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Parliament (333)

President Jonathan, should Muhammadu Buhari, the retired Major General, win the presidency, you may want to escape quickly to a place like Cuba, Haiti, Russia or Dubai, as nations such as America, Britain or France will not protect you from justice.

In Jonathan’s time, Buhari and the world see Nigeria as a country where impunity for the worst corruption-related crimes has been the norm, as evidenced by the recent revelation that the Director of Media and Publicity for your presidential  campaign, Femi Fani-Kayode, reportedly has a current case  in court for financial impropriety.

Sir, what do you tell the children about anti-corruption mentality when the President’s own point of campaign contact, in his position as your public relations manager, is actively fighting a case of corruption in court?

Sir, by this association, you are not only promoting corruption, but indeed putting a blessing to it!

Just pray real hard that the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Buhari, loses the election,  as if he does not, your instant and public trial for abuses, along with anyone and everyone close to your administration and/or associated with your presidency, will be televised worldwide.

Sir, should you consider attempting to escape, start the plans now because if you are caught in the process of escaping, there is a possibility that your legs would be cut off for attempting to escape, along with being proclaimed a national escapee.

Sir, no form of international plea will be of any help, not even from President Barack Obama, as his administration sees your government as shamelessly corrupt.

The Buhari presidency could carry with it an obligation to prosecute grave crimes of corruption, for example the reported $20 billion public fund that “walked away” with its whereabouts unknown.  Or, the Buhari presidency could prosecute you and others for human rights violations,  especially against the Nigerian soldiers.

Or perhaps the Buhari presidency could prosecute, as well as sue you, for the forced poverty of the people,  forced suffering of the masses, for maladministration, for national incompetence , for the insurgency,  and even for entertaining an oppressive form of political party, which is the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Should your escape plans fail, you may be placed in lock up or under house arrest amid any on-going investigations, especially into corruption.

Buhari could potentially seek out your fellow brother and former master, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, and reverse the pardon granted to him by you, and bring him back to court for new corruption charges.

 Buhari would certainly gain international support as he seeks you and many others out for various offenses. Make no mistake; the statute of limitations will not hold in terms of a period of time to file any corruption case.

President Jonathan, please note that in addition to criminal charges that could be filed against you in Nigerian courts, Buhari would likely send you to the International Criminal Court for appropriate felonies and misdemeanors.  As such, you may want to begin planning a daring escape from Nigeria now.

Sir, take this warning very seriously. Just in case you lose, do not worry; you can give a concession speech wherever you are, as long as it is outside the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic, Clinical and National Psychologist and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Once more, it is France that has awakened the world conscience, not Baga Massacre in the Northern part of Nigeria where Boko Haram had a free reign of terror. We must all realize that massacre anywhere encourages massacre everywhere. It is no more a countryor regional issue; it is a worldwide terror that requires all hands on deck.  HYPERLINK "http://www.reuters.com/video/2015/01/12/netanyahu-praises-bravery-of-kosher-supe?videoId=361737555" Bathily a Muslim from Mali; saved lives. 

While Russia and China revolted, Yoruba’s tolerance for any religion within the same family can be understood if we dig into their philosophy that explains the culture. Yoruba say: Olorun maje k’a gba were mo esin. No matter how accommodating, Yoruba pray to God to forbid radical madness demonstrated by all foreign religions. Ancient visitors to West African sought Sango after stories of civilization by Arab historians about Oba Koso, Ile-Ife and  HYPERLINK "http://www.tribune.com.ng/tourism/item/13815-adventure-into-iwo-eleru-west-africa-stone-age-cave-in-isarun/13815-adventure-into-iwo-eleru-west-africa-stone-age-cave-in-isarun" Iwo Eleru 10,000 BC.  

Professor Wole Soyinka noted the irony in the words of German scholar Leo Frobenious, glaring at the Yoruba chiefs in Ile Ife, wondering if they were the lost descendants of the Atlantis civilization. Sir Flinder Petrie, world renowned archeologist noted the similarity between terracotta head of Ife and that in Memphis. Osun staff is a serpentine staff crowned in bird caving, carried by initiates of Obatala. It is the same medical symbol of Caduceus.  HYPERLINK "http://www.nairaland.com/713501/nigeria-origin-civilization-not-egypt" See Here

The Christians went through radical changes from Catholic Church to Anglican and many others including the latest Apostolic and Pentecostal Churches of Nigeria. Preaching Crusade mellowed over the centuries. On the other hand Muslim sects have become more radicalized by some fanatic invaders forceful to the point of violence, never witnessed in our modern era of religion. It gave shelter to political fanatics versus aggrieved down trodden folks in search of vengeance.

In Asia, especially between India, Pakistan and Bengal Dash, the caste system which became another form of discrimination encouraged lower casteto convert into Muslims and reject privileges of the upper caste over them. This has become a trend in Europe and America where minorities that have been denied assimilation into the mainstream of the society tend to join Muslim sects in higher proportion than those privileged. 

Equally dangerous are the extremists within the privileged majorities that are highly religious conservative Christians, Hindu, Buddhists or Muslims. Squeezed in between these conservative extremists and the oppressed, are moderates or liberals trying to find and make peace. In most countries, their vehicle of expression is through political parties. As one tries to squeeze more out of the other; we hear labels such as corporate and welfare bums feeding on governments.  

Arab Spring is another example. It became struggles between religion, military rule, democracy and conservatives with disastrous consequences in Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria. So, Saudi Arabia and Egypt retained authoritarian rules.  Unfortunately, the extreme behavior of each side never stays within a country. It is exported as religious baptism, democracy and socialism that may not conform to indigenous culture, as that of the Yoruba. It is better sold as universal freedom.

The spillover was obviously to the closest poor countries to them in Africa. These countries are in the weakest positions to repel virulent insurgents of the worst form of religious extremists. They are already suffering from internal conflict of civil wars over gold, diamond and oil sales to buyers outside the Continent where it is turned into final products and sold back to them. Many are still battling AIDs, Ebola, Malaria etc. apart from Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria.

For each person killed or maimed in Europe and America, hundreds are massacred in Africa. The alarming massacre in Canada, Australia, U.S.A, Britain and now France demonstrated how urgent it is to marshal united front against terrorism anywhere. Indeed, international fighting force must be formed through the United Nation as deterrent fighting force against all religious extremists. Most victims are their own. One French Police Ahmed Merabet killed, was a Muslim.

The voice of Egyptian President calling for revolt is welcomed, but it must be against all deadly religions either in the name of Jihad or Crusade. Compare Russia or China that revolted in order to build national conscience, to Yoruba that tolerated all religions in a family. Not even revolt or tolerance of deadly religions has completely eliminated fanatics looking for relevance via piety.  

If religions are to express the best of human behavior of tolerance in us and accommodate one another regardless of ethnicity amongst one race of people, the Yoruba of West Africa exhibit one of the best examples. We all have fanatics amongst us no matter what religion you belong to. Too many have sneaked into the highly esteemed class of God preachers to dictate our way of life, invade political process and subjugate us to their whims and caprices.

Provocation, bullying like children in class with jokes and pranks against loved and respected prophets or desecration of holy books must be measured to conform to norms and decency rules we expect from our university newspapers. If we want school newspapers to exercise good judgment, children not to bully and play practical jokes on one another, it is not too much to expect the same from grown and responsible adults as in fear of defamation.

However, there is more to the massacres of people because of practical jokes, satires and for being disrespected. Only a depraved mind would kill another in the name of God when they cannot create a life. It comes back to the crude mental instinct of sacrifice of human life for ritualistic motives. The days of Abrahamic religions of human sacrifices are gone. Human are more civilized than cave men that could not relate and mutually live in peace and harmony.

Life must not be taken on killer instinct, on sight, unjustly or without opportunity to surrender.   No life, no matter how great or low is more precious to one mother than another mother. 


The Enugu International Airport also known as Akanu Ibiam International Airport is another 419 on the Biafran Igbo citizens of Nigeria because there is yet nothing international about the airport. It is instructive to note that late President Umoru Yaradua was the one who in 2008 approved the upgrading of the airport to International status in line with his administration’s policy that each geopolitical zone will have at least one international airport.
In 2009, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) under Yaradua approved the sum of N4.13 billion for work on the airport which would include extension, asphalting and marking of the runway. The old runway which is 2,400 meters long was to  be extended by 600 metres to make it 3000 meters or three kilometers and the width  extended from the existing 45 meters to 60 meter. In December 2009, the airport was closed temporarily for work to commence and those wishing to take the route were diverted to Sam Mbakwe Airport Owerri. This work spanned the period when Mr. Babatunde Omotoba was minister till when Fidelia Njeze took over. Therefore, the process of upgrading the Enugu International Airport was kick started by late Yaradua and N4.13 billion naira was approved by the FEC and released for the work to commence.
The Federal Executive Council meeting presided over by President Jonathan on October 19, 2010 reaffirmed the upgrade of Enugu Airport to an international facility and awarded a reviewed contract of about N6.1billion.  
With the reaffirmation of the international status of the airport, Igbo leaders started the process of unbridled sycophancy by praising the current regime to high heavens over an international airport that still does not exist.
Chief among the praise singers was the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremmadu  who said that ““For many decades, the people of the South East, the local and international business community have waited seemingly endlessly for the commencement of international flight operations at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, and the people of South East will remain ever grateful to President Jonathan for the breakthrough.”
When Stella Oduah moved from 'Neighbor to' Neighbor Campaign Organization' where she muscled out and overshadowed the Chief Tony Anenih owned 'Door to Door Campaign Organization', she was rewarded with Minister of Aviation for a job well done and she commenced upgrade of facilities in all the 22 airports in Nigeria. In  the  first phase eleven (11)airports including  General Aviation Terminal (MMA) International Terminal (MMA),  Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, (International Terminal ), Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, (Domestic Terminal), Kaduna Airport Terminal,  Margaret Ekpo International Airport Terminal, Calabar,    Benin Airport Terminals,  Akanu Ibiam International Airport Terminal, Enugu,  Sam Mbakwe Airport Terminal, Owerri, Port Harcourt International Airport Terminal, Yola Airport Terminal and Yakubu Gowon Airport, Jos were scheduled for upgrading.
Therefore it is absolutely silly for Igbo leaders to grovel before Jonathan for upgrading Enugu Airport as if it is the only one in Nigeria being overhauled. Completely silly and self-effacing!! For goodness sake the Igbos gave this man 90% votes and even zones that gave him 5% votes also got their airports renovated at amounts far higher than was spent at Enugu Airport.  Julius Berger was awarded the N9.5bn contract for the Nnamdi Airport upgrade work, while Messrs Crew Construction Company in a joint venture with Itlay's Messrs Cremona Construction and Romania's Messrs Coffer Impex were to upgrade Aminu Kano at a cost of N12.8bn while Enugu got N6 billon and yet the Emir Ado Bayero of Kano did not lead a ' thank you' praise singing troupe to Aso Rock.
The Managing Director of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), George Uriesi, even affirmed that the Federal Government had invested $870 million (N139,200,000,000) in airport infrastructure, which includes the remodeling of the terminals and other safety critical equipment. If the Federal Government invested N139 billion naira to upgrade 11  airports around Nigeria and Enugu Airport got  only N6 bilion of it, then why the celebration.  Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Jos, Yola, Kano, Calabar and Kaduna airports had more budgetary allocations than Enugu Airports yet Afenifere, Arewa Consultative Forum, Middle Belt Forum, South South Peoples Assembly have not kowtowed before any Jonathan. The Governors of the South West, South South, North East, North West or North Central have never led any delegation to over praise Jonathan for upgrading their airports. 
President Jonathan had said that a new international terminal for the Enugu Airport will cost N13 billion naira. The question is, has any funds been committed to build the international terminal. Is there any budgetary allocation for the terminal for the year 2015? The answer is negative. Therefore the Enugu Airport project is a 419. 
What is the state of landing and safety equipment at the airport?  This airport is a big risks to international airlines especially those from Europe, America, Asia, Middle East because it is international in propaganda and not in facilities. Egypt Air and South African Airways have rejected overtures to use the airport. The only airlines that had the magnanimity to use the Airport are Ethiopian Airline which operates skeletal flights  to Addis Ababa and  in connecting flights to some destinations.  
The Turkish Airlines signed agreement in principle as announced by Vice President Sambo a year ago but fled back to Greece after inspecting the equipments on the ground. If that airport is truly international airlines like Virgin Atlantic Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, British Airways, KLM, British Caledonian Airlines, Oatar Airways, Emirates Airlines will ply the route, but for now all overtures from certain quarters to lure these carriers to Enugu have failed woefully due to what they termed poor quality infrastructure. As at January, 2015, no airline from Europe, America, Asia and Middle East have landed or taken off from Enugu International Airport
The airport lacks many safety landing facilities including the Doppler Weather Radar used for real time detection and tracking of hazardous weather systems such as thunderstorms, wind shear, turbulence, dust storms. This equipment was recently installed in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Maiduguri, Yola and none installed in Enugu. 
 What of the Low Level Wind Shear Alert Systems (LLWAS) and RETIM Synergy Satellite Image Receivers among others critical landing, navigational and radar enhancement equipments of international standards. They are missing at the airport and no foreign airline will risk a crash. The international terminal is not there yet.
The runway and aircraft hangers are always flooded whenever there is rainfall and many times passengers have to remove their shoes, fold their trousers to walk up the tarmac for boarding.     Many Igbos who expected to connect from their various overseas destinations to Enugu were disappointed  during the Christmas season of 2014 and will still be disappointed by December 2015 because there is no plan to give the South East  an international airport. This Enugu International Airport is another 419 on the Igbo nation and the foreigner airlines  have dismissed the international status of the  airport as a scam.  When the emperors decide to actually give us an l airport the volume of activities, flights and passenger traffic willprove it- what  we have is another International airport 419 on  the Igbo nation and some fools are still celebrating.
Obinna Akukwe
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whether it is 150 or as many as 2,000 people who were killed in the town of Baga and within its surrounding areas, it matters not;  one reality stands clear--these are our brothers and sisters.

This latest attack by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, like all other attacks,  is heartbreaking to all good faith Nigerians, and this is not the time to start blaming the military.

In fact, even if our military were armed with the newest and the best war equipment from the world’s superpowers, America especially, and even if the  personal quality of Nigerian soldiers and intelligence informants were to become remarkably improved, the insurgents would continue getting more emboldened because of the open disunity among Nigerians.

The Boko Haram violence and terrorist attacks are increasing due to the people’s silence, our deep sectarian tension, chronic ethnic divide and the ruthless politicization around the Boko Haram extremism.

Now that Boko Haram is using our children as suicide bombers, where is the loud voice and collective protest in the Muslim North and the Christian South areas of the nation?

Insecurity has become so pervasive in Nigeria, in the North especially, because of possible 

cooperation between internally angry political persons/groups, politically toxic persons and  internal security traitors, and this has strengthened the ability of Boko Haram to know where to focus  their  terrorist attacks.

The world does not see a demonstration of military support by Nigerian citizens in the form of mass marchers and protestors. What the world does see are politicians acting seemingly indifferent and complaining about the military, a form of collective dissonance, and, as such, collective crisis and internal disunity will continue to wrap around the military,  no matter their best leadership efforts.

We saw how Americans became united and unified in the months following 9/11, and recently we saw  in France the massive gathering in response to the Charlie Hebdo attack with the anti-terrorism rally in Paris. We need the same for our military now.

Our military needs to see an atmosphere of unity and a sense of community by Muslim northerners and Christian southerners. This would also serve to remind the  Boko Haram insurgents that underneath our tribal, religious and class divisions, the nation is in support of  our men and women in uniform, dead or alive.  We must make it clear that Nigerians will not allow our differences to define us when it comes to our stand against the vicious acts of Boko Haram whose sole aim is to create a  repugnant, poisonous and divisive environment in Nigeria to the benefit of all those who want to see our nation in perpetual crisis, something they see as  reactively beneficial for them.

As the election get closer, no matter its outcome, the Nigerian military is for all of us and we must always rush to their side as they fight to secure the nation, no matter how long it takes  to bring full freedom to the entire North, since a free North  is a win for the South and  ultimately a safer life for all of us in our movements and for our properties across the nation.

We should remember the war our military is fighting now is the wrong war, happening in the wrong place, and at the wrong time. Instead, they should be preparing for and waging war against our real enemies, not against our vulnerable youths and children who are being mentally and physically misused by  the Islamist militant group whose sole purpose is to bleed Nigeria to the point of national bankruptcy and disunity.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic, Clinical and National Psychologist and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ogbonna Casmir, With agencies reports 

The Think-Tank Group Intelicor today released in Paris a 300-page document syndicated for special governments and investors on the current World oil market. The document is classified and not for the general public. However, a preview was secretly made accessible. 

The document outlines the strategy being implemented by Bill Gates and Obama to collapse Oil prices to sabotage the Nigerian and Russian economies. Intelicor had previously released information on this but without a preview. 

However, the report now confirmed to the World, why Obama and Cameron were literally fighting President Putin at the G8 Summit. This fight between Obama/Cameron vs Putin long preceded the Ukraine crises! Putin refused to back the ‘G8Africa Plan’ first articulated in 2005 by Bill Gates and Tony Blair, which comprises a series of steps to make Africans the guinea pigs for the Western biotechnology companies to build the ‘human industry’ of embryonic stem cell research and organ cloning. President George Bush did not sign on to it. 

The Organ Cloning market is worth of over 30 trillion USD, one third of World economy.  In fact, the idea of changing from G7 to G8 was to get Russia to sign on to this plan! However, Putin’s secret service discovered that Bill Gates/Monsanto biotechnology conglomerates were in fighting to control World Oil and Uranium sources while taking hold of the food security of African countries as a weapon to enslave the Black African women to provide the over 100 million ovarian eggs they need people to perfect tissue cloning. 

Bill Gates and other billionaires contributing to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hope to transform into trillionaires and revive Western economies at the expense of over 30 million deaths of African women. The prospect of a Population Holocaust in Africa got many racist population controllers in the UNFPA, UNICEF, DFID, USAID, CIDA, WHO and EU so excited that the jumped into the PROJECT with the blessing of G7 leaders. 

The weak and corrupt African countries of Nigeria and Kenya are targets because of their population of women of child-bearing age for egg pouching, the governments of Sudan, CAR, Mali, Chad, and Horn of Africa are targets because of their Uranium presently controlled by France, Libya, Iraq and Syria are to provide the base for conquest of Middle Eastern Oil especially in the Gulf States for full control of the World Oil. 

The Saudi Oil Minister and other influential Saudi leaders were deceived by Bill Gates’ and President Obama to maintain and even increase output to keep oil prices down. The Saudis do not know of the plan to topple them from within while posing as protecting them from ISIS! The US has even increased oil imports from Saudi Arabia and Angola. 

However, Intelicor gathers that, the low oil prices is driving many share prices in the sector down, triggering unprecedented reactions. As at press time, there is reliable information that industry sponsored terrorism is imminent at major oil facilities in the Middle East and elsewhere causing major disruption of supply that will persist for several months driving Oil Prices to over 200 USD per barrel. The resulting effect is a spiraling inflation and recession of major Western economies. It is not known when and where but reliable sources predict that the trigger would be even lower oil prices. 

The industry sponsors of the terrorism intend to project it as a multiple Al-Qaeda attacks. The opposition to the ‘PROJECT’ is growing even among Western businessmen who are developing their own counter-measures in collaboration with some governments. Bill Gates used the so-called Islamic militancy, religious and tribal conflicts beamed by CNN and other networks owned by billionaire members of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to provide the perfect cover for the barbaric violence that has unleashed with his Blackwater private army. 

In each region, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation appointed a Billionaire member as coordinator to assist Bill Gates. In Africa, Bill Gates reluctantly recently admitted Dangote, the first African to be a member his Billionaire Boys club to rule the World, after having made millions of USD investments in Dangote industries. The work by another Billionaire member of the Gates Foundation, George Soros helped bring to power President Petro Poroshenko the ‘Chocolate King’ billionaire President of Ukraine.  

The Bill Gates strategy is to get to the Russian tactical nuclear weapons in the Crimea and build a coalition of Russian Billionaires to topple Vladimir Putin. The prospect of Bill Gates getting access to nuclear weapons triggered a quiet rebellion by the Joint Chief of Staff of the US military against Obama, rejecting any direct use of US military personnel in the ‘PROJECT’, as is code named in the PENTAGON. 

Bill Gates targeted weak and corrupt governments in Africa and the Middle East. Bill Gates used ex-CIA private army Blackwater (Xe service or Academi) to assume known labels of Islamic militancy like Boko Haram  in Nigeria, Al-Shabab in Kenya and formed ISIS in the Middle East. 

Boko Haram aims to collapse the government of Nigeria and take it over, to subject the Nigerian people as guinea pigs for the biotechnology companies to provide the 100 million ovarian eggs needed yearly for embryonic stem cell research in tissue cloning, and provide the human organs needed in the Western countries.  

The project was successful until now, since Boko Haram has taken over most of the Northeastern states which account for 80% of the food. Nigerian leaders have no clues as to the cause of their predicaments. Their Parliament passed the law they call National Health Act. The bill has been signed into law by their president who was forced on threat.  The law allows pouching organs without Donor Consent according to human rights lawyers there. Bill Gates still needs to get signed the so-called BioSafety Bill written by Monsanto into law to legalize GMOs and have full control of the food security in Nigeria. 

Bill Gates who controls most of the opposition and much of the ruling party candidates in the upcoming elections will be in position to control Nigeria’s polity after the 2015 elections. Bill Gates has given millions of USD contract to General Electric to build over 260 hospitals to form the base for pouching organs and harvesting human ovarian eggs without Consent of the Donor authorized by law in Nigeria. 

At a Bioethics meeting experts estimated that, over 30 million Nigerians would die in five years. In Kenya, even though the attempt to get President Kenyatta jailed has failed for now, there is intense pressure to execute the same project as in Nigeria. The steady flow of human ovarian eggs will drive the Western economies to 2050 with a net worth of over 30 trillion USD. While in Africa, the population winter will make the African practically extinct as a race of people in the next fifty years. The projected growth of African population by UNFPA will not be realized.  

While the billionaires have great successes at the battlefield by just bribing their opponent’s army, elsewhere, their publicity stunt has been a disaster. Richard Branson who is the point man for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Space and Rocket Propulsion Technology acquisition failed crashing down their test Spacecraft flight, in what would have been the Best Showcase of innovation by the Billionaires, to justify taking over some NASA operations. This would provide Bill Gates access to Jet propulsion and other technologies with rocket delivery systems!  Intelcor Presswatch

Mr. President, the Nigerian healthcare workers’ ongoing strike is seen as extreme by many and has significantly impacted lives in the last few weeks. Using your executive power, you have the authority to demand that they end the strike and return to work within 48 hours or face mass dismissal with instant replacements from near or far countries.

President Jonathan, Nigeria recently suffered a senseless death and tragic loss of a valued life in the death of Dr. Effiong Akang  of the University of Ibadan,  who was reportedly the only neuropathologist known internationally for his work in the area of the diseases of the brain and spinal cord. 

The shocking death two days into this New Year was mainly the result of the  labour  strike by JOHESU (Joint Health Sector Unions), a Nigerian union made up of nurses, laboratory specialists, emergency care workers, and others.

Certainly, healthcare employees like other workers have the constitutional right to engage in  concerted activities for the purpose of bargaining for better conditions, leverage for more money and other compensations. But in the event of an emergency relating to life and death matters, there should be legal restrictions, announced both written and verbally, on strikes in health care institutions , especially those who make the difference in critical life and death outcomes, such as emergency healthcare workers.  

Totally walking out on healthcare facilities means, quite literally, walking out on critically ill patients. This is not only at odds with the healthcare code of conduct, but on balance, actions like this hurt the most critically ill especially, even more than the government.

The 52-year old Dr. Akang reportedly took ill with heart symptoms and placed a call on the same day to a cardiologist, who then asked him to come to the University College Hospital’s  Emergency Department. Apparently, there was no available emergency staff to operate the necessary machinery for breathing assistance.  Dr. Akang, who was in an acute state,  was then asked to proceed to a private hospital,  but tragically he died on the way. If only the cardiologist had immediately asked Akang to proceed to the nearest private hospital, being aware there was a no-work status at the University’s Emergency Department; if only there had been an available State or private ambulance with necessary medical equipment that could be called when Dr. Akang was in this life-threatening situation; and if only there had been a functional National or State emergency phone dispatcher system,  Dr. Akang might be alive today. 

His untimely death because of these limitations in the so-called “oil rich country” falls squarely into the lap of JOHESU. They need to be educated that the Constitution as it relates to union rights  provides that the President’s authority, through his executive power in matters of great urgency, does supersede labour rights, especially as it relates to public health emergencies.

In fact,  the Constitution does not explicitly provide for the rights of citizens to embark on protests, a fact that needs to be made known to the union by the National Industrial Court of Nigeria.

Therefore, while the right to strike is considered a fundamental right whose derogation would be damaging to the proper functioning of employers/workers’ collective bargaining, there must be an absolute understanding that a critical human need in an emergency health care situation is paramount in all circumstances.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic, Clinical and National Psychologist and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The law of advantageous relationships does recognize the uneven power between two sides: but can one claim to be a victim of his or her own culture decades after? Some powerful rich men took advantage of the young and underage girls for sexual pleasure. As it becomes more difficult to abuse hippie culture in rich countries, some moved on to no man’s island, cruise ship or Africa and Asia where sex abuse by priests is still kept secret by abomination and shame.  

Generation of Anything Goes Baby Boomers in terms of drugs and sex now claim to be victims.  The victims are underage boys and girls; Africans girls recruited to European countries willingly as Italy; aftervoodoo swearing to obey and abide by the whims and caprices of pimps, mostly women. Some sex victims have been lucky enough to free themselves or helped by nonprofit organizations, while others perform sexual acts without realizing the fruit of their labor.  

Indeed, some beautiful ladies from Europe and America have been shipped or flown to oil rich countries where they get highly paid but balked at the way they were treated. A few came back home and exposed such illicit travels, even when diplomats were involved. Such cases may be difficult to prosecute but innocent ladies have become aware of what they may be lured into when promises of money, exotic trips, food and drinks in paradise are made.

However, in cases of ladies and rich powerful old men looking for fun, United States raises more hell than Asia, Africa and Europe. No lawyers sought recalled orsuppressed decades old sexual memories after status of limitation have elapsed. France found some sexual allegations in the workplace excessive since most couples meet at work. But the situation is changing; in Africa as President Jacob Zuma found out before he was exonerated and France’s Straus-Khan lost face.

Suppressed memories have controversial past. Innocent ladies are crying rape; escorts recalled rapes of decades ago when they were working at the Playboy mansion, in the Caribbean and on cruise ships. Most rape victims are so worried about reputations, they shy away from reporting assaults to police by few trusted friends that took advantages of them only a day or two earlier. 

This is a new phase in the Women Liberation movement and many innocent ladies will suffer the consequences of bringing the important cause of women’s abuse standard so low that even “working girls” can now recall some abuses decades ago. It was not that they did not get paid adequately for the jobs they rendered, but they could have made it higher to become famous actresses. Wow! How many football players made it to the multimillion dollar contract?

Recall memories years and decades ago are not new but it can be abused. Some years ago many childhood day care teachers lost their reputation, businesses and lives over suppressed memories of children. This was a sensitive issue because children are the most vulnerable members of any community. Scientists, social workers and psychologists debated these recall memories and finally settled that some of them could be false. Even children can be influenced.

Another branch of these recalls were false memories that gained ground with divorced parents and their children. Courts were swamped with cases of fathers abusing their children. The fact that some of the allegations were true did not bring comfort to most cases that were false. Indeed, some children were used by both parents to get back at one another. In the process, relationships were damaged, reputation lost foreverand innocent kids scarred for life. 

There is a new dawn, a chance for fifteen minutes of fame, television interviews and possibility of overthrowing statute of limitations if some of these elder women were underage when they rendered their services while passing as adults. Society has decided that any children that were abused when they were too young and too scared to report their abusers can come forward after suppressing such horrible sexual acts after threats. Africans kids abused are yet to report.

So we have failed actresses and drug culture groupies coming forward trying to pass again for those abused as children by Catholic priests. There is a problem; they were in an entertainment industries that were known for sex or drug exploits in movies and televisions. The first audition is usually passing nude pictures around. So far none of these accusers have selected wretched, broke and unsuccessful actors to expose. They go for the jugular of those with money!  

Haba, if you need US lawyer Alan Dershowwitz is it. He knows where these allegations are going and he is not going to wait until they get there before challenging them. Alan is one of the most reputable Harvard law professors that have built his career over several years. Mere allegations can damage such career and unlike others, he was not taking it lying down. Prince Andrew had to resign as British ambassador for business after a friend,Epstein, registered as a sex offender.

Legacy: Presidents slept with rainbow slaves,kept it! Dr. Huxtable is the Black legacy; not actor Bill Cosby frequent visits to Playboy mansion and only one of Hollywood’s sex and drug culture. Hefner, Kennedy etc got more ladies and “inhale”. Separate Charlton Heston from Moses movie.   

Of course, some nice reputable girls, addicts and call girls happened to be members or frequent visitors to the Playboy mansion. So it is not surprising that some of the girls would recall a few decades back when they were touched or squeezed inappropriately only by the successful rich actors again and again. Many of us could have sworn that was the reason they went back. No?

When we compare sexual harassment with underage girls at these play-houses, resorts, work-place and at home; we have too many puzzling double edge swords to sort out. Nobody should be taken advantage of as an adult at work or children at home. It is much easier to punish such behavior at work than it is at home. Nevertheless, children are better off with sober parents.


There is something poisonous that is painting the canvas of the Jonathan presidency and it relates to the military leadership in Nigeria.   It seems that many of these uniformed men with a gun in their hands want Nigerians, including military wives, politicians and journalists, to worship them. 

Freedom of expression is assumed to be protected in Nigeria, a nation that, at least on the surface, has a written Constitution which was mainly adopted from America’s Constitution.

The Constitution is supposed to serve as the supreme law of Nigeria and prohibit any authority or institution from abridging freedom of speech, media freedoms, academic freedoms, political freedoms, and the individual’s freedom to right to write or speak,  protected from physical or vocal violence.

In fact, the Nigerian security including the military is supposed to protect the people from fundamental abuses in the areas of freedom of protest, expression, movement and assembly.

But because of the irrational and cracked nature of our system of government, the National Security System and, in particular, the military, which are supposed to be the protectors of the Constitution to ensure the free speech of every Nigerian, are instead  the giant abusers of our constitutional freedoms.

It was not long ago that the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah, in a highly ferocious way, reportedly instructed soldiers in the following manner. "If they repeat it (referring to Nigeria soldiers' wives who protested for the safety of their husbands), all those wives will leave the barracks. This is not a civil service organization. This is not a Boy Scout organization. Any repeat of such act, I will tell soldiers to use koboko (the act of being flogged with a knotted rope whip) on the wives and bundle them out of the barracks."  

Recently, the Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, warns that, “In view of the series of insinuations, allegations and false claims being made by certain activists and politicians on the legal and disciplinary process in the Nigerian military, the Defence Headquarters finds it necessary to make this call...Politicians should avoid using the forum or medium of their political campaigns to incite or endorse acts of indiscipline in the nation’s military establishments.” This barbarous warning resulted only because a Nigerian who happens to be a politician, the Governor of Rivers State, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, stated in a speech, “The soldiers have the right to protest for the federal government’s failure to fully equip them.”

Then we have the Director of Public Relations, Brigadier Olaleye Lajide, who, because of an Army-related story published in an online newspaper, the Sahara Reporters, asserted in a malicious manner that, “It is noteworthy but unfortunate that Sahara Reporters has committed itself to support terrorism and fight Nigeria, its people, its military and particularly the Nigerian Army.”

Yes, Nigeria is still a young and growing democracy but that is not an excuse for the current wave of military aggression against individual, group and institutional freedoms.

The military is supposed to distance itself and adopt a position of neutrality from divisive politics; instead, it is overstretching its constitutional role and thereby diminishing the quality of military service.

The Nigerian military needs to be educated that there is what we call the Nigerian Communications Commission and the Nigerian police force whose duty is to enforce laws against the likes of obscenity, indecency and vulgarity as set out in the Constitution.

The military ought to know that constitutionally journalists are protected from revealing their sources as in the case of Sahara Reporters since media and digital freedoms are directly protected by federal law, and if not for the chaotic democratic style in Nigeria, there should be some form of whistleblower protection for all Nigerians.

In the Jonathan presidency, it certainly seems that many of these uniformed men with a gun in their hands want all Nigerians, including military wives, politicians and journalists to worship them.

It is particularly unfortunate that some of our more highly educated senior military officers appear to lack adult intelligence as evidenced by their childlike utterances and statements in recent times.

No wonder President Jonathan recently reflected on the challenges he continues to face as a leader due to the contradictory advice he continues to receive from men such as these.

If this madness continues, the worse is yet to come for the Nigerian people, as these uniformed men, with no notable female leadership voice among them, continue to betray and frighten the social streak of nationalism in Nigeria. As such, let us watch these men in uniform very closely.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Forensic, Clinical and National Psychologist and a former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Let us cast our ethnic fears aside, there is no ideological party in Nigeria. Otherwise, we would vote for Labor Party. We can vote for Agbaje PDP in Lagos and vote for Buhari to capture Abuja without contradictions. Those familiar with chicanery Tinubuplayed as NADECO member, to outfox Funso Williams knew he broke the soul of Pa Dawodu. Not Buhari, he will pay Tinubu with his own coin. As Obasanjo told sponsors, they might as well consider their investments lost. 

President Jonathan has already shattered born-to-rule mentality and Nigerians, wherever you come from can become the President of Nigeria. It does not sound like a big deal now, but older Nigerians understand what that means. Unfortunately, good intention of Ebele is not enough in a country like Nigeria. Problems did not start with Ebele but it must end somewhere. No matter our empathy for Ebele; he tried but his best was not enough. Not even Babangida can help him. 

During the time of Abacha, an elderly man visited a Nigerian meeting in the United States. As he was begging Nigerians to send money home to parents and relatives, he broke down and cried. He said the type of scholarships he and his cohorts enjoyed locally and internationally had dried up. Our children were suffering from ignorance and foresight. It has gotten worse today. 

When Buhari broke down and cried, some Nigerians laughed at him, others understood Nigeria is worth crying for. Anyone that grew up in Nigeria in the fifties and sixties and has not shed tears for our state of decadence, does not have a heart. Buhari did not cry because he missed looting the treasury, he wept for what Nigeria has lost. This was a country that was flowing with milk and honey literally without oil, so much that Nigeria could feed the other countries.

This writer is one of those that condemned Buhari for his extreme religious views and will never forget that he cancelled Jakande’s subway proposal, losing our deposit. Yes, his Operation WAI was too harsh, with that son of Kwara, Idiagbon. Deep inside most Nigerians, we know we need someone as Buhari but with democratic check and balance. There is no doubt that he jailed too many folks and let go royalties and well connected. It’s a foolish mistake, which still haunts him.

However, please make no mistake about it. United States is the richest democracy in the world but also has more people in jail per thousand than Russia or China. Unfortunately, minorities make up a bigger proportion of their criminal system. It is not a justification for Buhari. It is a reminder that a great leader is the one that can challenge the rich and the powerful, not the one that thread on soft spots because folks are too poor to fight back.

The poor people are not afraid of Buhari, they are always in jail whoever is the President. It is those rich and powerful who are afraid of Buhari by trying to hide behind the poor. Oyegun has reassured them. It takes a great deal of retrospection for anyone that is rich and powerful to say they will rather be in jail under Buhari than freedom under business as usual. Let us face it, Nigeria is not working and no amount of income from oil, gold or diamond can make it work. 

Nigeria needs a leader that can challenge the rich and the powerful, that is the task that must be accomplished. People in every state know the sincere leaders capable of ruling for a change. Yet we continue to practice stomach infrastructure. After the bag of rice is gone, we are left not only to fend for ourselves but to pay back into looters’ pocket. We want fairness, yet vote for thugs and vagabonds that choose a few winners of lottery: Abu’s blood and sweat to feed Abu.

Agbaje, not in this writer’s circle, represents the soul of Lagos, not a party since godfathers have no ideology to present. You may not like Bode George or Ogunlewe as PDP stalwarts; they are no different to Tinubu as godfathers. This coming election is not about Any Party in Power, PDP or APC bereft of any tangible sincerity to rid a country on its knees the yoke it carries. The only concrete surety Nigeria has to decent life, right now, is whoever is going to get rid of corruption.  

We also know what aches Buhari’s heart to make him cry! Agbaje and Buhari may be in two different parties judging by their godfathers, but do not forget that the fish rut from the head. Buhari will set the example for all to follow and Agbajehas the tendency and predisposition to be clean. He is not hungry and he was not born in the gutter. He cannot disown his home!

Whatever the assumed popularity of Tinubu in the West, Yoruba are not proud of him as their leader. But when it comes to fire, Yoruba send fire to combat fire. If that is what it takes to sacrifice Tinubu, so be it. Enough insults and abuse has been poured on the quality of Yoruba leaders. Tinubu never made the grade, much less the mark needed to assume leadership in Yoruba land. When he loses his Lagos loots, Abuja cannot save him or replenish his greed.

The problem of Lagos and how a figure like Tinubu assumed leadership is self-inflicted on the part of infighting by Lagosians that history will deal with. The overriding influence of NADECO on whose wings Tinubu rode cannot be blamed on opposition against Abacha alone. The fact that Funso Williams was not one of them changed Lagos. Pa Ganiyu Dawodu went to his grave regretting the emergence of Tinubu. Politics is dirty but someone has to bell the cat.   

Their game was up a long time ago. We can fight and kill one another over oil and ethnicity, it will not change our poverty stricken status. All the incomes we made over the years have not stayed in the Country. The more income earned from any source, the more we plough outside for the benefit of others. We spend more money fighting one another than we spend uplifting. 

Cutting Tinubu’s long arm in Lagos will put a stop to the celebration of mediocrity, corruption and avarice used to recruit youthful generation to their detriment. If the rich and powerful make their money legally, they need not fear Buhari or leave the Country. But if they …………!  


What a difference six years makes? If these reports about the contributions are true, no Igbo man would send good money after bad omen. Ndi-Igbo investment is backed by sound policy. But it is not the Igbo money alone. Yoruba would not have anything to do with Buhari 4 years ago either. What is surprising about Igbo heavy contribution is that they adopted Jonathan as one of their son and jealously defended and reminded him of their solid votes in the election.

One point that must be made clear is that Ndi-Igbo never come last. It could be a case of never put all your eggs in one basket. But the first grumbling was about being taken for granted, then some unfulfilled promises and later some heavyweights Igbo ran as Presidential candidates in other parties against Jonathan. We sidon look: for fear of getting in between family matters.

Looking at the last electorate map four years ago, President Jonathan carried North and South.It may baffle some political thinkershow he can ever lose this coming election. Commandingly, he won because we believed that a) The son of the oil soil must be given the opportunity to rule as the Vice President b) It was about time for a leader as President, from the South-south and c) The impunity by which oil money were looted would stop. Most of us were disappointed.  

Corruption increased and any semblance of sanity by campaign against looting decreased.  We redefined stealing and corruption. They claim there was a difference between stealing and corruption. Whichever is which, many of us got confused as our looters were given breathing space. Every powerful member of congress entrenched justifications for official and legalized looting. Their salaries kept going up in spite of criticism and opposition from the masses

President Jonathan does not have anything to do with the salary of the Congress. Indeed, as an Ijaw man, he has the right to steal Nigeria blind as long as he is not stealing from cocoa, coal or groundnut funds; some Nigerians claimed. The problem with oil money is that if you dip a finger into it, other fingers are soiled. Other Nigerians kicked and cried that they are not getting their share even when they do not produce oil from their backyard. 

Smart ones rallied around Jonathan and got juicy positions. No amount of misdeeds or failure could remove them. Though many labelled Jonathan as too weak to remove erring ministers, he showed that he has some spine left when he removed the Governor of Central Bank. When it was widely speculated that he was the stooge of former President Obasanjo, he wasted no time debunking that fear. He confronted OBJ head on until lately, as election draws close.

Whatever the case, people of South-south are warning the rest of Nigerians that they are not going to take defeat in the coming election lightly on the chin. It is either Jonathan or nothing. In that case, we may be preparing for the dissolution of Nigeria as we know it. They have backed up this threat by purchasing a war ship with the capacity to stop the flow of cheap and stray oil from the honey ports. No be joke O! 

In that case, many wondered why it took over six years to want to separate when President Jonathan could have declared a confederation, dissolved Nigeria or cut off the supply of oil or the income. Waiting until an election is lost would make him a sore loser. Well, that is not a strange characteristic in Africa. He would not be the first if it happened.

Nigeria has turned into a country where no one can rule unless you are backed by militias. It used to be no one could rule unless you were either Christian or Muslim. We do not want those unbelievers in Jesus or Mohammed. You cannot trust them. They are too incapable of waging wars like Jihadists or Crusaders. But wait O, not so fast. Religion has not disappeared from our politics. The days Abiola and Kingibe or Buhari and Idiagbon were both Muslims are gone. 

So Buhari cannot be that bad; some Igbo investors may have concluded. As a Muslims, Chuba Okadigbo was once his running mate in 2003. He did not stop there, after losing that election, the following 2007 he ran, he made Edwin Umezeoke his running mate. Both were Christians. This time around, he decided on Pastor Osinbajo, a Yoruba; thinking about Federal character!

The burning question is why Buhari that most people have written off except some die hard supporters in the North. The answer is simple: people are tired of corruption and are willing to vote for anybody that will make a dent on and reduce it to the barest minimum. Most people remember Buhari/Idiagbon era of Operation WAI or War Against Indiscipline. It was tasking especially under military rule. Those excesses cannot happen under democratic rule.

Impeachment is a very strong deterrent under the Presidential System and can be abused. But it is a weapon that can be used if most people in the country get fed up with an overbearing President. Indeed, even in a military regime, Buhari got overthrown by Babangida in a palace coup d’état. Nevertheless, Nigeria needs a strong hand to cube the degeneration culture in order for the social and economic fiber encouraging hard work and decency to prevail again.

Even if Jonathan means well, it is foolish to think that Nigeria can only survive on oil money. The empirical fact is that Nigeria did better as a Country without oil. It encouraged sleaze, laziness and entitlement militias everywhere that we are losing generation of young men and women to corruption. It cannot go on like this. If Buhari is what it takes to arrest the decadence, so be it.

Is Buhari’s state better than free will? He owes us explanations on past radical religious position: if he mellowed on that strong perception, if disillusioned with Boko Haram and unflinching love for a daughter that converted to marry an Igbo Anglicanis true. Nobody, not even his doubters in the political arena doubt his commitment to fighting corruption. It is not yet his coronation.  


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