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Sunday, 10 April 2016 21:09

By King Sniffy: How To Be A Successful Musician

Written by  King Sniffy
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Are you an up-coming artiste - a rapper, DJ, singer, producer or all
of the above? If your answer is yes, then consider yourself very
fortunate to
be reading this article, because this will be your guiding map in
your journey to stardom.

Out of my own experience, I realised that many upcoming artistes in
Nigeria suffer a lot of challenges and tribulations in their quest of
becoming Super Stars. So I've decided to make an outline of seven (7)
basic tips that would lead you to the world of fame. So don't just
read, but make sure you apply them in your life.

1. BE YOURSELF: Many upcoming artistes are very good in being fake.
Most of them always try to impersonate others by trying to sound like
them. I know of a friend who is an upcoming rapper called Nifty. This
dude is very good. Not good in rapping, but good in impersonating Lil
Wayne. So tell me, how the hell is he gonna blow if he doesn't even
have confidence in himself? If you want to make it to stardom, then
you should endeavour to be real. Don't be a copy cat. If you act like
someone, then who is going to be you? You should believe in yourself
and be second to none.

2. CREATE YOUR OWN SOUND (BE UNIQUE): If you're a producer, please
don't try to make your beats sound like Don Jazzy's. If you're a
Yoruba rapper, please don't force yourself to rhyme like Olamide. If
you're an Igbo rapper, please don't sound like Phyno. And if you're a
Hausa rapper, please don't sound like Classiq. Be unique, exceptional
and outstanding. Try to make your own sound that is different from
others. Fans don't want to hear something that they are already use
to, they want something that has a different taste. Okay answer this
question, is it everyday you eat rice in your house? I'm sure your
answer is 'No' because you always have a variety of delicacies. That's
exactly the situation with music. If you keep repeating the same kind
of music that others do, then you can never outshine them. And if you
don't outshine them, then you can't be a Super Star.

3. GET A MENTOR OR ROLE MODEL: In my previous analysis, I mentioned
that you shouldn't imitate anyone. So I'm sure you might likely ask,
then why should I get a mentor? You need a mentor because you need a
dream, goal and a vision. Your mentor will serve as your dream and
long-term goal. Whenever you see your mentor on television, you should
say this to yourself; "One day I will be like him or even better".
Always vision yourself in his position and before you know it, you'll
be far ahead of him. But there's something you must note, please make
sure that the person you view as your role model is very good at what he does.

4. ALWAYS BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: You can't possibly make it to the
world of fame in this 21st Century where technology and digitalization
has taken over everything, without social media. You should open
accounts on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Skype and probably Whatsapp. In addition, don't just open
the account and leave it inactive. Make sure you're always online as
much as possible. Also, you should always endeavour to be uploading
your songs on the net as soon as you release them. You need Social
Media in order to increase your fan base.

blow, don't be releasing some stupid songs that have low level of
production simply because you're an upcoming artiste. The truth is
that your fans don't care and don't want to know that you're an
upcoming artiste. What they know is that you're an artiste. And if you
want to maintain them as your fans, then you must be ready in all
ramifications to be giving good and quality songs to them. You can
achieve this by working with professionals. Get professional producers
to be producing you. You should only feature good and talented artists
on your songs. You should always view yourself as a Super Star and not
just an upcoming artiste. After all it is said that "If you want to be
a king, then you must start acting, dressing,talking and eating like
a king even before you become one".

6. ALWAYS BE READY TO SPEND MONEY: Believe me guys, if you're an
upcoming artiste and you don't want to spend money to promote
yourself, then your chances of making it in the Nigerian Music
Industry is only 5% out of 100%.  If you want to blow, then you must
be ready and prepared to spend money on yourself and your songs.
Besides, Spending Money is the only general logic and motto that all
artists in the world, both upcoming and Super Stars agree with; "Spend
Money, Make Money". In simple sense, before you can make money in
music, you must spend it first. It's like an investment.

7. DON'T GIVE UP: If someone tells you that being a Super Star is
going to be easy, then that person is obviously lying. Being a Super
Star or Celebrity is not a day job. If you doubt me, then ask 2 Face
Idibia. When haters tell you that you can't, just take the 't' off and
show them you can. There are times you'll feel like giving up, but
please you should always bepersistent. Don't give up. Never say
never. Remember, Quiters never win and Winners never quit.
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