhari was rigged out in favor of his kinsman late President Umoru Yar’adua and the later, while disparaging the Maurice Iwu superintended process, promised to institute electoral reforms. He never lived to fulfil his promise. In 2011 it was the turn of another fellow comrade and unionist to conduct elections. Prof Jega helped Jonathan and the PDP a lot especially in the north where in areas that are Buhari’s strongholds, the PDP reduced Buhari's votes and increased Jonathan’s to ensure that the mandatory 25 percent in 2/3 states were met. In the South East where Buhari refused to campaign, the PDP had a field day and inflated the votes of Jonathan and there is not much APC party agents can do. Jonathan became winner and Buhari wept back home to Katsina while Jega smiled to the banks. In March 2014, I wrote an article titled ’ Presidency 2015: Jonathan and Ijaws to teach Hausa-Fulani Bitter Lesson - Part 1 where I stated that “The fact as I state it now will play out in 2015- APC will surely get more number of votes cast, and meet the constitutional requirement of 25% in 2/3 states of the federation to win the presidency, but Jonathan will manipulate the elections and declare himself the President of Nigeria with the help of Attahiru Jega.-and there is nothing the North can do about it” It took the entire PDP eleven months to discover that what I said on March 3rd is true and that APC is about to win the election, is why they rushed to postpone the February 14 polls. The only difference in the prediction is that a proactive north went to work on Jega and prized him out of the grip of Jonathan. I was following the transmutation of Jega from being a Jonathan boy to being an independent man, ready to give Nigeria a free election. Curiously, following the widely circulated write-ups, especially among political circles in the north, a jittery northern elites tasked Jega on his loyalty. While the PDP relaxed, believing that Jega will still play ball as expected, the northern elites, traditional and religious leaders after the revelations had series of private talks with Jega, where they demanded to know his allegiance in the forthcoming polls. In some places some persons threw stones at him and called him a betrayer. They forced Jega to become neutral with the electoral process. To this effect, Jega started putting in place measures that will eliminate rigging in Nigeria- THE MOST POTENT BEING THE USE OF CARD READER. This device will eliminate 80 percent of the electoral fraud in Nigeria and that is where Jega fell off with the ruling party. A prominent Northerner wrote to thank me for the write-up exposing how Jega will rig the election for Jonathan. He promised that they will work on Jega and extract a neutrality pledge from him. This they did before end of August 2014. The PDP were doing newspaper, television, and billboard campaigns talking all sorts of irrelevant things until it dawned on them two months to the election that the warning I gave about a year ago that APC will win the election is just about to happen. All efforts by the ruling party to intimidate, blackmail, induce or frustrate Jega to cave in to another electoral manipulation failed. Jega had embezzled enough in INEC, he wants to leave a legacy for his family name. He also doesn’t want to face the wrath of his northern people who are not in the mood to allow a single of their vote counted for Jonathan, Thus these circumstances had forced Jega to a state of
neutrality in the elections. Jega’s neutrality and innovation of card reader technology, whichever way it came about, is the second greatest achievement of the Jonathan regime, the first being the National Conference he successfully hosted. The problem with Jega’s innovation is that if it is implemented, the PDP chieftains who scammed Jonathan of billions of naira in campaign money, transferred same to their personal overseas accounts and made few noises on the pages of newspapers are in trouble of amalgamated loss. They failed to campaign for Jonathan, They failed to distribute money or mobilize people on the grassroots until APC effectively penetrated and mobilized the grassroots, then they woke up and wanted the use of card reader jettisoned. Jega’s neutrality and card reading technology will ensure that if Governor Willie Obiano follows the footsteps of his godfather Peter Obi in Anambra State, Anambrarians will simply wait for four years and throw him out, Jega’s card reader simply means that the people of Enugu West Senatorial District can throw away Senator Gilbert Nnaji if he continues his’ siddon look’ approach in the Senate Chambers. Jega’s neutrality means that any other governor under develops Abia State like Governor T.A. Orji he will be booted out after four years and if Labaran Maku is popular in Nasarrawa State, he does not need fear any incumbency factor before becoming governor. Jega’s card reader means that no APC, PDP, APGA OR LP politician will dare impose unpopular candidate on anybody because they know that the electorates are now in charge. Therefore Jega’s card reader is the panacea to a rigging virus which reared up its head during the Shagari era when Awolowo was allegedly rigged out of Presidential election and probable run-off in 1979 before the infamous Supreme Court interpretation of 2/3 majority threw Awo’s presidential ambition to the dustbin. I am a Christian, Cleric and activist with considerable influence within many political, ecclesiastical and professional circles and I am spiritual enough to know that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, cannot support electoral robbery, manipulation, rigging or scuttling of the people’s mandate. Therefore any Christian who justifies rigging is working for Lucifer- and I certainly will not work for Lucifer. I have told my colleague Archbishops, Bishops, Apostles, Venerable, Pastors this and most of them have agreed with me in principle, Muslim clerics should educate their colleague accordingly, if their Qur'an does not justify rigging.
Jega can be a devout Muslim, I do not give a damn. He could even marry ten wives and divorce six to balance it four, I do not care so much. Jega can make his beard to be longer than that of Osama Bin Laden and he can even do his own Sallat twenty four times daily which is his business, providing he doesn’t constitute public nuisance and disrupt public peace. Jega has proven to be a better follower of Jesus Christ than Prof Maurice Iwu, a knight of the Catholic Church . Jesus forced Zacheaus in Luke 19 vs 8 to return his loot back and the later said to the Lord (Jesus), "Behold, Lord, half of my possessions I will give to the poor, and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will give back four times as much." Jega is returning back the people’s mandate stolen through years of successive rigging, especially from the Shagari to the Obasanjo era back to the people. He is a hero of democracy, he should be supported and not vilified. INEC must insist on the use the card reader or else let the military postpone the election and go on with their Interim Government option. Certainly, God had used Jega to answer the prayer of some Nigerians (including myself) that an institutionalized way of stopping corruption should be kick started. Jega is a hero of democratic innovation who is fighting electoral corruption and Nigerians and the international community should come to his aide before something worse becomes of Nigeria. Obinna Akukwe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ...www.facebook.com/pages/ObinnaAkukwe....@ObinnaAkukwe
Written by Obinna Akukwe 

Bola Tinubu, the National Leader of the Nigeria’s leading oppositionparty APC had
revealed that Jonathan offered him a Vice Presidency slot underan Interim Govt
arrangement, an offer he claimed to have rejected. Femi-Fani Kayode, the Head of PDP
Campaign Organization had refuted the story, saying that it is illusionary
imaginations from Tinubu. However, I was personally intimatedof the Interim Govt
offer to Tinubu by an equally top PDP chieftain who boasted jokingly that ‘my Tinubu
and Buhari’ alliance will soon crumble

. This his allusion to 'my Tinubu and Buhari’ is based on the fact that he knew that
I publicly led some Bishops whoat opposed the distribution of money to some of my
pastorcolleagues on an anti Buhari sentiments and that I was among the people
whoensured that some that collected that money did not sell Jesus to PDP. Ibelieve
that the Gospel of Jesus is greater than PDP and APC and this party chieftain
subscribes to this and my belief that the good, the bad and the uglyare found in
both parties.

 Mid February I was at a sort of meeting bordering on security in the North of
Nigeria and afterwards another meeting ensued wheresome PDP faithful were touting
how Jonathan will defeat Buhari during the March 28 polls. I mentioned to the
August members present who claim direct links withPresident Jonathan that their
principal had already offered a Vice Presidencyslot to Tinubu under an Interim Govt
arrangement. I was literally shouted down by those who claim (and I know that some
of their claims are true) that they are personally close to Jonathan and he never
mentioned it to them, they called it opposition gimmicks. The same persons, a week
later, having confirmed the details I gave, contacted me againand this time around,
believing that I must be close to either Buhari orTinubu, asked me about the latest
move of the opposition. 

Close to four weeks ago I was informed by a privileged memberof the ruling PDP that
Tinubu has been offered a VP slot in order to get him to break away from Buhari.
This highly placed PDP facilitator, stakeholder and observer intimated that he is in
the thick of the discussion and that soon Tinubu will abandon Buhari for Jonathan. 
Those allegedly in the thick of the discussions include a retired Military
President, select PDP leaders especially from the South West and South South ' some
past civilian governors and somebody they believe is working for Sambo, the National
Security Adviser (NSA). Mentioning the names I was told is not necessary because my
sources will be thoroughly embarrassed. 

I was later told that Tinubu rejected the Vice Presidency slot almost instantly.
  According to my sources, he instead requested that the ruling party defray his
campaign expenses which he put at N200 billion naira (N2billionDollars). He also
allegedly demanded that the PDP will allow him produce all the Senators from all the
APC states in the South West, including Kwara and EdoStates, from Niger Delta and
North Central respectively. When I inquired whatthey will decide on the Tinubu
project, I was told that that though Jonathandid not mind fulfilling Tinubu’s
alternative request, the PDP leaders in the South West rejected the idea of allowing
him produce eighteen Senators all byhimself, viewing it as politically dangerous.
This money is still chicken change to a party that had stacked nothing less that N3
trillion naira through shady oil deals in readiness for the elections.

Tinubu, under pressure to give a green light, abandoned the discussion on the
pretext of giving the entire idea a second thought. PDP leaders were still waiting
for his second thought when he was seen at Chatham House with Muhammadu Buhari, the
Presidential Flag bearer of the opposition APC. The ChathamHouse speech of Buhari
did an irreparable damage to Jonathan’s image among the international community and
the PDP had seen Tinubu as giving the impressio that negotiations are ongoing and
then he went on to sponsor a Chatham house embarrassment on the President  According
to sources, it was Femi Fani-Kayode who decoded that Tinubu had abandoned the
plotand warned the party that the best thing to do is to cage the Lion
(Tinubu)before it was too late. 

The current plot by the PDP is to stop Tinubu at all cost,since he failed to deliver
the South West vote to Jonathan even when PDP wasready to give him his demand of
N200 Billion naira. I learnt that Tinubu’s image is to be terribly damaged, then
series of harassment, trumped up charges and outright elimination might follow. This
elimination plot, though canvassedby a former presidential spokesman, has been
rejected even within many PDP circles including even Jonathan himself.  

 A top APC Chieftain whom I met to follow up the political transactions, initially
said he was ignorant of the contents of the negotiationsbut after some days
confirmed that though an offer of N200 Billion was made it was the PDP that made the
offer to defray Tinubu’s campaign expenses. I was informed that though Tinubu was
averse to the Interim arrangement, Obasanjo’s caution to the former governor
reinforced  his stance.  

My take on all these is that PDP approached Tinubu to help sell the Yoruba people to
Jonathan and abandon Buhari the manner he sold Ribadu in 2011 for a couple of
billions of naira. This time around the stakes were higher and Tinubu played a fast
one on them. Tinubu rejected the Interim Govt offer, made his own offer which the
PDP accepted in part (monetary aspect) and rejected the issue of being allowed to
manipulate and produce the Senators and House of Reps members from APC States in the
South West in an election that will hold on the same day. Tinubu probably got
another advice and decided to stick toBuhari and PDP got enraged. 

Those denying that there was no interim govt offer are also lying because even NSA
Dasuki and Babangida has been discreetly campaigning to Northern Emirs and leaders
to  accept an interim Govt option to be  headed by a northerner. Even Shagari
according to reports favors the idea. The news is all over Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi
and creating division among their political elites with the Interim Government
option getting gradual sympathy.  

The loser in all these heist is the masses. Why an offer and acceptance of a
probable N200 billion naira must be given when such amount can build two second
Niger Bridge or four brand new Enugu-Port Harcourt and Enugu-Onitsha expressway.
This means that if Tinubu had agreed, N200 billion naira that could build five
Federal Universities would have left PDP for Tinubu's pocket. Tinubu, Babangida,
Dasuki, Femi-Fani Kayode, Bode George, Kashamu and all the people involved in this
Interim Govt cum N200billion naira betrayal deal should stop denying the truth.
Spending such billions on a political expedition is wrong and those buying, selling
and making merchandise of the impoverished 160 million Nigerians, half of whom lives
below $1 dollar daily, is monumental wickedness in the sight of God and those
involvedvmust repent now before God Almighty allows that self-inflicted crisis that
will bring in a bloody military revolution already brooding in the
 atmosphere.  A word is enough for the thieves.

Obinna Akukwe

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Cable News Network actually turned Bill Cosby belated scandal into a special. It was a repetition of the same allegation against Bill Cosby that turned people’s stomach and heart. If more ladies opened up, hardly would many powerful men stand up. In the days of these women: sex, drugs and rock ’n roll was the norm. Most were so indulged in it; many desires unmet would be coy.  As grandmothers and by today’s standard, that was abuse by the powerful and privileged.  

The reason most ladies do not open up can of worms about powerful men has to do with being a) satisfied b) compromised or c) settled at that point and time of sexual encounter. Some of the women have more to lose than gain by revealing their most private moments. On the other hand, are little men that wanted to be associated with women they were privileged to climb. So they brag about it. The women coming out after decades of sexual abuse have other reasons.

More than most of the people that were caught right there and then for sexual indiscretion, Bill Cosby by no means a saint would suffer deeper consequences than others. Everything that is by contact or association may be destroyed with his legacy. Most of the people that came to his defense are more worried about his association with good causes than they are about him. 

Eddy Murphy turned down an opportunity to ridicule him during the last Oscar presentation because he did not think the fun was worth it. It says more about Eddie Murphy than trying to defend Bill Cosby. He is comfortable in his own skin and not a struggling actor looking for fame or some desperate role to play just to please the audience. That was how “Hollywood's best and whitest” wanted to honor a black worthy, not in Selma’s Ava DuVernay or David Oyelowo. 

Many people are afraid to come out and defend Bill Cosby because they knew him as a playboy. At the same time, the legacy being destroyed is painfully hard to accept. Each time the story is shown on television, some of us crinched in the privacy of our own homes. Ouch! 

So what is it that attracts grown powerful men to young girls and powerful rich ladies to young men, so much that they are willing to risk careers, positions and prestige? The easy answer is sex addiction but there is more to it. Most of these powerful men and women try to be discrete by traveling far away but some also seize the opportunity when it comes within their privilege, offices, homes and clubs making it easy to blackmail them.  

Why is it so strange that the rich, famous and highly placed individuals also want to have fun? Mr. Dominique Strauss-Khan former head of International Monetary Fund was once seen by 75   percent in France to be better than President Hollande. Put on trial for his part in a prostitution ring that extended from France to Brussel, Washington and New York. DSK had been accused by Nafissatou Diallo, former hotel staff now owner of New York Chez Amina Restaurant.

Watching men of might and caliber deny any sexual indiscretion is not only a lesson to others, it is crippling just for some minutes of indiscretion but also points to the fact that sexual pleasure is one powerful desire sought by men and women. As we get older, we become wiser with fewer propensities to act on impulse. We tend to deliberate more and sometimes calculated in most of our actions. The realization is that youthful exuberance urges us into indiscretion more.

There was a South America sting operation where pimps procured underage girls for wealthy American tourists. During the fun party, undercover police burst in and arrested the girls, their pimps and their wealthy guests. By the time the identities of the girls were checked, they found out all were over seventeen and were professional hookers where prostitution is legal. The guest thought they got their money’s worth until the age of the girls were made known!

The same is true to the disappointment of men that thought they had a virgin and it was their very first time. There are stories about plastic surgeries to reconstruct hymen but some ladies in their late twenties and thirties can claim to be a virgin with the use of “alum” so that their private parts are tight and men have to struggle to get into it. They played to men’s desires. 

What if we think there are no consequences, or we cannot be caught, would anybody dare? More people empathize with what may be legal then, as hippies, but later illegal like sex with an underage that comes to light decades later. Even an eighteen year old, depending on the country and state, can be charged for rape of underage years later if the girl was sixteen. It does not make a difference if they planned to marry and the relationship goes sour later. 

Indian Prime Minister was married at 18 to a 17 year old: - Narendra Modi, the son of a man who sold tea in a railway station, comes from a lower caste called Ghanchi. He and his wife were promised to each other as children in keeping with the traditions of their community. They were married in a small ceremony when  HYPERLINK "http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/abandoned-as-a-child-bride-wife-of-india%e2%80%99s-premier-still-hopes-he-calls/ar-AA8yXT3?ocid=mailsignout" she was 17 and he was 18

Some of these young boys are now blackmailing their sugar mummies big time in the social media if they cannot come up with ransom money. This has destroyed everything they worked for including a good home and reputation. Women tend to face destructible consequences than men. More men recover and move on with their lives than women. But that has not stopped the urge to take the risk for a few minutes thrill by both powerful men and women.

Could it be the taboo that increases men’s desire? Incest in the family is even worse. Since incest is defined differently in different countries and states, encounter with step daughters, sisters or brothers and their consequences vary. It is not unusual for a lady to have kids for two brothers or for two brothers to marry two sisters. In any case, most culture frown on such close proximity. Cases of father’s encounter with daughter-in-law are gross by any standard.   


Ayodele Fayose,  now the Ekiti Governor and a gaudy mouth for the Jonathan presidential campaign, purportedly just listened to a London speech at the Chatham House and while playing God again, after having gathered his own brand of intelligence from his set of laboratory scientists and engineering genes experts, is insisting that the man who spoke at the Chatham House was a human cloning of Muhammadu Buhari , the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate .

As far as Fayose is concerned, the real Buhari at the time of the speech was on antibiotic treatment, intubated and under intensive care at a hospital located at Cavendish Street in London where his symptoms are worsening.  Therefore, the man who spoke was cloned to give this speech.

Fayose, while not actually wishing Buhari death, at least not consciously, sees the oppositional APC party,  who, in their desperation for power, would go as far as cloning one of its leaders, Buhari, in an artificially packaged manner. 

Fayose, who appears to have even spoken to Buhari’s doctors, nurses, lab attendants and every other staff at the hospital, has stated even if Buhari returns to Nigeria today, it is his moving cloned body.

Fayose, a man who appears to hear the voice of God, is asking the APC to be honest enough to inform Nigerians that Buhari is almost at his death’s end and is incapacitated. Thus, why on earth is APC  trying to take over power by any means, and Fayose  believes that his God is watching this ungodly act of cloning Buhari.

Fayose swears that Goodluck Jonathan will not only win the coming election, but that God will not allow APC to escape this evil deed and will be tormented by saintly wrath.

Fayose, through his insiders at the Chatham house, said the cloned Buhari was further worked on with a technology called speech software to help reproduce the voice, sounds, inflections and intonations of Buhari’s original human voice. 

Fayose, who is fully aware that this type of software can be used in re-creating voices and even bringing the voices of long-dead persons back to life, has no doubt in his mind that the man who spoke on Thursday at the Chatham house was fully cloned.

It was a cloned Buhari who in his speech asserted that “...I will argue that it is not enough to hold a series of elections or even to peacefully alternate power among parties. It is much more important that the promise of democracy goes beyond just allowing people to freely choose their leaders. It is much more important that democracy should deliver on the promise of choice, of freedoms, of security of lives and property, of transparency and accountability, of rule of law, of good governance and of shared prosperity”

To Fayose, it was a cloned Buhari who stated in the speech that “...Let me assure you that if I am elected president, the world will have no cause to worry about Nigeria as it has had to recently; that Nigeria will return to its stabilizing role in West Africa; and that no inch of Nigerian territory will ever be lost to the enemy because we will pay special attention to the welfare of our soldiers in and out of service, we will give them adequate and modern arms and ammunitions to work with, we will improve intelligence gathering and border controls to choke Boko Haram’s financial and equipment channels, we will be tough on terrorism and tough on its root causes by initiating a comprehensive economic development plan promoting infrastructural development, job creation, agriculture and industry in the affected areas.

It was a fake Buhari who stated that “...We will always act on time and not allow problems to irresponsibly fester, and I, Muhammadu Buhari, will always lead from the front and return Nigeria to its leadership role in regional and international efforts to combat terrorism.”

It was certainly a cloned Buhari who stated that “... So before you is a former military ruler and a converted democrat who is ready to operate under democratic norms and is subjecting himself to the rigors of democratic elections for the fourth time...You may ask: why is he doing this? This is a question I ask myself all the time too. And here is my humble answer: because the work of making Nigeria great is not yet done, because I still believe that change is possible, this time through the ballot, and most importantly, because I still have the capacity and the passion to dream and work for a Nigeria that will be respected again in the comity of nations and that all Nigerians will be proud of. I thank you for listening.”  

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist, a Consultant in National Psychology, and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We all need jobs to earn a living and support our families, and should the court side against Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro, this decision could become a precedent for employment abuse, prejudice and discrimination, and only serves to compound the individual’s  emotional pain, suffering, troubles, and mental anguish, especially when such individual is a national by birth, irrespective of a secondary citizen registration. Rightly, many in the media, in the civil society groups or among ethically mixed Nigerians might have grave concerns about Senator Obanikoro’s role in the audio recording marked with the purported rigging of Ekiti State gubernatorial election; but to stop him from earning a living as a potential Minister, especially as it relates to the case in court over his dual citizenship, makes a mockery of our judicial system.

Biologically, the court is aware he is a Nigerian by birth and by upbringing, which naturally allows him to run for any elected or appointment related office in Nigeria.

Bio-legally, every other section of the Nigerian Constitution, original or amended, becomes non-primary in regards to  Obanikoro  voluntarily acquiring paper citizenship from another country.

As long as the National Assembly still regards the birth place as a primary criterion to employment, then the Constitution is on the side of Obanikoro.

In addition to the reality that past similar cases proved to be positive to the victim’s side, the Nigerian judiciary, unlike our excessively slow-moving parliament,  should again make a bold judicial pronouncement on the issue that, as long as the individual was born in Nigeria, holding dual citizenship of Nigeria and another country will not subject the holder to labor discrimination.

The only way the court can subject Obanikoro to a nonworking status in Nigeria is to rule that he is not a Nigerian citizen by birth, but that he is a Nigerian citizen by acquisition.

From the point of legal psychology, as long as Obanikoro is only a volunteer American, a declared American by allegiance but a Yoruba by his birth in Nigeria, no Presidency, legislature and, of course, judiciary can invalidate his birthright and make him ineligible to earn a living, which includes serving as a Minister or President in his motherland. 

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist, a Consultant in National Psychology, and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Lagos State Police Commissioner was quoted as saying:If any of my men is killed, I shall kill twenty of them. Please say it ain’t so! Nigerian Police is by far, not the worst in the world. Our police have been sent to different countries to help train and enforce the law of the land, not kill twenty innocent civilians for every deranged person that shoots at the police.But if it is true that a commissioner actually utter those words, note he can’t be worse than a motor park tout! 

It is sad that for two to three days, none of his superiors called him to order or even disciplined him until the Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba through the Police Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Ojukwu, cautioned personnel of the force against the use of firearms in elections “except in extreme circumstances”. Police has “a mandate to save and protect lives, and not to kill, contrary to recent statements in the media”.

Why blame it on the media instead of the source of the crude and barbaric statement? In view of international demonstrations that "black lives matter" in the hands of police, it is ironic that a police officer could make such a statement in Africa about Nigerian lives.While Police shootings have attracted demonstrations in United States and Britain, Nigerians have fought back with mob justice on reckless and senseless shootings of civilians. 

It is not that the mob has been helpless against police recklessness for killing over N20.00 but it does not make sense to provoke or encourage violence against either police or civilians. Police   have also come under attack in Nigeria by the Army and the Navy, saved by civilians. Several times joint commissions have been formed to find solutions to constant attack on the police. 

Usually when police are under attack from other member of the Armed Forces, it is the civilians they run to either to hide or call for help. It will be difficult for civilians to empathize with police under attack from any quarter if their behavior under the command of some unruly oga at the top stinks. Indeed, one would expect that his boss would personally call him to order. But it can be difficult to do so under shaky political climate. 

No position is permanent. Just as soldiers go and soldiers come, Commissioner Mbu must remember that police come and police go. More so is the reign of politicians, even when they try to stay for a third term. Mbu must remember the end of many police champions before him. Some of them thought they were indispensable, from Tafa Balogun to Nuru Ribadu.

It has not been too long ago when Motor Park touts and thugs were weeded out of the Nigerian Police Force by OBJ administration. Some of them were missed and one made it to the top.

Most Lagosians would believe the deadly threats; if you actually order it and your boys carry it out. It will come back to haunt you, if not right now, then sooner than later. What you are asking for is nothing short of anarchy. You are also endangering the lives of good police men and women that just want to do their job and go back home to their families. Police already have a difficult task without you putting them under the threat of suspicion. 

We already have a situation in Borno State where police action was so unproductive yet brutal, they lost control. It has become enormous task for our soldiers to contain. Indeed we are now asking for African and international help. The problems usually start from somewhere. It got so bad at a point in Lagos, police could not wear their uniforms on the streets. Police stations were also ransacked in many states, officers were kidnapped and their ammunitions carried away.

There we go again. You are taunting and inciting law abiding citizens of the Country like what our President called a motor park tout. If police shoot and kill twenty innocent civilians, you know there will be outrage even from police supporters. Your statement is shameful, reckless and tailored to incite law abiding citizens. If you were not called to order in River State, you may not be called to order in Lagos State. Police PRO statement is too vague and amorphous.     

Anyone familiar with this writer knows that Tinubu is not his favorite politician, but not even Tinubu’s house deserves to be flooded with police in fear of his life on the order of some politicians that disagree with him. Tinubu is not the Governor of Lagos State but his party is in coalition in APC. Police Commissioner Mbu is well noted for his order on Gov. Ameachi of River State. He has now brought the same notoriety to Lagos State.

Tinubu must have missed some payments to Jonathan. When and if that payment is made, Mbu will look like a foolish fly following the dead to the grave. Mbu is only one of the several police commissioners but he has answered the call of duty like no other recently. Politicians have no permanent friends or enemies; they serve the convenience of the day. By the time politicians use and dump their disposable errand boys, you will have yourself to blame.

Mbu statement cannot help the situation. The police need the support of the people in the investigation of crime and enforcement of laws. Right now, Nigeria has a National Police Force, so our Armed Forces are not divided along ethnic lines unlike other police in Europe and America. In many of those countries, the majority in the communities support their police force while the minorities, less represented among city police, do not trust the same police force.

We should be working towards a goal where majority of Nigerians support our Police Force but threatening statement from a commissioner such as Mba calls into question his training and state of mind for such a sensitive position. It is unfortunate that such behavior in one state would earn him another posting to display the same behavior in another state. 





President Goodluck Jonathan, the haunting powers of Captain Sagir Koli, a Nigerian military intelligence officer, could result in you carrying around a load of guilt in both your states of awakenness and dreams regarding the recorded Ekiti rigging matter.  It could even make you emotionally, spiritually and  physically challenged until you personally confront this matter on behalf of our emerging democracy.

Just the other day in your interview with a U.S. newspaper, Wall Street Journal, on the question of the reported Ekiti political plot, you outrightly dismissed it and stated that, “It’s all  fabrications...Why should I investigate things that are not real?”

So your present Minister of Police Affairs, Jelili Adesiyan’s,  tacit admission of being in the Ekiti night meeting matters not to you?  Now, what about Governor Fayose’s final confession of partaking in Ekiti night gathering?

Jonathan, you may wish to continue to deny reality, but you can't continue to ignore the hard truths of life, such as in this matter.

Possibly coming face to face with Officer Koli would be a godly thing to do. It would be  democratically proper to do and it may even save you from being judged by our children and students, especially now that two of your party men admit to having been present in  the non neutral scene where an army higher-up, Major  General Aliyu Momoh, was present while Ayodele Fayose’s  opposing gubernatorial contestant , Dr Kayode Fayemi, was uninvited. This happened at the same time when the General was  supposedly in Ekiti working with both contestants in regard to security and peace maintenance.

President Jonathan, it's easy to believe that in your mind that all is well with this incident, but remember the Captain is now running for his life for defending the Constitution. His teenage brother suffered child abuse from your government when he was illegally detained as a means of retaliation, and further, his wife, father and mother are all in hiding at this time.

Sir, you are making this matter worse each day you fail to seek out Captain Koli and speak to him, because very soon he will be heard around the world. As it now stands, he is a direct victim of your government,  and the world does not take it kindly when a soldier like Koli, who was simply trying to defend his nation, is being unjustly abused.

Sir, the delay of this election is a blessing in disguise for you, Captain Koli, and the world, as in the coming days, weeks and months, his story and your role in his current suffering will become more thickened and your conscience will haunt you in a way you it has never been haunted before.

Mr. Jonathan, remember Captain Koli’s story is a human rights matter. His voice is now among those being repressed and suppressed by abusive nations, and very soon you yourself will stand accused of gross human rights abuse on this officer. Is this what you want?

In his recent interview with a Nigerian newspaper, the Nation, he asserted, “I miss my family. I have parents. I have a wife and children. I have brothers. I have cousins. Everybody is a Nigerian.” Sir, the ball is your court now, so do something quickly.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist, a Consultant in National Psychology, and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Nigerian Police is in dire need of intense psychological screening, followed by psychological certification for potential and already-serving uniformed men and women, judging by another set of recent unreasonable words from Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Joseph Mbu, in Abeokuta during an official visit to the Ogun State Police Command headquarters.

The Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba,  remains openly aware of  the way Mbu thinks and acts, yet he posted him to the South West of Nigeria, an area known for people of enlightened, radical,  transformational and progressive minds.

Mbu knows all too well that there are existing  constitutional, presidential and parliamentary principles guiding the nation, yet he makes up his own laws every time he moves around and opens his mouth.

Mbu is an inconvenience to the current police leadership, yet he appears to be increasingly wielding unusual acts of power, as if in the belief, “You can’t touch me; I am protected by the powers that be.”

How long can we continue to allow this man to keep losing  it, a man known for disregarding the law, displaying intemperate demeanor, and abusing the power of policing, especially now that he is advocating possible mass violence, should one officer be killed in line of duty?

From the point of police psychology, if it were not for the reality that our young country remains overly disordered in its institutional arrangements and swims under a  chaotic democracy, someone in the  National Assembly or the Executive Branch  would be asking mental health questions to the Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman, about Mr. Mbu.

His recent posting to the West of Nigeria, Lagos, in particular, is not a blessing in disguise, as he is likely to be easily provoked by a people who are highly enlightened,  have a solid knowledge of their rights and will use the law to aggressively fight against misuse of police power.

Psychologically, it appears that Mbu’s current posting is a set up for him, as it might not end  well in Lagos, in terms of misuse of police power.

At a time the nation is undergoing severely acute electioneering stress, how can anyone defend sending a man like Mbu, reportedly known to have close ties to the present presidential government, into the South West of the nation where political enemies and an oppositional party  to the current presidency remain heavily influential and strong?

In effect, this type of political environment, in addition to the stress of his supervisory role in the West, could possibly make it easier for Mbu to be pushed into stress overload, fatigue, depression or frustration.  Any combination of these factors might have led him to share with officers and men/women of the Ogun State Police Command the inappropriate, awkward, and  infelicitous remarks, such as, “I said don’t touch my policeman. If you shoot my policeman, I will shoot twenty of you, I will shoot a hundred of you because we are coming to you for peace. We are not coming to you to come and kill you. You are not engaging us in gun battle. You are not armed robbers that are engaging us in gun battle...” “...You are having communal crisis, you are politicians, we are coming to settle you and you want to kill us, I say resist, I tell you again, resist. Anybody who fires you, fire him back in self-defence. Anybody who fires you, fire him back in self-defence but don’t fire first. Anybody you see who is firing at other persons, fire him because you are trying to protect that other person because the law permits you. You are empowered to stop that person from causing the harm to the other person...” “...I have come here to restore hope in all of you and to blow air, you know when you just have a male child, you blow air into his mouth and nose so that he can be like you. I love Nigeria Police, I love being a police officer and I’m very proud to be a police officer because only a police officer can do every other job and no other person can do a police job.” “...All the laws of Nigeria, there is nowhere they do not mention a police officer. So, the whole laws empower you. But you don’t know what you are. Do you want to be like pigs who do not know the value of gold? It seems to me that about 60 per cent of us or 70 are trying to behave like pigs who don’t know the value of what they have...” “...It is clearly stated in the constitution that there shall be a Nigeria Police Force for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. There is no other police force. The military can come to us in aid of civil authority. We are the civil authority because we are supposed to deal with harmless civilians. So, we are the civil authorities.” “...Our arms storage is limited because we are dealing with harmless civilians. But we have to use arms when the civilians are armed against us. In aid of civil authorities, we are the one in charge of apprehending offenders before, during or after elections. Every other person that is coming is only coming to help us. We are the authorities, we are the leading agency. So, you are a leading agency and you must take charge of wherever you are posted to.” “...Our duty is to make sure that the elections are conducted freely, fairly and peacefully and violence-free. There must be a code of conduct that you have to uphold to make sure that we actualize our goals. Don’t bring God into this matter because you have to work hard before you now ask God to help you. How do you work hard? You make sure that you prepare.” “...What I have no­ticed is that there is much in­discipline among policemen; they dress anyhow. Come to Lagos, they are more than 50 in my cell...“...They dress the way they like, they wear bathroom slip­pers, they wear mufti and carry rifles, this is not part of the police work. They are in the cell already, they are being punished and I know my men, within the next one month, they will change.”

Let’s just stop now with these examples; unfortunately, there are more of the ill-chosen, odd, bizarre and indigestible comments from Mbu, an Assistant Inspector-General of Police, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

For a very ambitious man like Mbu, who appears to carry a deep brokenness in him, bent and bruised by both soft and harsh comments from around the country, he could gain from some form of help, as the warning signs are all too obvious at this time.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic/Clinical Psychologist, a Consultant in National Psychology, and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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